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Sunday, Jan 3

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Sunday, Jan 3

Post by purrfect-lady » Sun Jan 03, 2021 2:11 am

Good morning!

Lori, so sad to hear that you lost your Emma. They burrow into our hearts and make their own place and it’s so empty when they’re gone. 💔 And yet, it was the only merciful thing for you to do.

Izzy, I hope you made it home safe and sound yesterday. Did you ever get any baby goats?

Chriss, that moose is a cagey one! I sure hope Jerry gets better soon. I wouldn’t want you to have to live with a Christmas tree forever. On the other hand, it will be time to put it up again in only 11 months....

Mary Q, yes there is there a song about Amarillo. One of my favorites. Our friend, Tex, is from Amarillo. It’s pretty flat here. Not many trees. You can see for a long distance, but there’s nothing to see!! When you use post images, there is a little thing that says “do not re-size my photos”. Click on that and a drop down box appears with several sizes. Select 480x 640 for posting on forums.

I talked with Cindy a few days ago. She was back in the ER With a very bad nosebleed. She is on aspirin and Plavix and was hoping the doctor would cut them in half. She has gone back to work.

Our travel day yesterday was great! You girls really know how to pray! We had nice weather, excellent road, no traffic volume. My sister is doing well even got out at one rest area and walked around with her walker. We spent the night at KOA Campground in Amarillo. Today we will finally leave Texas, cross the Oklahoma Panhandle and into Colorado and MOuntain Time Zone. We will finally have her home tomorrow night. She can’t wait. She says she wants to set up a card table on Tuesday and play a big game of Mexican train! She is definitely feeling better !

We will stay at the state park near their house for four nights and then evaluate her condition, the weather on different routes, and then hopefully choose our route home and get started in that direction. I like to do handwork in the truck while we travel but all I have with me is Crosstitch on 14-count aida. Some roads are just too rough to do that

Somebody please sew something for me. I am missing the sewing machine!!

Mary Z

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Re: Sunday, Jan 3

Post by suzette58 » Sun Jan 03, 2021 2:55 am

Good morning MaryZ and those who follow.
Today I have a few trips planned up Mt. Washmore and while I am doing that I can exercise and sew. Or at least sew. We are on a weather roller coaster here. We had rain Friday, yesterday was just cloudy but warm and today more rain. Michelle starts her new job a week from tomorrow. She feels so much better. Of course we are happy for her. Well not much else going on. I hope everyone has a great day.

MaryZ - safe travels and enjoy your time with your sister.

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Re: Sunday, Jan 3

Post by fabricgirl » Sun Jan 03, 2021 3:04 am

Good morning mary and all who follow,
Yesterday I did some laundry for my son a dryer they bought in may is broken they purchased them from Lowes and are now getting the run a round they told them to try and use it again then call them back so they are going to contact them again and also email them so we shell see there is a 4 year warranty on it.
Also took down the tree and undecorated.
Today I'm not doing anything besides looking at my new quilters world magazine then I will go from there.

Mary a so glad everything is going to plan and I pray it stays that way.

Lori sorry about your Emma.

Everyone have a great day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Sunday, Jan 3

Post by velvet » Sun Jan 03, 2021 4:14 am

Good morning to all. Raining all night and looks like an all rain day to boot.
Hope to do some borders on a blue quilt top. Made from left-over strips from jelly roll. Coming out nice so far.
Mary and all who are travelling--please be safe--take your time (never go faster than your guardian angel can fly.)
Coffee is ready I'll check back later to catch up.

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Re: Sunday, Jan 3

Post by gmaann » Sun Jan 03, 2021 4:25 am

Mary, I'll sew for you! I'm trying to 'finish up' some projects that have been around for too long - years even! Right now it's a QIAD Triple Twist. The 'steps' were in a project bag for a class I taught last year at the Pigeon Forge, TN Mountain Quiltfest. I have too many of those project bags with partial quilts in them. Time to tackle them!

I'm so sorry to hear that both Kathy and Cindy are having continuing health problems. Prayers for them each day. May 2021 be a better year for everyone!

Yesterday Paul and I waited in a huge group to get the first dose of the COVID vaccine. We sat in a parking lot for 3 hours, then when we could move it was an hour and a half to the 'shot'. Drive-thru at our county fairgrounds through the Health Department. ALL of the employees and the volunteers were very nice, and almost all of those waiting were very patient. It was really very efficiently done. I did hope that there were no other problems in our city/county, as the police were all right there, directing traffic. It seemed like everyone in the county was over 75! The second dose will be in 3 weeks, but will be done over 4 days, so our wait should not be nearly as long. It's amazing how relieved I feel to have the vaccine. I feel NO reaction, not even a tender arm. It was a perfect day for it - mild and NO rain!

I still have some cards of those elk antler buttons if anyone would like them. Just send me a PM!

Keep sewing!

