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Tuesday October 15,2019

Daily discussions.
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Re: Tuesday October 15,2019

Post by Quiltmom » Tue Oct 15, 2019 6:08 am

Good morning all! Went to Chris's football game yesterday and it was great. They won 28-0, but the best part was Chris scored 2 touchdowns and made 4 PATs. That was his best game ever. One of the touchdowns was for 60+ yards. He is a very fast runner so that is where they use him. He also runs track in the Spring. Of course Grandma was very proud of him and told him so.

Since I didn't get to Bob Evans yesterday morning I am going today for breakfast. I have to work out on the porch this afternoon and sweep and get my large pumpkins and tree trunk out. I have all the scarecrows out so need to finish up today. I leave everything up until after Thanksgiving since I still consider that fall.

Well, better get going before I lose my ambition. There was some frost on the ground this morning but supposed to be 70 this afternoon. Will then turn cold again. Such is the Fall weather in NW Ohio.

Hope everyone has a good day.


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Re: Tuesday October 15,2019

Post by auntjana » Tue Oct 15, 2019 6:21 am

Good morning!

Just the beginning of morning, still dark too. Might as well add cold!

We got Ethan's quilt loaded on the LA and now to show him how to use that machine.

Sarah, Sandee and Ethan are leaving Saturday for the surprise trip to Disneyland. Ethan loves to go on a "adventure" - so that is what Sarah has set up - a special outing - a mom and Ethan adventure. His ideas of this adventure is a trip to McDonalds for a "ham-a-burger", Sarah and Sandee will pack the car the night before. Sandee always has a ton of stuff in the back of her Rav4, so we doubt Ethan will notice suitcases. Let the fun begin.

Michael worked on the sprinklers - one is in the way of securing the swingset to the ground. So that one is being moved. He also made sure that the stakes being driven in the ground miss the underground piping for the sprinkler system. I am the assistant.

Grabbed some scraps out for a cute penquin skinnie - if course two of them, Sarah wants one.

I think I will be busy today,


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Re: Tuesday October 15,2019

Post by maryq » Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:44 am

Good CLOUDY morning Girls

Ain't no sunshine here this morning! I have a sneaky feeling we're in for some rain! :( when the sun shines here the leaves are so pretty.

Lois.. Are you all spiffed up with a new hair-do? Ain't that the way it goes... you make a special trip to get one thing... then get distracted and forget the ONE thing you went for! Good excuse to go back for another look around at HL!

Judi..... Do you have Boy Scouts near you? I always loved the scout wreaths but I don't know any scouts any more. I did see a cute thing on FB making a wreath thingee with an embroidery hoop - it was pretty darn cute and looked easy to do!

Velda.. Clicking on that link worked perfect... what an awesome quilt show! Don't you just feel so proud of all the good work you all do! Just think of all the warmth and comfort you give in those quilts!

Diane... I'm with you... sewing first.... though I have to admit, I can only stand messes so long then I have to take a day off from the machine and clean!

Sue.... AH.... you guys must be headed for TX for the winter? or at least a good part of it? Are you going to meet Cindy at the Houston show??? If it weren't so close to "snow season" here I would offer you my driveway to park in... but better you should take the "southern route"

Valerie.... Are you and Chriss BOINGING like Cindy does for the Houston show? I sometimes wonder why there is never a quilt show in Minneapolis... though it's probably a good thing... I'd need to take out a loan to go! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Katy... Congratulations on your winning a gift certificate! One nice thing about living alone... if you want bedroom curtains in the living room... you can do what ever you want!

Becca... WOW Brodee is up to 3.5 pounds! That's wonderful!!! They will let him go home at 4lb? that still seems so tiny. Enjoy your visit with Denise and Mark!

Maryz…. Sounds like you will be having a busy day... coffee, quilting, happy hour! (best part of the day). ENJOY

Flo.... Since I don't hand quilt, I'm wondering if they think hand quilting through poly is easier than cotton? When I win the lottery I'm ordering myself a big roll of W & N as that is my favorite!

Sherry.... Isn't it fun to watch those kids play sports. I remember such pride in my kids when they participated in sports! Shawn ran track, Jen did volleyball and gymnastics, and Kevin did Basketball and golf. You could surely pop a few buttons being so proud of them!

Jana....Are the kids driving to Disney? Oh gosh, I can just picture Ethan jumping up and down with excitement!

