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Tuesday, Jan 5

Daily discussions.
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Tuesday, Jan 5

Post by purrfect-lady » Tue Jan 05, 2021 2:42 am

Good morning,

My Times are so messed up. I fall soundly asleep at 7 PM and wake up at 3 AM. The worst part is the fur kids have adjusted to this time, too, so if I happen to “oversleep“ to 3:15, they let me know. This always happens to me when we traveled like this

We got my sister back to her home. Just in time. She is starting to get tearful and just a tad crabby. But physically, I think she is doing well. We’ve done all we can for her. I think we will help my brother-in-law empty the trailer and get it winterized and put in storage today and then start for home tomorrow morning. We have another 1400 miles to go and we see a weather window that we might be able to scoot through across Wyoming. 🤞🙏

Judy, thank you for the update on Kathy. Continuing prayers for her. Hope you can get the painting done soon so you can get the mess straightened out. Because there is sewing to be done!

Mary Q, I absolutely love your quilt! Still on my phone and I dictate these posts. And then try to remember to edit before I hit submit. Instead of “Mary Q“ my phone always writes “very cute“. 😆

Sherri, do you pay your taxes electronically or send in a check. I believe that is one way they determine how they send you your stimulus check

SHARONA, still so tickled to see you here. I am always happy to see the Christmas decorations gone but I do miss our 2’ fiber optic I put downstairs in the family room. I think your plant it’s a perfect solution. Have fun in your sewing hole today. Who is the baby quilt for?

Diane, will be thinking of you on Friday

Jana, that little voice has saved me several times. And then there have been times when it must be taking a nap or out to lunch and I go ahead and blunder through mistake after mistake

Lori, I know how empty the sewing room is without your kitty. Does your other kitty like to sew?

Katie, sorry your back is so bad. Have you tried alternating the level of your chair and/or sewing machine? Do you get up frequently and stretch? Switch feet?

Not sure what I will be doing today except be at my sisters. Originally I wanted to stay for her orthopedic appointment tomorrow, but we really need to take advantage of the good weather when we see it. Still haven’t decided our route but I do think we are leaving in the morning. If we have to go south through New Mexico and Arizona it will be about 2500 miles instead of 1400. The headwinds going 400 miles across Wyoming can overturn a travel trailer in a heartbeat. We aren’t anxious for that. Not to mention temps in the teens and snow. So we will check our weather routes before we leave and choose the safest even if it’s the longest


Mary Z

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Re: Tuesday, Jan 5

Post by kenderosa » Tue Jan 05, 2021 3:16 am

Good Morning

I've been up for a few hours already, seems like this is my best sewing room time before the daytime intrudes! School starts for the kidos today so we are back to taking DGD to school every morning. Such a fun thing to do, we usually sing our way there and the dog joins in too. LOL She is in the 6th grade.

Maryz~~ Safe travels for you and Bill

Judi~~ We moved back to Houston to have access to the Houston Medical Center and be close to grandkids. We are getting older ..... and will need help down the way. This makes everything convenient. Forward thinking here. :D

My plan for today is to fire up my embroidery machine and make a couple of labels. Will see how it survived the trip and all the bouncing it took. All my other machines seemed to be operating ok.

Need to get busy and I can smell the coffee so must run. Have a fun day.


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Re: Tuesday, Jan 5

Post by fabricgirl » Tue Jan 05, 2021 3:24 am

Good morning Mary z and all who follow,
Got the foodshopping done yesterday and after a that we just lounged around and did nothing I looked on my recite for my machine it is suppose to be ready today so I will call but won't be able to pick it up till tomorrow because if I was to pick it up today it would have to be after 5:00 and that is traffic hour
No way .
Mary you are a good sister you and Bill have been Angel's for your sister and DBL.
I wish you safe travels all the way home and trouble free weather.

Judi thank you for the updates on Kathy will continue prayers for her.

I hope Everyone has a great day.
Prayers continue for all in need.

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Re: Tuesday, Jan 5

Post by grammiequilts » Tue Jan 05, 2021 4:21 am

Good morning everyone..more undecorating and mess cleaning today,, We did run to home depot for a saw blade and stopped to look at flooring,,,We are undecided, Some are very thin,,,but the wear on them is not very good...some are perfect for perfectly smooth even floors..some looks like ordinary tile floors and I dont want that either, so we will head to a flooring specialty store and talk to them.
Sue I ubderstand completely about the move...we once thought of moving only 30 miles south and we decided we would be too far away, from the kiddos. your medical center in a big consideration when you get older. We also did a lot of running the kids to practice, school and games when the parents needed us.
Lois my back and hips are better today but I still have painting to do..
Mary glad to hear you will finally be going home...it has been a trying trip. We are still not sure we will go south at all...Kens appt for his tooth is feb 1st...Dr said he is pretty sure the tooth is fused into the jaw bone and we have been warned it may get complicated.. so praying it is doesnt, safe travels home/
Everyone have a great day XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO

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Re: Tuesday, Jan 5

Post by FlorenceM » Tue Jan 05, 2021 4:35 am

Took day off from house and went to D
SAMS yesterday.
Today is back to normal. Working on wall insulation and drywall.
No money for quilting til kids in their own house and our budget gets breathing room.
Maryz, glad you got your sister home. Travel safe.