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Re: Sunday, Jan 3

Post by purrfect-lady » Sun Jan 03, 2021 4:31 am

Thank you again for everyone’s prayers and good wishes while we travel with our patient. Someone asked yesterday about trimming a quilt before you add the binding. I always trim the quilt first. Then I sew the binding on the back, turn it to the front, and machine sew it down

I also learned a few years ago if your binding strips are too narrow or if you just want a binding with a little extra flair, cut strips 1-3/4” wide, and from a different fabric cut 1-1/4” strips. Sew them together in a long seam. Sew the side with the wider strip to the quilt, fold it over and machine or hand sew the other side. You will have a A narrow strip of a different fabric. I did this once when I didn’t have enough binding fabric to cut 2-1/2” strips. And I really liked the look.

Ann, glad to know someone who is actually received the vaccine already. I am happy to hear you had no side effects. And thanks for doing some sewing for me! UFO is purrfect!


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Re: Sunday, Jan 3

Post by mepeace2 » Sun Jan 03, 2021 6:16 am

Good morning Ladies
Still cold here got another half inch of snow last night. Today going to sewing room. Not only is it yelling at me its screaming Like What are you doing You forgot the projects. Lets go girl LOL So I will spend at least the morning sewing. I see that the new Jennifer Chiaverini quilt book is on sale. Think I am going to order for my birthday . well its in Feb. close enough. I am a glutton for punishment another 6 inch block quilt. But a good scrap buster. I have other projects that need completed first. And will take my time working on these blocks.
Maryz May your travels be smooth and safe. Glad to here your sister is doing ok.
Ann I am going to get shot as soon as it is offered in this area . Glad to hear you had no reactions. I really hate needles but this one shot is very necessary
Lori Sorry to hear about your loss of Emma. Its hard to loose a pet. I am fighting like crazy to keep Boo alive . His water pills and heart meds are expensive but he is going to keep getting them.
Suzette I started Tia Chi this morning Found it on You tube So I will join you in exercise everyday.
Lois Sorry to here about Dryer issue. My sister had the same problem only was washer.
Well coffee is calling me
You all have a great sewing day

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Re: Sunday, Jan 3

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Sun Jan 03, 2021 6:35 am

Good morning, what a great day it's going to be today.

The goal is to work on that snowman table runner, couldn't print anything off because I ran out of printer ink. Solved that problem and now I am ready to go. I use a thin light box, it's not a half inch thick. I got it from Amazon for under $20. to trace my patterns onto fusible.

Joined a FB group called Mystery Quilts Anonymous. I cheat and wat to see what the quilt looks like before I dig in. This one is called Poppers, it is really pretty done in the right colors. I might think about it.

Lori, I am so sorry about Emma, She was a gorgeous kitty. She had a blessed life being your furbaby.

Maryz, so glad your trip is uneventful. Texas is such a big state, seems to take forever to get through. Thanks for the Cindy update. You haven't given us a Vicky update yet. Sorry you are out of projects. maybe you can pick one up soon. a week is a log time to go without playing with toys.

Suzette, I wish, just for a week, we could have your crazy weather. happy sewing.

Lois, I really don't think appliances are made to last anymore. I keep telling Jerry he needs a new dryer. Maybe one day he will finally get one.

Diane, rainy days are the best for sewing, enjoy yours.

Ann, so glad you and Paul got your vaccine, glad you had no reactions. Happy project completing. hope it all goes smoothly.

Katy, I will have to google Tai Chi. I need some sort of exercise program for myself.

Jerry woke up still feeling puny. Guess I shouldn't have let him get his own ice cream last night, it must have worn him out. My grandpa always said the best cure is garlic and onions. I will fix Jerry something for dinner that is full of both.

I need to get to tracing pieces to get that table runner done, you girls have a great day,

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Re: Sunday, Jan 3

Post by grammiequilts » Sun Jan 03, 2021 6:41 am

Good Mornign i got a late start today had to put supper on and cook irish oatmeal for breakfast then get dressed; I am painting today both the storage room and rhw pantry are ready. primer first...then paint,,,i will put bean soup in the slow cooker and make corn bread later...we are still discussing the floor.
As soon as I get the painting done we will shop for the floor in the bathroom and storage room. the rest will be different so we will wait...
Christmas is about half done...tree and village are still up. Ill get to it when I can...."sigh" i hate to see it go but there is so much to do I need it stowed...
Well I need to get moving,,,hope you all are doing well...XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOO

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Re: Sunday, Jan 3

Post by auntjana » Sun Jan 03, 2021 7:45 am

Good morning!

Waiting on snow to arrive today. Not much, just enough to make Aaron's shift a mess.

Today is my Daniel's BD. It is a major one, he is now 40! That makes three of four of my kids at least 40. How did they get that old? I am certainly not old enough for them to be that age! LOL!

Church now starts later in the morning for us. That's nice. Next week is my turn to teach again, so I am working on that lesson. So that will be my time this week, lesson and sewing.

Aaron and Stu both got their stimulus checks on Friday. Since we always pay, they don't have the bank info, so we will wait and see if we get a paper check.

Stay Safe!

Hugs and prayers,

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