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wednesday December 4th

Daily discussions.
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Re: wednesday December 4th

Post by maryq » Wed Dec 04, 2019 7:46 am

Good Morning Girls

Yes I'm UP... actually I've been up for a while.. even showered and cleaned kitchen already! Haven't had enough coffee yet to do all the morning shine up.. but I'm getting there.

Judi... How far is Toledo from you? My ears pick up when I hear Toledo as that's where my Uncle lived for years. He was a Dr. there a what ever you call the Dr. that do all the lab work.. it escapes me now. Hope all goes well at the Eye Dr for you. If surgery is an option... is it a difficult one?

Diane... I think of your sister often, as my sis is in a similar state... constant pain and numbness in her hand. They have pretty much told her there isn't much they can do for her and the Dr. is really stingy about prescribing pain meds. She is most definitely in my thoughts and prayers

Lyn... I'm thinking you are a pretty happy girl to be back in the warmth of TX after all that snow in the mountains! And to be back sewing with Velda and the rest of the gals.

Maryz… It sure sounds funny to hear you out digging up bulbs in December! That's a fall project here (though not something I would do :lol: ) So glad to hear that Bill isn't going to try to assemble the camper shelter by himself...

Tina.... You are feeling better? How nice for your DS to come help decorate! Once you get the tree up share a picture! I finally posted my tree this morning. I'm hoping that trees go on sale BIG TIME after Christmas.. I'm for sure in the mood for a new one.

Jana... Could that truck driver have been sentenced to prison if he didn't make a deal? Bet his troubles aren't over yet with civil suits. BTW, thanks for getting me addicted to skinnies... I finished 3 little elves yesterday
Image Sorry this is so big and you might have to turn your head. :lol:

Katy.... Snickerdoodles... can you believe it, that's one cookie I've never made. I found my box of cookie cutters in the garage and am getting the bug to bake... though I don't know why, I'm the only one that eats them. Though I do try to make a plate for my neighbors.. And I do need to get some cranberry bread made. Am waiting for the mood to really HIT me to spend a day in the kitchen.

Lori...What a cool thing your guild does. Aren't quilters just the most giving people we know!

Suzette... Oh Gosh I forgot your birthday too! I need a better calendar by my desk so I can remember everybody! Hope you had a great day. How is DH feeling and how is the painting project going?

Guess I better get going.. need to put on my public face and get ready to take car in for tire rotation.. then a stop at the PO.. Then back to the sewing room!

Wishing you all a Wonderful Wacky Wednesday

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Re: wednesday December 4th

Post by mepeace2 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:11 am

I actually got every thing done I had on my list. lol Made cornbread for lunch along with chicken noodle soup. I also contacted Maryq I just had to have that pattern for the Elves. I ordered hopefully they will be on my wall next xmas. Cookies for today done. Now to get clothes from washer. Then I can sit down with coffee of course and rest after walking Boo.
My embroidery system is not in yet. Will not attempt to put onto computer until January anyway lol
Well ladies Boo raising cane
You all have a great sewing day

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Re: wednesday December 4th

Post by womster » Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:24 am

Hello ladies -

Good grief things are crazy here! As we speak, my DH and a neighbor are up on the roof attempting to nail down a tarp before the snow comes later tonight. I've got the phone on standby - already dialed in 91, hope I don't need to add the final digit. I skipped my final session of Bible study just to be on the safe side.

I've tried to PM my Secret Santa three times and it never shows up in my sent folder!

ooops better run - getting a text that they need me to bring more nails. Have a lovely and blessed day. xoxo

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Re: wednesday December 4th

Post by auntjana » Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:30 am

I love all those Skinnies - great when you need a quilty fix and don't want to do a big quilt project. Quick and easy. And oh such a good way to use up scraps!

Wait until you see the reindeer invthe packet with the elves - he will steal your heart!

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Re: wednesday December 4th

Post by grammiequilts » Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:59 am

Hi all just to let you know...surgeon says it is a mild case of scar tissue on my retina...no treatment or surgery needed I asked how it could happen and he said " 3 letters, A G E " it is an age related thing...He will check it every six months...
Now another delima.. Did you all know that LED lights flicker...it is very fast and you really cannot notice it with normal use...BUT I had my eyes dialated for the scan today and OMG! with my eye dialted I can see the flicker and it is almpst annoying. 120 light per string and it was near painful..i couldnt even look at my Christmas light to put on the tree,,,,so it will wait till tomorrow.. but all is well and thank you for the rpayers,,,pardom my terrible typing... XXXXOOOO PS as far as messages go...I got 2 messages from Sharona thanking me for my gofts,,,From what I can see you have to hit submit twice one to preview and second to actually send. Aunt Jana those skinnies sound so cool...are they a book or a set of patterns,,,

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Re: wednesday December 4th

Post by billizzy » Wed Dec 04, 2019 11:21 am

Better late then never. I was hear at 6 but no post started so I went and did 2 loads laundry then lil man came and we snuggled on couch and watched peppa. then I made pancakes and then lunch and then work. Oh played with the lil rascal in between all that :)

Tonight is hanging of the greens at church so got lots of songs to play on piano. new ones but I am more confident in them than past years :)

Mary, momma and i talked. She has to call me before going anywhere and we discuss her mood, weather and options then if all is good I give ok for her to drive. she is good with this and behaving so far LOL luckily everything she needs is only mile from house and a straight shot at that. Lots of red lights so cant go too fast. My fear is she doesnt see light changes. UGH then keys will be mine.

I still do not have the first decoration up for christmas you all kill me. I just cant stand all the clutter. But I will probably start this weekend I am sure grand will love my grinch I put on the couch each year LOL and the elves too.

Well gotta run and press DH suit for service tonight and figure out what I will wear. Probably red sweater and black skirt as always hahaha I sit behind piano the whole service no one ever knows what I have on :roll:

Hugs and prayers. I feel out of loop so busy lately not getting all thats going on with illness and such. but you all are always in my thoughts and prayers. :)

did both twins make it home????? how are they doing ?????
:D izzy

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Re: wednesday December 4th

Post by auntjana » Wed Dec 04, 2019 12:25 pm

Judi - they are pattern packets. They have a book too. But I order the packets. There are tgree patterns in each packet. They have seasinal, holidays, and I think a burthday one too. So far, all the skinnies I have made are 14 x 26. They fit in a wire hangar from another company I order from. Those hangars too come in a generic look or seasonal. So you can easily change them out. I use a hanging sleeve on the back and the wire hangar has a small wooden dowel that holds it together.

QIAD had a book of 8 skinnies on sale the other day. A different designer than the ones I have done. I order from a company here in Utah, The Ribbon Candy Quilt Company. They have a website and all their products are there. They seem to have a quick turn around from ordering to shipping to it arriving at your mailbox. Their company is about a hour south of me and I found them at the large quilt show here in the valley.

They are really fun to make and you can do the applique work by hand, or cheat, like I do, machine blanket stitch and fuseable. You can put as much quilting on them as well as baubles.

Questions, just ask,

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Re: wednesday December 4th

Post by zfatcat » Wed Dec 04, 2019 12:27 pm

Maryq, those elves are so darn cute.

Lori 8-)

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Re: wednesday December 4th

Post by purrfect-lady » Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:16 pm

Hi, all,

I know it's late in the day but I wanted to let you all know that Farmchick, aka, Chickie's, mom passed away early this morning. She turned 101 yrs old a month ago. She has been declining this past year and slipped quietly into her next life this morning.

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Re: wednesday December 4th

Post by zfatcat » Wed Dec 04, 2019 5:19 pm

Maryz, thank you for letting us know.
Lori 8-)

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