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Sat, Jan 2

Daily discussions.
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Sat, Jan 2

Post by purrfect-lady » Sat Jan 02, 2021 2:48 am

Good morning!

Sharona! Soo good to see you! I’ve missed you and think of you often. I hope you come back ! How is your DH and your family? BTW, If memory serves, today is your birthday! Happy birthday to you. I hope your day is filled with all the people and things you love

Izzy, glad you were able to kick back and relax and enjoy your vacation and recharge your batteries. Safe travels on the road today as you go home.

Mary Q, I love your new “beads“ quilt. And it’s all my favorite colors, too!

Judi, I hope your ice storm melts quickly. We have only had one ice storm in my memory. They are truly attention-getting!! Thank you for the updates on Kathy. Our poor friend. Sounds like she needs extra prayers

Chriss, organizing is my thing! I would love to come organize your sewing room! But I’m busy today

Flo, are you working on the house today?

Velda, Always fun to start a new project. What will the quilt be like? I don’t know what crochet cording is. Are you getting used to living in a larger house?

Lyn, Congratulations! And *POOF*! You’re a great grandmother! What fun. And you get to make a new little quilt!

Jana, I missed or Forgot what Quilt you were doing that takes 340 blocks. What size are these blocks?

Diane, happy birthday to your son. My girls will be 44 and 49 within the next few weeks. The years have certainly flown by

Sherry, how was your day with the grandson? I hope all your teams won!

My computer saga continues. Bill called Dell. Of course you only get to talk to someone in India. The computer has actually been in Houston for repair since about Nov 27. This was his third or fourth call trying to get a status report. Last report was it would not be repaired until January 7. Since we were leaving that RV park we gave them a friend’s address in So Texas. Then, When we knew we were coming to Colorado instead we again called to change the address to our home. They said fine and assured us the change was made and It would not be sent for another week. The next day so our friend told us the computer arrived at his house! So ANOTHER 45 min call to India to get them to fix this. They SAID they will pick computer up Monday, take it back to Houston, relabel it, and ship it home. Why am I worried I will never see my computer again???

We got our first day behind us. Things went fairly well. Sis tolerated OK until the last 30 miles. She probably felt a lot worse than she said. I know she is trying hard not to complain. We have another 270 miles to go today. We will be at KOA Campground in Amarillo tonight.

Time for coffee and a shower. We will be hitting the road again when it is full of light. We are following US Highway 287, a.k.a. “the diagonal“ (because it runs diagonally across the US) From Fort worth to Longmont.

Thank you all for your prayers. We are using them up every day and need a New supply each morning. And we really appreciate them.

Mary Z

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Re: Sat, Jan 2

Post by suzette58 » Sat Jan 02, 2021 3:11 am

Good morning MaryZ and those who follow.
Yesterday I started making the rows for the dog quilt. I am hoping to work on it today but it is time to take the tree down. Hubby isn’t feeling well yesterday and today. Our weather isn’t the best for him. It is damp. That makes for pain. According to our weather we are supposed to be warm today. So maybe it will dry out. I hope everyone has a great day.

MaryZ - did you get to look for dog panels?

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Re: Sat, Jan 2

Post by purrfect-lady » Sat Jan 02, 2021 3:15 am

Suz, Yes, I did check out the dog kennel. And the cats, too. They are really sweet. I had seen them before in a magazine catalog. What a fun quilt to be working on. I hope your weather warms up a bit feels better soon

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Re: Sat, Jan 2

Post by fabricgirl » Sat Jan 02, 2021 3:24 am

Good morning Mary,
Nice to here that your first day of travel went well will keep praying that your days of travel are all good ones.

Today I will start taking down the tree bill went hunting and this is the perfect time to do it.

Well that's all the news here.
Sharona what a surprise to see your post I hope your able to come back often and have coffee with us.
I hope everyone has a great day.
Prayers continue for all.

P.S. Chris thank you so much for the table runner pattern sight she has some really cute stuff on there.

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Re: Sat, Jan 2

Post by grammiequilts » Sat Jan 02, 2021 4:06 am

Good Morning all up at 6 to dark but not freezing...looks like it will stay above freezing today and not hinder travel plans for those heading home from the holidays,,,northern folks still have ice and snow.
I got some undecorating done yeerday and will do more today while Ken takes basement breaks.. we might make it to Home Depot today and get the shelves in the new pantry and perhaps the primer in the new storage room. we shall see...
I manage to make a few parts to the new quilt when all is done in the evening,,,I fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed last night,,,but the kitchen is done and the upstairs is done...
I am heade down to the coffee machine , Ken is still sleeping,,hope you all have a great day. XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO safe travels and happy new year

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Re: Sat, Jan 2

Post by auntjana » Sat Jan 02, 2021 4:57 am

Good morning!

It is quite cold here and dark too. I can hear a bit of wind blowing too.

Stu came over after the BD party to visit and discuss railroads, computers and robotics with Grandpa. They had a great discussion until 1 am. Me, I watched football. Was hoping for different teams to appear in the championship game, but until big changes happen in how they are ranked, that will never happen. Such a rigged system!

