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Saturday, Jan 9

Daily discussions.
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Saturday, Jan 9

Post by purrfect-lady » Sat Jan 09, 2021 3:24 am

Good morning!

Chriss, today’s the day you get to live large - an oil change and a tire rotation. It’s good to be you! I hear you on haircuts though I did get mine cut three months ago. It needs it again. Yours must be pretty long by now. I heard of one person who had long hair and wanted to cut it. She gathered it all together, pulled it’s straight up from her head and made an even cut straight across. The hair was supposedly automatically layered when she dropped it. I would never have the guts to try that, but if you do, feel free do use that idea.

SHARONA, ouch! I bet your palm will be sore for a few days. I hope you didn’t get Blood on anything important!

Valerie, I’m glad you now have a lighter weight machine if you take it to classes and retreats. I did drop my Bernina, (a heavy machine) once in the parking lot of the sewing machine shop. I bought it and had 30 days to return it. I love the machine now but did not like it at first and was taking it in to return when it just slipped from my grasp. It’s slid slowly between my legs and the car bumper to the ground and cracked the corner. I knew right then, I better learn to love that machine because it was going to be mine forever. And this is why my machine earned the name “Chip“ from Chrisss. And why I am happy for you to have a light weight machine! Where is your sister in Arizona?

Mary Q- another UFO down! And happy chore day! What fun thing will you be doing today? Did I hear a mention of a closet of some sort?

Jana, so sorry to hear Stu learned a hard lesson in life. It seems this generation has lots more hard lessons to be learned than we did. I do know prayer works. What some folks forget is sometimes the answer we get isn’t the one we were looking for so therefore they think it does not work.

Lois, we are so glad to hear that your niece is home, healing. What an awful experience for her. I hope she is not in too much pain.

Diane, glad that foot surgery is in your rearview mirror. Praying for a short and successful convalescence.

Flo, Hope when the house is finally done you will have more time to sew.

Judy, did you get the pantry finished yesterday? how large is it? We really do appreciate what little updates you can get for us about Kathy. We all care.

Today will be another day of travel. At least we will be warmer. I hope. I didn’t get my little Winter camper Crosstitch finished yesterday but I will today if the road isn’t too bumpy. If so, tonight I will put the next one, Spring Camper, on my frame but to do that, I need to take out my sewing machine which will involve my tired driver.

Take good care to stay healthy, everyone! We have been Almost completely self-quarantined all winter. To get sick on the road could be a nightmare. Who would take care of our pets if we ended up in a hospital? Our truck and trailer? We feel we just can’t take chances, so for that reason we have foregone visiting all friends and even relatives on this trip except for my daughter. And she is even more careful than we are!

Mary Z

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Re: Saturday, Jan 9

Post by suzette58 » Sat Jan 09, 2021 3:56 am

Good morning MaryZ and those that follow.
I just got my hair cut. Hubby’s youngest daughter is a barber. She came over and cut mine in a short bob. I get more mileage out of a short cut. When my hair gets to where I can put it in a ponytail it’s time to get it cut. Yesterday I was able to start putting the top together of the doggie quilt. I am using sashing and cornerstones. Then I will add a border. I have to figure out how to quilt it. Hopefully soon I will have the wedding quilt back. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

MaryZ - I am like you about getting sick while traveling. I saw something on TV the other day where a long haul truck driver got sick on the road. He had 2 dogs with him. The police took his dogs to the local animal pound and they kept them till he was ready to go.

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Re: Saturday, Jan 9

Post by fabricgirl » Sat Jan 09, 2021 4:31 am

Good morning Everyone,
We cleaned and then Bill went hunting in the afternoon he got a deer so that is good in my book we will wait a few day then butcher it.
My son and Dil bought him a smoker for christmas so that's what he will be doing in the spring.
Today I will sew the new table runner for January that's all for my dance card for today.

Mary Z you and Bill had the right idea to stay safe.
Suzette have a fun day I need a haircut also.

Well that's all the news for today everyone have a fun day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Saturday, Jan 9

Post by auntjana » Sat Jan 09, 2021 5:35 am

Good morning!

Still dark here and cold. The sun will be bright a bit later when it gets up.

Our handyman is working on the island countertop. He called Michael to double check some measurements. I am getting excited!

Sarah ran down last night to get some carpet cleaner. Seems as if Ethan spilled chocolate milk on the new carpet. He felt bad and told Sarah, at least it was not on the computer. She got the mess cleaned.

Aaron got hisshot for the virus the other day. It was the Pfizer shot and his arm was a bit sore, but is better now. He was a bit tired after the shot too, took a nap, but those seemed to be the only side effects. There is a chance too that Sarah can haved the shot. Sarah is very allergic to sulfates and most vaccines use sulfates as a carrier medium, so vaccinations have been out for many years with Sarah. The Covid vaccine seems not to be that way.

Not much here. Just puttering around and sewing.

Stay Safe!

