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Thursday January 7, 2021

Daily discussions.
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Thursday January 7, 2021

Post by TeresaK » Thu Jan 07, 2021 1:06 am

Good morning everyone -
Yesterday was almost an all afternoon affair in packing up the Christmas Decorations. I really didn't want to but... if you had seen the Pencil tree by the Sofa covered in ornaments, the 4ft tree on the Table covered with the kids ornaments dating back 40 yrs, the colorful tinsels over the backdoor and the kitchen, the swags with decorations hanging from the ceiling behind Rob's chair and the swag across the top and down to the right of the doorway leading to the sewing half of the house you would know it was time. I did take pictures so I hope to post them soon.

Jacque's blocks still have not arrived but I an still not giving up hope that they will show up. Her name did go in the drawing but the Lucky WINNER's are Maryq, Tina and Katy!!! CONGRATULTIONS!!!

Please I ask for your prayers. I don't know if you remember that my good friend from church, Scott Ditchfield has been missing since September. Today Rob and I will be meeting the Locksmith, the Police, and Mary (Scott's In-law) at Scott's home to retrieve information that hopefully will aid us in finding him. His Sister (lives in Texas) was finally able to get a supeona for certain records like the bank to see if he has used his CC. No he hasn't which is greater cause for concern. The name of the Uber driver that was supposedly to take Scott to Lancaster. Did he and where was the drop off point. HIPA Laws have dragged this out so much even though he is a legally a missing person. We get so close and then loose him for about 1.5 weeks. So So Sad for all of us. Our hearts are breaking. He IS such a wonderful man, he Loves God with his whole heart but without any meds since Sept he is not thinking right which is why we need to find him. Please if you could pray for the Lord to direct us to him or/and him into our path or the path of one who knows he is a missing person.
Have a Blessed Thursday. HUGE HUGS to you all.

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Re: Thursday January 7, 2021

Post by fabricgirl » Thu Jan 07, 2021 3:34 am

Good Morning Teresa and all who follow,
Yesterday was a great day we picked up my machine went to my sister's was there for quite a while facetimed with my niece she looked good she told us what happened and we were amazed that she is still alive.

Today I want to make her something so I will do just that also wash some clothes.

Well that's all the news here everyone have a great day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Thursday January 7, 2021

Post by grammiequilts » Thu Jan 07, 2021 4:07 am

Good Morning still dark here,, I am supposed to go do labs today but I may put it off til tomorrow. ( just routine) I finally got all the decor down and stowed. I have it all in a spare room on the main floor. till the storage room is done...we didnt find flooring yet still looking. Ken was tired yesterday so not much was done...he works so hard Im glad when he takes some time off.
I did make a few more double flying geese last night,,,parts for the blocks are almost done...I hope to get this top completed...then I have 2 or 3 projects Id like to do....these will all remain unquilted til my basement LA area is finished,,,for now it is sealed up to protect it from the drywall dust,
well I need coffee and I might just take a mop to the kitchen floor. Hope you all have a great day> Prayers for those needs and for our country,,,,,,XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Re: Thursday January 7, 2021

Post by kenderosa » Thu Jan 07, 2021 4:25 am

A New Day is Dawning and it's time for me to get in gear.

I've been sanding the texture off the small bathroom that is located off the kitchen. Someone before us decided they needed to be creative in there. What a mess! But.... I should be done with that today then can apply new texture and paint. Always something to do around here.

Maryz~ You know I love Bonnie Hunter patterns...so yes, I am making her Winston Ways pattern. Have it mostly cut out. All the 1 1/2 inch squares. LOL

Maryq~ Thanks for the heads up on where to order more panto's. I love looking at the many different ones.

We are meeting Cindyg and Don for dinner tonight, need to find out which restaurant. Will be fun to see them. Our Country is SO Very messed up; it needs prayers!

Off to let the dog in.... God Bless


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Re: Thursday January 7, 2021

Post by purrfect-lady » Thu Jan 07, 2021 4:32 am

Good morning,

Teresa, was your missing friend’s story on the news recently? Where his car was found along a road and his backpack nearby? Will pray for his safe return.

Lois, glad you have your machine back. And that you were able facetime with your niece. What are you planning to make for her?

Val, You mentioned snow in California mountains. Can you pinpoint that a little more? California has a lot of mountains. We will be crossing thru Tehachapi and the Suskiyous. We consult our weather apps several times a day. If we see snow in the forecast we either speed up or hold up. ❄️

Mary Q, you got your machine back quickly. And cheaply!! What was wrong with it? You asked about our route - the plan is to take I-25 south to Albuquerque. I-40 west to Barstow, 58 to I-5, and north to home, veering to Grayland on WA coast for the last 3 nights. We will be home Jan 16.