Sewed on my quilt. Down to the last 80 blocks to make. The sub blocks, which these are, square up to 4 1/2 inches. Then 4 are sewn together to make the main block. It is called Fabric Gal from El's Still Stripping book. Mine is done in lavender, pink, teal, orange and white. I have a great floral piece for the back and borders that bring all those colors together. There was almost a disaster with this quilt yesterday. I miscounted and needed one more set of teal strips to make enough blocks. I had two scraps left and neither was wide enough, so I was about to seam them together to get the width I needed, but found where Sarah had cut and bagged a sample set of strips in each color. Saved! I now have enough to make the shorted count of blocks. Sarah is very good at bagging all the pieces. We keep Ziplock in business! I do save bags and reuse them too.

Sarah finished her unpacking of all the fabric she has. No more UFO's coming here, but she did find a 4 yd piece that will be perfect for Logan 's quilt back, that is when Logan gets to sew it!

Hopefully will finish up my blocks today.

Stay Safe!
Hugs and prayers,

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Re: Sat, Jan 2

Post by FlorenceM » Sat Jan 02, 2021 5:41 am

Joe & DS1 are working on house, I am not.
Ice still on everything, its very cold here. I am taking care of my house.
Stay warm & safe everyone

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Re: Sat, Jan 2

Post by WeSignificant » Sat Jan 02, 2021 7:04 am

Happy Saturday to you all!

Mary I may be worried about my computer also. I used to have a Dell back in the day but never had to deal with the repair center. I usually go through Best Buy.

Everyone posting about finishing up your quilts, don't forget to post in the UFO thread under swaps. You may win a prize.

We have had light rain most of the night. I have decided putting on PPE in rain standing behind your car doesn't work. I managed to get it on in the car. Praying for an end to Covid.

I don't think I mentioned my DGD is here for a couple of weeks. She has made a canvas bag and put together a pillow cover with the left over lining. I will see if she wants to put together some lotto blocks for me. She had some blocks made up about a year ago and for the life of me, I cannot find them. I have searched everywhere. Any ideas?

Almost got all the binding sew on the front of the Just Can't Cut it quilt. Will finish that today and hopefully start the hand sewing. The pattern calls for a 2 inch binding. I am thinking I wish I would have just cut at 2.5 instead. Now I have a question. When sewing on binding, do you cut all the extra fabric/batting off first, or do you cut it off after the binding is sewn on the front. I have always cut it off first but the lady who quilted it said to cut it off after sewing the binding on. I am not sure I like how that is going. Maybe cuz not how I am used to doing.

My weekly Covid test is today at 9. DH working the evening shift today and tomorrow so need to figure out dinner. That is usually his job. Maybe DGD wants to cook something?

Well I must be off and get breakfast and dressed so ready to go for testing when I clock out. Have a great day everyone!
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: Sat, Jan 2

Post by maryq » Sat Jan 02, 2021 8:37 am

Good Morning Girls

Man, I did not want to get out of my nice warm bed! But Mrs. Bladder will only wait so long.. and since it's after 10:00 I suppose I better be up and doing something productive.

Maryz.... Lots of prayers for you guys today... hope you have an uneventful journey today. I did google a map of Texas so I can get a better idea of where you are.. Isn't there a song about "Amarillo by morning" What a mess about your computer... oh Gosh... maybe by the time you get home it will be there waiting for you!

Suzette.... Sorry your Dh isn't feeling so great... Hopefully it will dry up a little.. and he'll feel like helping you with the tree!

Lois... Even tho it's nice to have a little help with the tree.... sometimes it's just better to do it yourself... that way you know where everything is for next year! I got super organized this year when I took stuff down... but wouldn't you know it... I found a couple little things in my kitchen of all places!

Judi.... How fun to go look at shelves.!! I think that's my favorite aisle at HD... so many cool storage things! When I was in Canada a few years ago, I completely cleaned/organized my son's pantry... had a ball! Had permission of his wife too of course. But I'm sure it didn't stay that way.... I need to get back up there!

Jana.. What a great idea.... I never thought of that... cutting some sample pieces and setting them aside! Oh and don't get me started about zippy bags! My favorite thing! When I was working we used zippies in the pharmacy all the time... so I ordered some in bulk for myself--after I asked my boss if it was okay.... They are just so handy for everything!

Valerie... Once I get myself motivated today... I'm going to go down and check my UFO's again... I'm kind of stuck since my Janome is broken---too hard to quilt on my little Elna, I have about 5 that I could pin... but will wait until machine is fixed. I'm still trying to figure out Flickr too for posting pictures.. I just can't get them big enough using Postimages.

Sharon... Oh My gosh...So good to see you!

Am really missing Cindyg too... Hope all is going well for you!

Started laying out my beads blocks, but it's too big for my table, so as soon as I make my bed this morning... I'll have to lay them out there... Gosh I hope they will lay out like I have the vision in my head! But first I need a shower... ugh.

Wishing you all a Super Saturday!

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Re: Sat, Jan 2

Post by Quiltmom » Sat Jan 02, 2021 8:54 am

Good morning all! Not much going on today. My grandsons were not able to come last night. We had an ice storm and the roads and everything were covered with ice. It was just too bad to drive over here so i watched the games alone. Ohio State won and I was happy. but Notre Dame lost so I was not happy there. I am just so tired of Alabama being in all the playoff games.

Went and got a few groceries this morning because supposed to get about 2 inches of snow tonight. Now going to eat and watch some more football and work on my puzzle. Very lazy day.

Hope everyone had a nice New Year's Day and stayed safe. Have a good day.


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