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Wednesday, October 16th

Daily discussions.
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Wednesday, October 16th

Post by suzette58 » Wed Oct 16, 2019 1:11 am

Good morning everyone.
Yesterday I woke up to temperatures in the 30s. This morning it is in the 50s and rain. Which we need badly. Later today we are supposed to get winds. The kind where you put away loose objects. Hopefully it won’t cause power problems. I have sewing to do. I found the perfect block for the last row I have to do for the guild’s row by row quilt. This quilt has a Christmas theme and the block I found is the peppermint twist candy. I also have found the wall hanging I want to make for my Secret Santa person. Well, I need my 2nd cup of coffee. Have a wonderful day everyone.

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Re: Wednesday, October 16th

Post by QuiltGram8 » Wed Oct 16, 2019 2:18 am

Good morning Suzette. Boy, you are up early, too. But of course, easy coast is an hour ahead of me. Our "Willy" seems to wake up before 4am every day lately.
Sounds like some nasty weather and that makes for a great sewing day.
Looks like many were able to click on the link to view my picture that I added. I want to try the attachment button that I found and see how that works next time.
Dentist went well, no cavities, no extra work to have done.
Well I don't know much to say today. Off to get my coffee.
By the way. Quilts go to Lutheran World Relief. Nation wide program of all Lutheran Churches.

I guess the reason this picture posted, is that it had been cropped and was small enough to attach. I think we still have to go through the web page to resize the photo. Also found in FAQ that we have to tag our photo with [img] . I am not sure the details on that. Maybe some of our friends here will post some updated picture posting instructions for all of us.
I tried posting another photo and I can't get it to go either. I am giving up!!!
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Re: Wednesday, October 16th

Post by fabricgirl » Wed Oct 16, 2019 2:38 am

Good Morning Suzette and Velda,
Velda that was alot of quilts you do nice charity work.
Suzette that weather is coming my way but not till the afternoon.
Today is food shopping and a few uglies and if there is time I will go and sew.
I would also like to wish my sister Dolores a very happy Birthday.
Mary Q I saw your tree skirts on facebook they are really cute you did a great job.

Well that's all the news for now.
Have a great day.

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Re: Wednesday, October 16th

Post by auntjana » Wed Oct 16, 2019 3:10 am

Good morning!

It is still dark here and not quite so cold as we have been. Not much here. Just playing in the Batt Cave later. We are quite low in our milk supply, so will head over to Costco for some.

Valerie - seems as if you are getting the shake and bake treatment in my old neck of the woods. Saw the tank farm fire in the old Union 76 refinery last night on the news. As well as the new earthquake last night. My family settled in the Richmond/Rodeo area nearly 100 years ago, when my mom was a very young child.

Ethan is getting very excited, can't wait for Friday, as he says. Still no clue on his adventure.

Do something fun!


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Re: Wednesday, October 16th

Post by grammiequilts » Wed Oct 16, 2019 3:34 am

Good Morning it must be early day I was up at 5 trying to watch my eyelids but couldnt make myself sleep any longer. Ken took the car today,,,I didnt need it...so I will sew today, He likes to drive the car every now and then and let the truck sit...I have sewing to do so I wont be going anywhere, I will try to sort some Christmas stuff..I did a bit of clerance shopping last year and need to sort the wreth making stuff...I will make a fresh wreath for the mantle but the others are artificial.. they will hang on the windows of my dining room(3) and kitchen (2) Og and before you ask....I have started the fall windows ,,hope you all have fun today....XXXXOOOO

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Re: Wednesday, October 16th

Post by FlorenceM » Wed Oct 16, 2019 4:47 am

Cold here today. We are off to Joplin to take zero turn mower to shop, it won't start...and it's under warranty!
Woke up with headache, so will check in later.

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Re: Wednesday, October 16th

Post by Becca » Wed Oct 16, 2019 5:07 am

Hello everyone,late here & behind.
Maryq The weightof 4 lbs is to have the stent put in.He will have to go to Charlotte again.RThey still. Have probably 6 weeks to go if all goes well.Hope to see your Christmas tree skirts.
Velda Your Doggie is so cute.
Must run as it’s Grocery & DG day.Then home For uglies.DD & DSIL are coming So house needs a cleaning.
Have a wonderful day to all. Becca

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Re: Wednesday, October 16th

Post by WeSignificant » Wed Oct 16, 2019 5:28 am

Good morning world! Yes Jana not sure what God's purpose is in all this but do believe it may be time to wake up and smell the roses! It was a long ride home last night on 680.

60* now, expected high of 66. Suzette if you lived in CA you could just turn the power off to begin with :lol:

Yes Vel I agree, simple step by step instructions are needed. I can't figure it out either.