Judi, A good feeling to have everything all packed away. Will you be able to put it all in storage next week or do you still have that floor to do, too? You are making quick work of your ribbons despite everything else going on at your house. What will be next?

Sue, yes, you do love Bonnie Hunter patterns and your quilts are always awesome! I made one of hers about five years ago but I did it in Christmas fabrics instead of her colors. I had it in Texas with us, showed it to Autumn, and that was the last time I saw it! I hope she still has it and did not leave it when she moved out of her house last year. 🙀. Please tell Don and Cindy hi from Bill and me. Wish we could be with you!

My sis saw her own ortho doc yesterday and all is good w/ her. She just has to be patient, stay mostly still, and wear that very uncomfortable “stem to stern” brace for next 3-4 weeks. We were all relieved that we did no further damage to her on the trip from TX. We tried to be very careful moving her and take easy days.

Today’s run will be about 300 miles with another night in NM. It’s no Texas, but it’s the 5th largest state in USA. It takes a while to get from here to there! 🛺🌬🌬🌬

Who’s turn is it to sew some thing pretty for me??

Make your day a good one!

Mary z

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Re: Thursday January 7, 2021

Post by WeSignificant » Thu Jan 07, 2021 6:03 am

Teresa sorry to hear there is still no word on Scott. There are also two small boys missing from California City. Last I heard they had not been found. I think they did find a backpack though. Can't remember all the details. They were issuing a search warrant to search the home they lived in. Prayers that all are found safe.

Lois so happy you could talk with your niece. That is always a comfort.
Judy what is double flying geese? Not sure I have ever heard that term.
Sue I save a lot of Bonnie Hunter patterns but haven't made one yet.

Mary I think there will be snow over the Siskiyou's tomorrow. I don't usually have issues with the Tehachapi's. That is right by where Teresa lives. Also of course over Donner, which my daughter is supposed to cross over today to come and get the DGD. Hope she has her snow tires on. I wanted DH to bring her home tomorrow as he has 4 wheel drive in the truck but I guess she has some business to attend to here.

Congratulations to Tina R who has posted the first completed UFO of the year! A special prize will be on the way to her as soon as I verify her address.

I will see one patient today. She is one town over so not too bad. Also my weekly Covid test today. DGS was notified that someone he works with tested Positive so here we go again. He stayed home yesterday and today. He will go back tomorrow if no symptoms. They do wear masks so praying he didn't get close enough to get it.

Someone asked me what the caregiver does. She works 32 hours a week to care for Dad. Makes his breakfast and lunch, changes the bed, sponge bathes. She will also clean the bathroom, vacuum and mop. Some days she dusts. She will make dinner for the family if I ask her to. It varies a bit from day to day. I hope I am getting closer to obtaining his VA benefit so I can increase the hours. She is here Mon - Thurs. DH is off Friday and Sat to help, I am on my own on Sundays. The VA benefit will give me enough extra $$ for about 25 hours a week. Hoping to also get some help with pull ups, protein drinks, gloves, and that kinda stuff. I have send everything in so now it is just a waiting game.

Not too much else going on here. I sewed a few stitches yesterday to start some lotto blocks. Coffee cup is now empty so need a refill.
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: Thursday January 7, 2021

Post by auntjana » Thu Jan 07, 2021 6:05 am

Good morning!

Snuggled under warm quilts. Too dark and too cold to be all the way up yet.

Today Aaron gets the first of his two shots for the vaccine. Kate got her first last week. They are both staying away from the family for a short while, just in case the vaccine gives them the virus.

It should be a quiet day around here. I will need to empty the drawers into storage boxes that are in use on my island cabinets. Those cabinets are on casters, of which the casters will be removed when we mount the cabinets together permanently. The worst one to empty is the one I just straightened up will all my rulers, small mats and Olfas. Need to keep them handy as to not be out of commission in quilting! I also have a dress to make for my Emma.

Stay Safe! Prayer works! We need it , constantly!

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Re: Thursday January 7, 2021

Post by womster » Thu Jan 07, 2021 6:30 am

Good morning!

Teresa – the house always seems so much bigger once all the Christmas decorations are put away for another year. I will be praying for your friend, Scott. How heartbreaking that all the things we think are in place to help us find loved ones seem to sometimes hinder. Hugs to you.

