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Friday January 8 2021

Daily discussions.
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Friday January 8 2021

Post by Becca » Fri Jan 08, 2021 4:00 am

Good morning everyone snowing here
I have to do laundry today Strip beds & dress them It will be a cold day Got my hair cut yesterday and it sure feels better
Judi Thanks for keeping us updated I understand how t is when someone is so sick
Val I do hope you can get help with You ur Dads needs So glad you have a good caregiver
Sharona I’m so glad you are back posting
Sherry Stay warm& bet you are working puzzles My DDsaid during the pandemic puzzles were very popular & sold at a premium
Chris Glad the boys loved their gifts
Must get moving On a cold morning it’s harder for me to get motivated
Prayers are needed for Kathy Rosebud & Teresa’s Friend to be found & Loiss
Niece & Our Country. Becca
Prayers also for Diane & her foot surgery

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Re: Friday January 8 2021

Post by kenderosa » Fri Jan 08, 2021 4:15 am

Good Morning

Rushing around this morning before getting DGD to school. Stayed up too late last night playing with the embroidery machine. At least the thing seems to have survived the move and all the banging around it took.

Had dinner with Cindyg and Don last evening, we met at the Cracker Barrel close to their home. Had a great visit!

Sharona~ You still doing Bible Study? If so what are you studying? DH and I are just finishing up the book of Luke....using on line.

Gotta run.... need coffee


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Re: Friday January 8 2021

Post by grammiequilts » Fri Jan 08, 2021 4:25 am

Good morning all...cold and dark but we havent had much snow, none right now, as the temps have stayed above freezing.
We did make a dent in the storage room and pantry painting,,,I need to finish the pantry and let it dry good to get the stuff in there..it is all on sets of shelving in the main room...no progress till all this stuff is out of our way..then the main room should go pretty quickly if we dont run into any issues...fingers crossed as it is an old house.
Wish we had more on Kathy,,,just a word to tell us she is ok and progressing towards her normal would be good///
Well I need to get dressed and get moving..coffee and old clothes painting to finish...Prayers for all and this country,,,,we need it XXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOO

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Re: Friday January 8 2021

Post by FlorenceM » Fri Jan 08, 2021 4:31 am

Still plucking away at kids house. Things here same old same old.
Maryz, how is the drive going?
Lois how is your neice?

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Re: Friday January 8 2021

Post by purrfect-lady » Fri Jan 08, 2021 4:45 am

Good morning

Another cold morning for us - 20°. But it’s the warmest morning in the last four days so no complaints. The weather has been fantastic for travel, the highways pretty smooth for the most part, and traffic volumes low.

Becca, are you getting a lot of snow? Glad you got all those errands done yesterday. How is Levi doing?

Sue, I know you are relieved that all your machines survived the move. For my last birthday Bill got me a specially padded traveling case for my Bernie. And I have been so thankful for it given some of the rough roads we have been on recently. Sorry to miss you and Cindy and all our other friends in TX this year. But, like everyone else, Our lives have been greatly curtailed by Covid.

Judi, glad Ken got a day of rest. Does that mean you got one, too? So much Going on at your house! I wish, too, we could get more info on Kathy. I wonder if she us ambulatory and could be brought to the nurses station for a phone call...

We have been traveling through high Desert for many days and today will be no different, though we will be in Arizona tonight. Another state closer to home. Except for my sister and DBIL we haven’t been near another person since Dec 31, but today or tomorrow we are going to have to finally stop at a grocery store. We are trying to be so very careful with Covid on the rise. We sure Don’t want to get sick while on the road.

The closest thing to sewing that I have been able to do is cross stitch. And I should be able to finish my current project today. I started it last September.

Prayers for Lois’s niece, for Diane’s foot surgery today, for Mary Rose, for Kathy, for my sister, for Irish (Took a tumble on her icy stairs and broke a bone in her foot and cracked her elbow), and for all those here who have been touched by Covid. Our prayer list is getting too long. 🙏

God bless!

Mary z

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Re: Friday January 8 2021

Post by velvet » Fri Jan 08, 2021 5:31 am

Good morning to all.
Becca- how much snow are you going to get today? The tv said we might see a flake or two--hope that is all.

Today I'm set for 2p.m. At least I can drink water all day until 1 Yahoo!! At least I'll have a clean bladder LOL. Going to finish up in the sewing room and unplug Miss Cutie for a few weeks.

I'll check back later. Hope we hear about Kathy today.
Prayers for those in need.

The actions at the Capitol left me shocked and disgraced. What were these people thinking??