You will all be happy to hear I put my foot down at work and let the VP know I can no longer do the job of DCPS and my job. They will need to manage their nurses! I have 2 that are quite defiant and in my opinion need to find another place of employment. So she did step up and sent out quite an email and with any luck will be following up. Admin is coming today. He is pretty much useless too. Spread to thin. So I usually just go straight to the VP to get anything done. I think I mentioned I will be interviewing a potential DCPS on Friday. Hopefully she has a very strong personality. I will still be working on QAPI (QA), team meetings and the huge undertaking of being ready to implement the new EMR by 11/1/2019.

Well hair wash day so guess I better get. Always a chore. Be safe out there is this big wide world and hope you all get to do some sewing today.
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: Wednesday, October 16th

Post by purrfect-lady » Wed Oct 16, 2019 6:06 am

Good morning,

VELDA - Willy is a handsome dude! Congrats on posting a photo!! My DDIL used to quilt for the same organization (she was their binder), but her group disbanded because she was the only participant under 80 yrs old. The other ladies were tired.

JUDI - your house is going to be so festive! If you were here, I'd give you all the fir, cedar, and holly greens you could wish for!

LOIS - happy birthday to your sister, DELORES. I wish she'd stop in to visit now and then.

BECCA - good news about the twins! Nice to hear a little chatter about going home plans. Our unit used to tell parents to figure their babies would go home around their original due date.

SUZETTE - how long will it take you to do that row? What is your deadline? Is it the last row? Who gets to keep this quilt when it's finished?

VAL - squeaky wheel gets the attention! Good for you for standing up for yourself at work! Are you CHRISS'S Santa?

CHRISS - Second dates are always a good thing! Have fun at the quilt show! Are you VALERIE'S Santa?

FLO - sorry about the mower problems. What a pain. But if it won't start, how are you loading it up and getting it back to the dealer?? Sorry you have a headache. I used to get bad headaches almost every day. I had my hystie and boom! headaches gone! I rarely have one anymore.

JANA - sounds like with Ethan gone you won't be going to Costco quite as often if milk is your Costco trigger! :D With the shake and bake going on in your old neighborhood, I bet you're extra glad you moved to Utah!

MARY Q - that's a good price for a Rowenta. I've had two Rowentas. One lasted 6 yrs, one lasted 9 months. I had a Black & Decker I got at a thrift shop for $4 and it lasted 3 yrs. Now I have a Sunbeam for several years and I love it!! You are the tree skirt queen! I saw your tree skirt on FB. It's a stunner!! Did you use bias binding on those scallops? I like W&N, too. And both Scottie and Foxy love to lay in it as it puddles on the floor under the frame. They think it's the most comfy! :D And can you please remind me again when of our SS Must Mail By Date? I keep forgetting to write it on my calendar.

KATHY - not the itchies again! And a cough, too? Possibly a residual from your pneumonia? What are we going to do with you? I missed about your sister. Does she have a new job? Doing what? And why is it amazing thing that she's worked 8 shifts in a row? No days off? Glad things are going well for her, but now let's get YOU straightened out!

SHARONA - what are you making for your Elf? Is it me??? :?: I want to know because I'm a curious snoop! Dubai? Interesting! Is she happy with her assignment?

We have a very rainy morning. I MAY wimp out on my morning walk. Yesterday I finished quilting my latest quilt (sorry, I haven't figured out pictures yet, either) just 15 minutes before it was time to leave to meet friends for HH/supper. Had a mishap and thought for a while I was going to have to finish it on my Bernie. I was removing the platform from the throat of the machine that is needed for ruler work on my LA and my finger accidentally hit the needle down button. Plunged the needle right through the 1/8" hard plastic platform and threw the whole machine out of time. And didn't do the needle any good either! It took Bill an hour to get that fixed. Good thing he's handy! (and patient :oops: ) But the machine sews better now than it has for a long time. I fixed it!! :lol: Today is chiropractor, shopping for a birthday gift for my sister, binding that quilt, and tonite our DGS is coming by (he lives 30 miles away) to pick up our big cat tree that Foxy is giving him and then he wants to take us out to dinner. I think we'll go to the Blazin' Onion - a burger emporium here in town. And that's about the extent of my yesterday and my today.

That's all, Folks!
Mary z

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Re: Wednesday, October 16th

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Wed Oct 16, 2019 7:04 am

Good Sunny Morning..........we'er up ton 48'!

My Dr said I have bronchitis. I'll go pick up my meds today. Mary you are correct the cough from the pneumonia never went totally away. I'll go to the dermatologist & get more drugs. The autoimmune condition I have 1st of all is a old peoples thing. I'm going to write myself a list of how many old people "things" I have....lol This is going to come & go and I have to be diligent about getting to the Dr's fast.

I'm off to get dressed & run some errands before the Drs. I want to get some bling to put on a table topper for Christmas.

Love & Prayers to all in need.............Kathy

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