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New Year’s Day-Jan 1, 2021

Daily discussions.
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Re: New Year’s Day-Jan 1, 2021

Post by velvet » Fri Jan 01, 2021 6:41 am

It rained and was very windy last night so there were no fireworks here at all. We heard some around dinner time 5-ish then none from there on. I was very happy about that. Like others we were in bed with early and today is also a rainy day for us.
The bindings are finished and Monday will drop them off to Kathleen (qov)
Yesterday was my son's birthday. He turned 51 and I can't believe how super fast those years have gone.
We have tickets for NY for Easter and hopefully we will have the vaccine by then. Fingers crossed.

Enjoy the day. Keep safe.
Prayers for Kathy.

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Re: New Year’s Day-Jan 1, 2021

Post by WeSignificant » Fri Jan 01, 2021 7:57 am

Happy New Year everybody!

Gun shots and fireworks from midnight to 1 AM! Sure was hoping I didn't get a call as too scared to go outside the door.

New thread is up and ready for the first UFO completion. Hope to hear those machine's going.

Chriss looked at that table runner. It sure is cute. Downloaded it but we will see if I complete it.

Prayers for health and happiness for all in this new year! Good bye 2020!
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: New Year’s Day-Jan 1, 2021

Post by WeeOne » Fri Jan 01, 2021 8:17 am

Happy New Year to Everyone!
MaryZ, safe travels. Hope you don't have to winterize the 5th before you get home.
Chriss, thanks for the link. That's a cute table runner.
Sending prayers to Kathy, MaryZ's sis and others in need.
I'm looking forward to the UFO challenge. I added a baby quilt to my list a few days ago. DD1 had become a Mom to the previous boyfriend's 2 kids. The girl, Mykaylea (22 yrs old) had a baby several months ago. DD1 is considered Grandma, so I guess I'm a great Grandma. I thought a relative had made a quilt , but I guess not. I found a cute giraffe panel that I will use. Mykaylea and Jovie are presently living with my DD1 and family. It's a very full house!!

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Re: New Year’s Day-Jan 1, 2021

Post by Quiltmom » Fri Jan 01, 2021 9:06 am

Happy New Year all! Not much planned for today except watching Football games. My Grandsons are coming over today with Doug to watch some games later today. Got plenty of snacks for everyone. The boys might stay all night since OSU vs Clemson game won't get over much before midnight.

The weather here today is freezing rain but supposed to get warmer this afternoon. My oldest son called and told me he got his stimulus check already. Last time they sent me a paper check for some reason though they have my bank account number because I pay taxes every year, and have direct deposit of my SS check. Who knows with the government. I have given up trying to figure them out.

Well better go get some lunch since too late for breakfast. I actually was awake at midnight last night. First time in many years. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.


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Re: New Year’s Day-Jan 1, 2021

Post by maryq » Fri Jan 01, 2021 9:10 am

*********************HAPPY NEW YEAR************************

So none of you stayed awake until Midnight? I did... which is why it's 10:30 and I've only been up for about an hour! I think I went to bed at 12:02 and was asleep by 12:04~

Maryz.... Just in case you check in along the way.... I'll be thinking about you guys all day and watching for updates along the way... Lots of prayers to St. Christopher for a safe and easy trip.

Flo.... Glad your DS is off the road for the weekend... I'm guessing you'll be spending some time at the house this weekend?

Chriss... Oh Gosh... I would love to hop a plane and come help you organize! You'd think that since I love to organize etc... that my sewing room would be perfectly done.. LOL not so much. Thanks for that link for the patterns... she has some really cute stuff there.. and reasonable! I signed up for her newsletter. Love the little snowman!

Becca... Had a few fireworks around me too, but with windows closed up tight here, I didn't hear much... just little crackles. I think it was just my neighbor who snow blows for me, so I'm not about to complain!

Lois.... Do you get the hee-bee-jeebies if you are away from your sewing room for too long? I sure do...

Judi.... Man I sure wish we could get some good news about Kathy! When I sent a card I put my phone number it, so may be her DD or sis will text/call me directly. Hope you find what you are looking for at HD... It's one of my favorite places---besides LQSs

Katy... Hope there is no place you have to go today.... ice under snow is AWFUL! IN 1975, we had huge ice/snow storm the last week of January... .I remember it well. Everything closed. The hospital where my son was born had off the charts births the end of October and 1st week of November! :lol: :lol: I was there Nov. 5th.