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Re: Saturday, Jan 9

Post by grammiequilts » Sat Jan 09, 2021 6:07 am

well my whole post went poof...
Today I will finish the pantry shelves with a durible washable paint...both pantry and storgae room will be done by tomorrow..We found a plank vinyl we both liked it is going down too...next to stow the basment full of stuff...I have all my pantry supplies on shelving units in the main room of the basement this will all fit in the new pntry,,,and all the Christmas,bins and tree and other stuff will fit in the new storage room...he main rrom will be empty so Ken can start the demo.....( chip Gains is wrong....Demo day are not fun) Ken says he will have this done by summer...I am shooting for next Christmas.
No sewing here although Its not for lack of mojo. so much to do...
well I need to get going hope you are all traveling well nd staying healthy,,,XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO

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Re: Saturday, Jan 9

Post by velvet » Sat Jan 09, 2021 7:37 am

Good morning to all.
Operation went well. Pins in and will see the Doctor on Weds. He'll change packing and rewrap. Ugh!
If all goes well the stitches will be taken out the following Weds. Pins should come out 6-7 weeks.

Hope everyone will have a happy weekend, I'll check back later to catch up.Stay safe.

P.S. Hubby is being a good nurse.

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Re: Saturday, Jan 9

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Sat Jan 09, 2021 8:03 am

Good foggy morning, it's going to be a marvelous day.

I decided to do the oil change next weekend. the fog is so bad that there it would be stupid to be driving in it. I don't drive much anymore because I don't need my car to commute. Next weekend will be oil change/tire rotation Saturday. Something to eagerly await.

Today I am going to cut up some scraps and get started on that table runner I posted a few days back.

I'm curious how the covid numbers are in your counties. Here there are no ICU beds available in our group of counties. Fresno county, where I was going to have my oil changed had 1153 cases yesterday. Merced county, where my dad lives had 367 cases yesterday and my county, Mariposa, had 12. These counties are vastly different population wise. Our state shows Fresno county as the 8th highest covid case county in the state.

I used to wonder what my great grandmother thought of all the things she saw in her lifetime, indoor bathrooms, lights, telephone etc. And now I am seeing a lot. This sure isn't my great grandmothers world, I wonder what she would think of things if she were alive today. I really am glad I am 57 and not 27.

Maryz, safe travels, I didn't see where you were but I imagine closer to Cali. Glad you aren't visiting because I would have to turn down that invite. Not sure I would consider your hair cutting technique. My hair is about an inch past my shoulders, it no longer flips up on my shoulder but hangs down. Be safe.

Suzette, yay for getting a hair cut. I have an aunt who cuts hair but haven't seen her much or talked to her much for a couple of years. I think I will have to opt for a pony tail till things open up here. I would like a sassy hair cut. short and layered.

Lois, yay for Bill getting a deer. Deer hunting season is September here. A smoker will be a fun toy for him. My dad has a smoker, I had a turkey, he smoked it and we split it. it was good. I'm also going to do the table runner, It looks a little short so I may add a border to make it a bit longer. Might think about making an extra so that I can sew each months "row" together and have a calendar quilt.

Judi, thanks for the Kathy updates. I would like to have the address of her rehab when you have time please. I am so excited for your basement to be finished, it sounds like a wonderful, beautifully done place to be.

Diane, glad the surgery went well, and glad DH is taking care of his patient.

Lois, so glad your niece is doing well. God bless the person who invented the seat belt. I think you are right about her guardian angel. My son, when he was about 3 or 4 told me that when someone in your family dies they become your guardian angel. He was that age when his great grandma died.

Jana, you are right about prayer working. Quite some time ago I was in Sears, as I was leaving I heard someone behind me and was being followed, I turned and looked at clothes. after what I thought was enough time I left the store only to see the man come toward me, I walked faster and said "Jesus I need you now" then a man came out of the store and stopped the man following me and asked him "why do you want to bother her" I got in my car and left. Prayer works beautifully. and all you have to do is ask and believe.

Maryq, I so wish I could go through your closet with you. I love going through things, I just know there are treasures to be found. If it were just me living here the closets and junk drawers would have almost nothing in them. Thankfully Jerry helps fill them up just fine.

Valerie, we don't do much shopping here either. As much as I would like to keep my dollars local there really isn't much around here to buy. The nearest stores are Walmart, Target and Kohls. There are drug stores like CVS and Walgreens and a couple of grocery stores. Shopping here is really inadequate. I often take advantage of Amazon for my needs. Quilt stores and shoe stores are about an hour from here.

Sharona, sorry about the palm of your hand. hope you get unsewed and resewed with no more problems. I would love to have a flowbee right now. It really might be an improvement. I had a bible on cd case too. It was the Kings James version, I donated it to the library when I found the NKJ version online. It is true, so much of it sinks in, I'm glad I have the option to listen while I work.

Valerie, I hope this caregiver works for you and gets to stay a while. seems like a routine same person would be better for your dad. Why do they not last long? Did your daughter make it to pick up DGD. ?