Yesterday I ended up making a mad dash to WM for a new iron.... They had a whole end cap FULL of Rowenta Irons for $39... ( I almost grabbed 2 at that price--- I may still go back, just to have a back up) And since there's a JOann just down the block, I stopped in there and picked up some back for my tree skirts... would you believe those darn things take 3+ yards to back? even piecing it! So now that I have all the backing I need, today I think I'll be pinning.... sure would LOVE to get them off my to-do as they are beginning to haunt my dreams---and I have other things I need to get done! Like my SS gift box!!! :lol: :lol:

So off I go, to refill my coffee cup and then get my ambition on ….
Wishing you all a Terrific Tuesday

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Re: Tuesday October 15,2019

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:53 am

Good Sunny Morning!!!

I'm not really missing my itchies came back in a big way. Oh yes & I have a bad cough! I just can't do any thing in a small way. I have a DR's appt tomorrow.
I think I'm all done my sewing for SS. Finished a folded star hot plate last night.
My sister came by to pick up her container of chili yesterday. We have a wonderful answer to prayer besides the twins improving. Things are going really well for my sister at work.....she's worked 8 shifts in a row. She's very happy.

That's all I can type now, the rash on my arms are starting to itch. I'll let you know how things went.

Love & Prayers.........Kathy

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Re: Tuesday October 15,2019

Post by womster » Tue Oct 15, 2019 8:13 am

Good late morning! I tried to sleep in because the ding dang dog got me up at 2am. Oh well - there's always a nap. I'll be heading out to my sewing hole to practice on my elf's gift. I should be cleaning but YUCK so I'll do a little bit of that at a time during the rest of the day.

Maryz - My DGD will be stationed in Dubai after she completes her class.

Kathy - your poor thing. I hope the doc can do something with your itchies.

Have a glorious and blessed day! xoxo Sharona

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Re: Tuesday October 15,2019

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Tue Oct 15, 2019 8:51 pm

Good evening,

A few weeks ago our power went out. This meant resetting all of the clocks. I don't have my alarm set just right yet. I set it for 15 minutes before the time I need to really get up. This is because I love that snooze alarm. Anyway, I haven't been hitting the snooze but it seems I need 20 minutes, maybe 30

Velda, your church full of quilts is beautiful. Is that one years work? you gals really were busy. The picure icon is the mountain with the sun. On the row of icons above the box you are typing in it is the 4th from the right.

Judi, we quit doing cards some time ago. Seems like lots of traditions are being lost.

Maryz, you are a closet cleaning crazy woman. Did you quilt your quilt?

Maryq, I hope you love your new iron

Sherry, I prefer W&N batting. I haven't tried much else.

Lois, I think Virgil needs one of those books that you add your recipes to. He already has a winner muffin recipe, he will fill up a cook book in no time.

Sue, I have been gathering orange. I kind of have an idea. not quite sure yet but kinda. I hope DGD loves her village

Valerie, I hope that a new supervisor was hired and you can turn your back on those duties. The first time I went to this quilt show it was huge. My sister and I spent two nights and it took time to go through the quilts and see all the vendors. The second time, years later, Jerry took me and it was easily done in a day and a half. There are some amazing quilts and so many vendors. Our bus should get there about 10am and will leave around 3pm. I'm not telling if you are or aren't my elf. And to keep you wondering I may pick some things you like and some you don't. Hey wait, are you my Santa? hmmmmm.

Katy, I'm not much help in posting pictures. I would love to see that prize winning quilt. sounds like you are on your way to being rich.

Maryz, Yes, I plan on spoiling the new neighbors kids. Val and I have been to the Alden Lane quilt show in Livermore, Ca where we met El. This will be our second date. I think she may be my Santa???

Sherry, Chris made almost half of the points in the game he won. High five to him. how exciting.

Jana, Have the kids checked on the fires in So Cal? Not sure where the fires are in relation to the happiest place on earth. I am on the edge of my seat waiting to hear all about how surprised he was.

Kathy, why on earth did that itching come back? have you tried rubbing corn starch on it? When we had chicken pox grandma made a paste with baking soda and water to dry up the red spots. Glad your sister is loving her job.

Sharona, I am having second thoughts about the elf gift I made. I may come up with a plan B. It just didn't come out exactly how I wanted. What are you making?

Nothing else is going on here. Hope you all are having a great night

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