Lois – glad you got to see your niece. I’m s glad she’s going to be ok.

Judi – I’m also glad Ken took some time off to regenerate. Have you looked online for flooring? I do that sometimes when I have no clue where to start. Enjoy your coffee.

Sue – have a wonderful dinner with Cindyg and Don! Please give her a hug for us.

Maryz – so glad your sissy is none the worse for wear. Those stem to stern braces are icky, but at least she only has another four weeks at most (hopefully). Happy motoring.

Valerie – thanks for explaining about the caregiver. I can understand why you need her. I hope they get the benefits through soon – it seems like you were fighting for it over a year ago! I pray your DH is safe from covid.

Jana – good luck with the drawer emptying!

DH got his text that he can go in for his covid vaccine. YAY! I need to vacuum the family room today and then you can find me out in my sewing hole. Have a great day! xoxo Sharona

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Re: Thursday January 7, 2021

Post by mepeace2 » Thu Jan 07, 2021 7:48 am

Good morning Ladies

Washed my head then someone says lets run to Galesburg. LOl Well have to wait till my hair dries. Probably after lunch . I have to go get Boos dog food or I would not go. While I am up there going to check Joanns for Wow fabric. I am totally out. I won the Dec lotto blocks . I have an idea what there going to be and maybe not a quilt . LOL
Has anyone on here ever been so disgusted with a quilt they just want to get it done. I have one and need an idea how to cover up errors. LOL I will figure it out.
I may try to move my sewing machine to table in dining area . It seems I can sew there without my back killing me.
Sharona Have a wonderful day sewing. You did notice I did not say vacuuming .
Jana That warm snuggle feeling kept me in bed this morning too
Teresa and I talked last night She text me and said to call her at 10 Question My time or yours. Lol 2 hour time difference. But tell the drawer thank you I do have and idea about little blocks.
Lois Hope your niece recovers quickly.
Well I better go make a phone call And make more coffee

You all have a great sewing day and be careful out there


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Re: Thursday January 7, 2021

Post by maryq » Thu Jan 07, 2021 8:13 am

Good Morning Girls

Just sitting here with my coffee... trying to decide if I want to go get groceries today or not. I really really should as the fridge is empty except for some eggs and a little bit of cheese.. Maybe the coffee once it kicks it will get me moving.

Teresa... so sorry to hear that your friend has not been found. His family must be worried sick. Will definitely send some extra prayers that direction. And a big thank you to the "Hand of the picker"

Lois... Bet it was great to be able to see your niece! Somebody was watching over her for sure!

Judi... Your Ken has certainly been working so hard on the remodel....hope he enjoys his break today... does he have a special spot on the couch or a special chair where he can just close his eyes and magically fall asleep?

Sue... I had to laugh about sanding the texture off the walls... A few years ago I had this bright idea to add sand to the paint when I did my bathroom.... thought I'd try a small space. It was ok, but am glad it's gone now... had a guy come and re-plaster it! It's mess for sure. So glad you get to see Cindy and Don... Give her Air Hugs from all of us.

Maryz.... I'm going to google your route home... and be looking for updates all along the way... and sending prayers for safe travel and NO snow! I think I drove across I-40 when Jen moved out to AZ in '05.. On my machine, a little tiny spring that works the thread cutter came off and got stuck inside. Good to hear your sis is doing well... though I'm sure she'd be loving to get that brace off!

Valerie.....Did you finally find a GOOD care giver? I know you have had a few "losers". So hope the VA will help you out with some more $ for care...I did finish a UFO yesterday, but it doesn't count for the contest because I started it after Jan 1st... YEAH for Tina!

Jana.... Could you just take the whole drawers out of the cabinets and set them aside some where? Instead of emptying each one? If I had the wall space... I'd have a full wall with pegboard to hang all those rulers... :lol:

Sharon... Your DH got a text about getting a covid shot? I was wondering how we'd know when we were able to get one. I could just call my clinic I suppose. Have you been doing much of your genealogy work lately?

Katy.... Are you kidding me? Disgusted with a quilt? I think I have 3or 4 in a closet that I started... I see a pattern that I think is cute and easy and I put it together to "try it" and when it's done it's NOTHING like I had imagined. Be sure you take your coupons to Joann today. The WOW isn't on sale this week, but a 40% coupon helps!

Not sure what kind of trouble I'll get into today... might pin another UFO from my pile. I did finish up a small one yesterday...left over blocks from the "beads" quilt . For now I need more coffee and to throw some water on my face and WAKE UP!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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