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Friday January 8 2021

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Re: Friday January 8 2021

Post by WeSignificant » Fri Jan 08, 2021 8:27 am

Happy Friday!

Ready to sew 9 patches together for lotto blocks. Just waiting for Dad to wake up. He can hear the machine from his room so I try to be quiet until he is up.

Becca maybe a snowman is in order today? Did I miss what was going on with Rosebud?
Sue glad the machine is okay. I worry about dropping mine putting it in and out of the car at the quilt shop. Glad DH got me a lighter one.
Judy I wish we had more on Kathy too but like someone said, maybe she just wants her privacy.
Maryz my sister is currently in Arizona on her excursion around the west. Can you say hi while you are there. Yes I agree, the prayer list is getting long. I was hoping for a better 2021. We must continue the prayers and also make sure we pray for this country.
Diane I am watching very little of the news as I just can't take anymore of the violence. This country has seen so much since the lock down in March. I live in a town that used to be a military town. Then they closed the base and things have been downhill ever since. Since Covid, the violence has really escalated and while I would like my tax dollars to stay here, I am too scared to shop in local strip malls. I go to other towns even for groceries. We have a new mayor and 2 new council members so hoping things will change.
Jana too bad some other people didn't see that coming. Just shows that closeness to God has it's advantages. So sorry to hear about Stu, my daughter was taken for over $1000 with the recent purchase of a puppy. Turns out it was likely a puppy mill. They convinced her the puppy was 8 weeks old. It was only 4 weeks, she took it to the vet but it passed anyway. Animal control and the police are involved but she is devastated.
Chriss thanks for the link. Have you changed your Name? Cjross :lol:

Well I need to get, Dad is up and so the day starts.
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: Friday January 8 2021

Post by womster » Fri Jan 08, 2021 8:41 am

Good morning!

Becca – so good to see your sweet post this morning. Isn’t it such a blessing to get a lift from a haircut?! I get mine cut next Thursday. Stay warm.

Sue – yes I am. We’re doing a Precepts study about the minor prophets. I go online for now. So glad your embroidery machine survived! I’m glad y’all had a good time at dinner.

Judi – you’re making decent headway – I will cross my fingers and toes nothing big surfaces.

Flo – status quo is good.

Maryz – what a thoughtful present for Bill to get you on your last b-day. Prayers for you and Bill to have a safe and covid-free trip back home. It will be so nice to get back to a post-covid ‘normal’, won’t it. I agree – getting sick on the road would be awful. Hope it’s warmer in AZ!

Diane – prayers for your surgery today.

Lois – glad your niece is improving and able to get around.

Jana – what a shame that Stu and his friend were bilked. I don’t know how those people sleep at night. I hope he finds a new place soon.

Chriss – living large indeed! Woohoo!! Very smart of you to have those videos lined up to watch. Manly valentine fabric – that cracked me up. Want me to ask my son if you can borrow his flowbee so you can cut your hairs?! I found my Bible on CD case – it has the Bible narrated (almost acted out) and I listen to it in my sewing hole. It is amazing how much of it sinks in. I’m in Job now.

Maryq - you are going to town on your UFOs! I’ve had a great time going through the swap blocks I have. Where are you going when you head out?

Valerie – good luck with your 9-patches. That’s so sad you have to go away from your town to shop. Sure hope things change. I stopped watching the ‘news’ quite awhile ago and am better off for it. I hope my DH can do the same.

For some bizarre reason, I didn’t use binding clips on my minky quilt and of course some of it got messed up. To add insult to injury, I tried unsewing whilst in my sewing hole and somehow managed to impale the palm of my hand with the seam ripper. In my haste to get it removed, I actually twisted it in deeper and gave it a little turn. OUCH! Since I’m on blood thinners, the blood was flowing quite impressively. What an adventure! So I unsewed last night and will try again today. It has to be done before tomorrow morning, but I don’t think that will be a problem.

Have a spectacular day. xoxo Sharona

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