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Re: Tuesday, Jan 5

Post by auntjana » Tue Jan 05, 2021 4:36 am

Good morning!

Dark and cold, normal! We warmed up a bit, so it rained on us last night. That will make the streets here ice rinks and the moving cars will be the hockey pucks, speeding through the goalposts. Another mess for Aaron!

Worked a bit on my blocks. Also got the budget up to date. Still missing one package. No porch pirates, just the company saying it is in stock, then backordered, then in stock, shipped, then backordered,. Rinse and repeat, still have no idea on what on where it is!

Our handyman will be here this morning. A quick job of hanging a small cabinet in the master bath and then final tweaking of the island top for the Batt Cave. I have the cabinets and he will custom make the top. My sewing machine will live in the island. With a electric lift to put it up and down, that is out of sight, when I am not sewing. My current cabinet has this lift, but the opening is not sized for the bigger machine. So we will reuse the lift in the new island and everything needs to be just right! To quote the baby bear, from Goldilocks. I also need one more cabinet from IKEA for the island.

Stay Safe!

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Re: Tuesday, Jan 5

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Tue Jan 05, 2021 6:14 am

Good morning, it's going to be a great day today.

I need to get my oil changed. When I bought my car I bought the lifetime oil change with it. I can get my oil changed 4 times a year. I'm thinking of taking a day off during the week but might just go do it on Saturday morning. ugh, decisions.

Maryz, you are smart to miss the weather. Too bad you have to double your mileage to get home. I haven't even seen a state weather map, guess there is a lot of snow at the top of the map. good to know that your sister is doing well.

Sue, yay, it's good to see you. You were smart to move near the kids. bet your granddaughter has fun singing in the car with you. sounds like a nice Christmas.

Lois, it will be good to have your machine back but I agree, I don't drive in busy traffic. So glad I live in the boonies so the traffic isn't so bad but boy if I go to a bigger city I sure can tell the difference. Sorry about the mojo. on FB there is a group called Mystery quilts anonymous. they just posted a beautiful quilt called party poppers. check it out, there are lots of pictures. sent you an invite incase you want to check it out. they have many quilts in their files on their home page.

Judi, my dad laid laminate flooring on his living room floor. it looks just like a wood plank floor but is vinyl and came in a big roll. It's really pretty. You will find the perfect flooring, just wait, you'll see.

Flo, yay, drywall, now you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Jana, as wonderful as tracking a package is it can also be frustrating. Good to have voices in your head isn't it? Wish mine would scream at me rather than just whisper.

Katy, small blocks just aren't good for my fat fingers. sorry your back is acting up, I so need to get off my duff and move my body more. I have goals to sew more this year too, hope I really do it.

Lori, hope each day finds your heart a little better, a huge hug to you.

Maryq, great quilt. love those greens and blues. so rich looking. Did you get your machine to the doctor yet? We hadn't gotten our stimulus checks as of yesterday, perhaps this week. I was low on ink too, ordered some from Amazon, it came yesterday. Instead of printing mirror image (go to printer settings and change the setting to mirror image) you could print and trace from the back side of the page you printed.

Sharona, Every year we put away Christmas and say, next year we will go through all this stuff and downsize. Every year we don't. We have so much stuff. We are also trying to go through the stuff stored in the garage, just need to downsize.

Valerie, how are your kids doing? and your dad?

So that's it for me. I do like my uneventful life. You all have a healthy and wonderful day

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Re: Tuesday, Jan 5

Post by maryq » Tue Jan 05, 2021 7:56 am

Good Morning Girls

I'm UP, got my coffee.... it's a beautiful sunny day...

Maryz..... Sounds like you will have a busy day today.... I bet Tina is thrilled to be home... but you still have a long road ahead of you. LOTS of prayers for good weather, and dry roads!

Sue.... SO good to see you back among us!!! Quite a move from WA to TX! Isn't it great to have kids close by! How far are you from Cindyg? Hopefully when this Covid thing slows down a bit you'll be able to get together.

Lois... Hope you can get your machine soon! Having it home and all fixed up might just be the thing to get you back in the mood!

Judi.... Older houses always seem to present a challenge don't they. I bet the specialty floor would be able to help you find the perfect thing.. maybe some kind of underlayment? Gosh I hope all goes well for Ken....sucks that he has to wait so long!