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Re: Friday January 8 2021

Post by fabricgirl » Fri Jan 08, 2021 5:37 am

Good morning Everyone,
My niece is home and coming along she has a Walker to get around with sounds good she has a bruise on her boob where the seat belt was I think her mother was along side her she was her guardian angel.
Thank you for all your prayers.
Well that's all the news for today I hope you all have a great day.
Prayers continue for all in need.

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Re: Friday January 8 2021

Post by auntjana » Fri Jan 08, 2021 6:14 am

Good morning!

Ethan helped much yesterday in putting away Christmas. More today, and after work, Stu will haul all the totes downstairs. Stu is moving home for a short time. The house he shares lease is up and he and his friend are looking for a new place to rent. They thought they found one, but it was a scam and they both got taken for 550 dollars! We are hoping and trying to get his money back, but that is slim. Also hoping that it is a lesson as well. A 3xpensive lesson!

Not much here, need to start that dress. The lesson I am teaching on Sunday is about prayer. It is from a General Conference address, given last October. In this address, we were asked to pray for many things, including our country. What insight and inspiration our church leaders were given, in seeing well before, the events that are happening now. With the world, our country and so many things in commotion, we need that avenue of prayer to petition the help needed now. Prayer does work, it brings miracles, answers and comfort.

Hugs and prayers,

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Re: Friday January 8 2021

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Fri Jan 08, 2021 6:46 am

Good morning, happy Friday. it's going to be a wonderful day today.

Tomorrow is go get my oil changed day. I like how the dealer has so many spaces you can wait in. Last time I was alone in my own space. The plan is to take my tablet and watch some quilt videos I have been wanting to watch. It will take about 45 minutes, they will also rotate my tires. I'm living large because this will be the highlight of my month.

Sure would like to get my hair cut, It's easily been a year, probably more, since my last cut. everything is closed around here.

My mother in law used to make a little sack with a draw string each holiday and fill it with candy for her grandkids. I think I will do the same for the boys next door. I need some manly valentine fabric.

Judi, thanks for the Kathy update. Gosh I want her to get better. I really like Kathy.

Becca, happy sheet washing to you. I love fresh clean sheets. I'm also a bit envious, I would love a hair cut, mine is driving me nuts. I'm also glad the boys like their gifts. I was so surprised when the 5 year old opened his, saw a box of corn flakes and said I like these. the 4 year old also liked corn chex. Amazing mom job their mom does.

Sue, Good to hear that Cindy is out and about, really good news. I go here and listen to the bible. I do this while I work from home. I know I don't get it all but I do absorb a lot of it. https://www.biblestudytools.com/audio-bible/

My morning has gotten away from me, guess I will have to come back for an update after work.

prayers for those who need it and those who don't. happy travels and surgeries and positive outcomes for all.

God Bless,

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Re: Friday January 8 2021

Post by maryq » Fri Jan 08, 2021 8:06 am

Good Morning Girls

Just waiting for the coffee to kick in this morning....definitely need to get OUT today..

Becca... .You expecting a lot of snow? Doesn't it just feel marvelous to get a hair cut... I always feel like a whole new woman!

Sue... How fun to see Cindy and Don! Restaurants in TX are open? None up here are open, except for pick up. Nice to live close to family again isn't it!

Judi.... What's that saying about "breaking a lot of eggs"? No decisions on flooring yet? With the floor being so uneven, would a carpet work?... Not that you want to vacuum carpet in your LA area..

Flo... When the house is done for the kids... I say we ALL celebrate for you!!!

Maryz... Wishing you smooth roads today and tail winds!

Diane.. Will be thinking about you this afternoon.... foot surgery is NO fun! Prayers for quick healing!

Lois... Great news that your niece is home!

Jana.... Sorry Stu got scammed... You are so right about prayers... I have seen it work miracles so many times.

Chriss.... WOW a tire rotation too? You must be so happy! :lol: :lol: Which reminds me, it's about time I do the same. Great idea to watch quilting videos while you wait... there are so many out there and I just never sit still long enough to watch!

Got another little UFO done yesterday.... 9 12" blocks from a Christmas swap. I sorted all my swap blocks from over the years and ended up putting together similar ones---like all the applique blocks are together... etc. This one is all the same pattern, and I think a few were orphan ones I saved that I had done... But it's another one off the list. When I get home from grocery shopping I think I might at least get another one pinned. Tomorrow is chore day so I won't get much done tomorrow on it. Decided it was time to start on on my list of "winter projects" so think I'll hit a closet tomorrow.

Wishing you all a most Fabulous Friday

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