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Sunday, Jan 3

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Re: Sunday, Jan 3

Post by maryq » Sun Jan 03, 2021 8:21 am

Good Morning Girls

So nice to see the bright sunshine this morning! with all the white snow it's pretty bright out!

Maryz... SO good to hear you guys are having a relatively easy trip.. and that sis is doing better. Does she have a flat house when she gets home or stairs to navigate? Will keep the prayers coming for good weather, a short stay in CO and a safe journey home to WA!

Suzette... Usually I like to do nothing chore-wise on Sunday.... a day of rest you know... but my clothes hamper is over flowing, so I guess I'll meet you in the laundry room. How is your Dog panel coming? I'm itching to try a panel... have several.. just need to figure out the math etc, so work blocks around them.

Lois... Back to normal? Kind of feels good to have all the decor put away... and what could be more fun than than drooling over new patterns in a magazine. (ok there are a few things more fun.... but it's a good start) :lol: :lol:

Diane... Love that saying about angels and Driving. My Jen had a lead foot when it comes to driving... My Mom gave her a little angel clip thingee for her car when she first got her license... she still has it.

Ann.... As always ... .so good to see you stop by! It's kind of fun to drag out an old project isn't it? And such a great feeling to finish it! I have a project that Jen started many years ago.. finally dug it out and it's my go-between... what I work on when I get bored with something else... Good news that you were able to get the vaccine with no side effects... that's the part that worries me the most.

Katy.... Oh I am so glad my machine isn't the only one that yells at me! 6" blocks... you are brave...

Chriss... Isn't a lite box just the handiest thing to have on hand for tracing! I tried tracing using my patio door... but it's hard to find the right level of the bifocals to do it that. I was going to print out that snow man table runner too, but I'm low on ink... and I'm trying to think of way to print them out reversed... so much easier to trace that way. Hope Jerry is feeling better soon...

Judi... Are you painting a fun color... or basic white? Too bad you're so far away.. I have several partial gallons of wait you'd be welcome too... :lol:

Jana.... Do you remember when your kids were little... calculating how old you would be when they turned 40... and what year it would be... and it seemed so far away! And bam, it's here already. I've been kind of watching for the stimulus check here too, but I'm not sure us old Social Security folks will get one. If I do... I'll probably just spend it on something silly---like fabric!

Yesterday I did get my beads quilt all put together... only had to rip out a little here and there... I love quilts set on point but it's a real brain twister for me to get everything going the right direction. It's about 66" x 75" before borders, so I think I'll hang on to it until Viv can quilt it for me. Will look through stash today to find border fabric.. Will post a picture and see if (with Maryz's help) I can get it out to the right size. It would have been bigger, but I didn't use all the blocks as the directions said, and have enough to make a lap size quilt too!

Time for more coffee.... crank up some music and get to work!

Wishing you all a very Happy Sunday!

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