TinaB.... Oh yes... so glad to be rid of 2020... lots of prayers here too that 2021 will be better all the way around. Which charity do you make quilts for? My hospice home doesn't seem to need quilts now, so I'm making for a cancer center at the U of M. But I have lots of flannel blankies I need to get back to sewing too!

Jana..... Don't you just love it.... You swear off UFO's and somebody brings you a basket of pieces and dumps them in your lap? Boy, that's the truth about idiot drivers in the snow. I still don't understand why people insist on going so fast when it's snowing and the roads are so slippery!

Diane... Happy Birthday to your DS... Gosh... it seems like yesterday that I was 51!

Valerie.... Will definitely go check out the new UFO info. I have several going so I'll pick one or two that I actually can finish! I have a lot of blocks to put together from swaps etc.. the problem comes in when I go to find backing. My kids gave me a gift card At Joann, so that might just be where I'll go to buy backings!

Lyn.....You're not old enough to be a Great Grandmother!! :lol: :lol: Is the baby's name Jovie? Cute name... I like it.

Well I better get going... Got 72 blocks made for my "beads" quilt yesterday, so I need to get them all squared up and then laid out to see how I want the colors to go. I used light, med, dark each of greens, blues, teals. Finished another top yesterday too... just putting old UFO blocks together and it needs to squared and borders added. A few years ago I made "Falling Triangles" from MSQ but did a whole layer cake of 42 blocks... each square made 4 blocks... so I have blocks coming out my ears! I think I'll get 4 lap size quilts out of it! So if I do go missing.. it's because all those falling triangles did fall on my head!

Wishing you a wonderful start to this new year... and prayers that the New Year will bring all of us much happiness and joy!

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Re: New Year’s Day-Jan 1, 2021

Post by QuiltGram8 » Fri Jan 01, 2021 10:52 am

Happy New Year everyone. Yes, we did stay up well on past midnight. Since living here with our son, we are training ourselves to stay up past 10 - 11. We texted with our other boys and snacked and had a couple of lite cocktails to celebrate. I feel very hopeful for the new year.
Sending prayers for our Kathy, Maryz and Sis as they travel. And all the others here with special needs.
Oh my, travel is not good in central Illinois. We are having freezing rain and sleet. Predicted to get 1/3" of ice thickness and winds up to 30 mph. Probably will have power outage later. This will continue today, tonight and all day tomorrow. Good thing we don't need to go anywhere. Our son has generator, if power goes out. So.. we are safe and warm.
I hope the same for all of you as well.
Happy New Year!!
I am measuring and cutting fabric for our granddaughter's graduation quilt. It's my goal to get it sandwiched and quilted now that holidays are over.
I am trying something "out-of- the-box" for this quilt. I am trying it with crochet cord. My church uses this for our mission quilts. They had an over abundance of cording donated, so they gave me some. I think if I keep my ties closer together and I plan to tie double or triple knots, it will look really cute on this pattern.
Have a safe weekend

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Re: New Year’s Day-Jan 1, 2021

Post by billizzy » Fri Jan 01, 2021 11:01 am

Good new year morning 🎊

Our last day at beach temperature this morning 64 high to be 68. I just looked at Ky temp rain and 47 lol 😆 yuk

I got my embroidery bible story blocks done. It will be my first ufo quilt to work on this year to sash and get top together and quilted. I looked in my bag at postage dates on this BOM I started it in 2016 🤣🤣 I saw it at Paducah show and we got it then lol. Not bad 4 yrs for 12 blocks, 🤣🤣🤦‍♀️

Today we are headed to beach for last time. We have enjoyed the quiet time just sitting and drinking coffee and watching the birds come and go off the lagoon outside.

Dread the 9 1/2 hr drive home.😳

Well off we go to sit in sand.

Hugs 🤗 prayers 🙏 happy stitching 🧵

Lol came back to read posts after beach to see this never posted was still on screen 🤣
:D izzy

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Re: New Year’s Day-Jan 1, 2021

Post by womster » Fri Jan 01, 2021 3:55 pm

Happy New Year to all you lovely ladies!!! I hope to get back to regularly checking in - I sure have missed y’all!



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