Flo.... Hope you are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel on the kids' house!

Jana... It's probably a good thing there isn't an IKEA close to me... I can see myself spending lots of $$$ ... love all their neat shelves and cabinets! Once you get the new counter top will everything be just the way you want it?

Chriss... I was really surprised to see my stim. check in the bank so soon. Unfortunately it's not going to pay for anything fun... just a couple credit card bills from Christmas shopping. Hope you check comes soon!

Yesterday I did get my machine to the shop... and he thought he would be able to fix right away... but ended up being a little more difficult so I left it. Got a call last night that it was done, so as soon as I clean myself up here a little this morning I'm going to make a mad dash to go get it. It's a little bit of a drive 40 miles maybe, but it's a nice day for a drive and I need to put gas in my car anyway. Can't remember the last time I got gas!

Now that I have figured out to post pictures... I'm going to go over to the UFO contest topic and post of few! Now that my machine is all fixed... I'll be working at getting some DONE!

Wishing you all a Terrific Tuesday!

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Re: Tuesday, Jan 5

Post by gmaann » Tue Jan 05, 2021 8:11 am

Good morning to all.

I am trying to post more often - I do read every day, and am happy to be 'connected' with all my QIAD forum friends.

MaryZ - good luck with the traveling. I do hope you are able to take the shorter route - but don't take any chances!!

Judi - anxious to hear a Kathy report. She has had a tough row to hoe lately.

Sue - SO GLAD to see you here again. I've missed you. Guess it was about 15 or more years ago that we met in Paducah. Guess that also means we are 15 or so years older! Most days I don't feel it, but some days it hits me in the face! We are far, far, far from our kids, and we think of moving closer, but the thought of how hard it is to move is awful! I admire your foresight!

Chriss, we (I) actually did some sorting through the Christmas stuff a couple of years ago. And to be truthful, I don't miss any of it. I kept the really important and sentimental things. I've also been trying valiantly to downsize in the rest of our stuff. We've lived here for 20 years - the longest we've ever lived anywhere in our 60 year marriage. It's amazing how much stuff gets kept just because it's easier to keep it than get rid of it. Have taken several trips to Good Samaritans and Second Chance - a thrift shop benefitting abused women and their kids. Have a box in the corner of my sewing room to put things in - when it's full I take them in. (Probably should get a bigger box!) I don't go out very often any more - maybe once every 10 days to 2 weeks - but always try to accomplish a lot when I do go.

I think I mentioned a couple days ago that Paul and I got the first dose of the COVID vaccine on the 2nd. Perhaps this self-isolation will be over before 2021 is over.

Sharona - it's great to see you back, too! We also met in Paducah many years ago! Since the AQS Shows have been suspended, I haven't been to Paducah in a couple of years. I miss it! Also met Lori there. Her forum photo has a pic of the two of us in front of the QIAD store there.

Know I'm missing some, but have to help Paul with a project right now - I don't like him to be on a ladder unless I'm holding the bottom of it and have my finger on 911! Will try to be back tomorrow.


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Re: Tuesday, Jan 5

Post by WeSignificant » Tue Jan 05, 2021 9:22 am

Good morning,
Happy Tuesday everyone! Have missed you all the past few days. No real reason, been here to check up just not enough time to post.
Hoping the rehab facility Kathy goes to is Covid free. There are so many that aren’t in this area. Haven’t really followed the rest of the country.
My stimulus check came but only for $390. Guess the government thinks I make too much money! Let me tell you, they are the only ones! Now to wait for Dad’s. Seems like it took quite a while last time.
Lois my mojo seems to leave once in a while also. Been thinking about lotto blocks. Yep, havent’ even picked out fabric! My back has been bad the past few days and that makes it hard to sew.
Dad is a bit more stable but has lost some function. He is more incontinent now than continent, blood sugars still higher than I would like. I am giving him 1 ½ of his diabetic pill but hasn’t really done much. Home health only stayed about 3 weeks and said there was really nothing more they could do. His eating is okay early in the day but evenings can be a problem. We are grinding up his meats, lettuce and easy to choke on foods. He gets feisty at times but I just have to be stern.
The kids are doing better. Mostly over their Covid. My DD is getting her first vaccine Thursday. I am still waiting to hear on mine. Have not heard from DS so guess no news is good news. I am a bit concerned with my BIL as he has days he still doesn’t feel well. He has COPD so high risk for pneumonia. I need to call him again and check up. Also need to plan a trip there.
Open sew is on Saturday so have picked out my projects to work on. I will go twice this month and help them cut charity quilts and then my Dresden Plate class on the 27th. My big machine is back on the dining room table. Taking my new small one to the shop from now on.
Well, 9:20 here and not showered, dressed or anything else so best get. Hope everyone stays safe.
Have a great day! Valerie

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