Katy, if you can sew in the dining room without it bothering your back move that machine. heck, move your sewing room to the dining room. Can you post a picture of the quilt you are tired of.? I have the first quilt top I ever made, it is a sampler, and I had it backed and wasn't happy with my quilting so took the backing off, big mistake. now there are holes in the quilt top. Because it was my first there isn't one quarter inch seam in the entire top.

Valerie, I made, actually Jerry did most of it, an ironing station from a baby changing table. He cut off the top railing decorative stuff. took a piece of plywood, covered it with a layer of batting and insulbrite, then I put some fabric over the top. the kind of fabric you use to make outdoor cushions. It's all stapled to the plywood and mounted on top of the changing table. It has two shelves so I store my thread and rulers there. and I can sit and sew, turn in my chair and iron and turn and sew more. it's perfect for me. Bet you could find a changing table at a thrift store or garage sale.

Ann, Jerry has a small pick up and put boxes to the thrift store in the back. they were happy and our shelves are lighter. The thrift store we found is called Set Free. they help people get back on their feet. It's my new favorite donation place.

Well, I am going to blame Diane and Maryq, I now want to go clean my sewing room and purge a few things. I so need a good dusting and the floor needs a good sweeping. maybe I will move things around a bit, really change it up.

Hope you girls have the best Saturday ever.
Chriss ( spelled correctly this time Val)

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Re: Saturday, Jan 9

Post by auntjana » Sat Jan 09, 2021 8:45 am

Chriss - here in Utah you have to hunt to find just the county numbers for Covid. Every day they post the entire state numbers with the number of deaths as well. Our state numbers have spiked to around 3300 per day and yesterday they reported 22 lost their life. The counties with the most population here in Utah are Salt Lake, my county, Utah County, Provo area,, and Washington County, St George area. Our ICU beds are in short supply, mostly because of staffing limitations. But they are managing.


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Re: Saturday, Jan 9

Post by maryq » Sat Jan 09, 2021 9:10 am

Good Morning girls

As usual, I'm waiting for the coffee to kick in to get started on those UGLIES! Once that happens... I just have to figure out where to start!

Maryz... I remember that "hair cut"... as a formal "hair cutter" I can tell you it rarely works! We had a friend try it back in about 1975 and he ended up with the hair on the top of his head about 1" long... and of course it became my job to fix it! One more week on the road and then it will be HOME SWEET HOME! I'm glad you are taking it in short hops though, saves wear and tear on your driver.

Suzette... Had to laugh at your definition of "time to get a hair cut" I say the exact same thing to the gal that cuts my hair. I often think I'm just going to let it go and see what happens, but it gets to a certain point and I just can't stand it. Now, If I had thick beautiful hair like my Corinne.. that would be another story.

Lois.... you like Venison? Can't say I'm a big fan, but then when DEX went hunting he rarely got a deer so I never had to worry about it. I hear it makes good sausage tho.

Jana.... Good to hear Aaron had minimal reactions to the vaccine... every time I hear some body has no problems... I worry less about getting one. Though I think it will be a while before I worry about it. Since I rarely leave the house and nobody visits... I'll wait to get it until every body that REALLY needs it gets it first.

Judi.... Glad you finally figured out what to do for floor.. one less decision to make now! Chip Gaines probably likes to hit things with hammers to demo... but he has somebody else to clean up the mess for him!!

Diane... good to hear your surgery went well and it's OVER! No walking at all for a while? just trips to the ladies room? Glad you have a good nurse!

Chriss... You know I haven't really paid attention too much to Covid numbers here. I should check with my friend who works at the schools here. They use our County (Wright) to determine whether our kids go to school or do distance learning. If you look at a Map of Minnesota... then see Minneapolis.. head NW and see St. Cloud.. I'm 1/2 way between . Since I don't have kids in school, or have to go to work (so glad I retired when I did... I'd be an essential) I don't pay a lot of attention. My sis and I have both commented on how we are glad our parents aren't here.. between the virus and the political mess... My Dad would be LIVID!!!

Ok... coffee is kicking in... guess I'll start in the kitchen, wash a few floors, dust and vac. etc etc. I did manage to get myself out for the Target run yesterday so now my fridge is full and I have coffee and TP to last a little while :lol: Took a short nap when I got home and then with a burst of energy I cleaned a small closet. Actually just loaded a bunch of unused stuff into a tote box and put it in the garage :lol: :lol: Found a few things for Goodwill tho... who knows what all those electrical cords were for . :lol:

Wishing you all a super Saturday!

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Re: Saturday, Jan 9

Post by zfatcat » Sat Jan 09, 2021 1:26 pm

It's a beautiful day here in SoCal. Sun is shining and it's about 70 degree's.
Today my FIL moved into a home with a care giver. Things just weren't working out with him living with us.
He has had a few minor stokes that has made him less ambulatory , and more confused by the day. His comprehension of anything has declined significantly. He had started to get a little pissy with me as well. So we'll see how this works out. If it doesn't we'll have to put him in an assisted living/nursing home.

I've been cleaning up the room. We are going to make it our guest room again. Which will get used quite a bit, as it was before.

Have a wonderful day.
Lori 8-)

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