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Wednesday, October 16th

Daily discussions.
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Re: Wednesday, October 16th

Post by zfatcat » Wed Oct 16, 2019 10:05 am

Jana, there are no fires in the area of the Happiest place on earth. I live 10 mile from there in the neighboring city. Weather should be perfect for their visit. I know Ethan will have a great time. Your shake and bake comment made me laugh,

Velda, what a cute puppy dog.

Valerie, I bet you got caught up in the traffic nightmare last night. My sister said they closed the 80 due to the fire.

Maryq, Rowenta is my favorite iron. I've had many different ones, but it seems to be the best for the price. I always wait until they are on sale.

Maryz, good thing your finger wasn't in the way of the needle. I guess you have to break it fix it. lol

Kathy, getting older isn't for sissies. Hope you feel better soon.

I worked on my Granny blocks yesterday. They are fun, but sure take up a lot of time to prep the blocks. I'm trying to stick with it, though my attention is waning. I just need to focus and not start another project. Focus, focus, focus!

Have a lovely day.

Lori 8-)

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Re: Wednesday, October 16th

Post by auntjana » Wed Oct 16, 2019 10:23 am

Thanks Lori for the update. Sarah is packing Ethan shorts as well as long pants.

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Re: Wednesday, October 16th

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Wed Oct 16, 2019 8:28 pm

Good evening my friends.

Each night Jerry and I watch Johnny Carson. Tonight he has Robin Williams on..it was really funny.

Velda, Moose says hi to Willy, he is a cutie.

Lois, did you get to see Dolores for her birthday? How far from you does she live?

Jana, so glad that there are no fires in the area for Ethan's trip. he is going to have a blast.

Val. I have only posted pictures a couple of times. I wish I had listed step by step instructions for myself. Next time I try it I will write it all down.

Maryz, I think the blazin onion sounds wonderful. Is this the DGS that is a chef? Yay for you fixing your machine. I might be Valerie's Santa, or I might not. Or I might be yours, or I might not. But if I am your Santa, or Valerie's Santa I will lie about it. Heck, I could have even pretended to sign up, or maybe not. :D

Lori, People are starting to post pictures of the granny quilt, it is so cute. and so tempting. But I need more time. hope you stay focused girl.

I will see you girls tomorrow, have a great night.

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