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Monday October 14

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Re: Monday October 14

Post by maryq » Mon Oct 14, 2019 7:45 am

Good sunny morning!

It's a beautiful fall day... may this is the "Indian Summer" It's chilly and I may have to dig out a warmer coat than my jean jacket, but it's so pretty! Maybe today will be the day I'll get my table and chairs on the deck put away!

Becca.... What wonderful news to start the day! Any little weight gain is a good sign! What little miracles they are!

Chriss…. How great that Gramma's house will now be a home to a young family! Hopefully they will be a fun family to have around. Do they have little children? Some surrogate "grand children" you can spoil?

Lois.... I'll meet you at HL later... I think I might head there myself. Might check out their wide backing for the tree skirts. I'll have to put blinders on and NOT go to the Christmas area!

Velda.... Hope you can get some good pictures of the quilts laid out.. I'd love to see it! What a cool idea to lay them out for a blessing! I've had to dig out my long sleeve things too.. in fact I think I need to find my sweat shirts!!

Lyn.... Prayers continue for safe travels! Bet you are anxious to arrive in TX and get set up!

Jana..... Sounds like your Gracie is a "girly-girl" for sure... Everything PINK!

Judi.... I love Christmas Cards too--sending and receiving... they decorate my house, but you're right.. it's fewer every year... probably because postage gets higher all the time and with computers and e-mail etc... I don't have that many friends, beside all you guys :lol: that I send too. And if I get a card with a dumb newsletter, not even SIGNED... I don't send one back. I love hearing what folks are up too... but if you can't even SIGN it! seriously!!!

Flo.... Now you know why I have SEVERAL seem rippers..... just in case!

Maryz … I did manage to finish one tree skirt yesterday! Even got the binding on... and if I ever mention making a scalloped border on something again.... slap me! What a pain! But it turned out cute and I'll post a picture later. YEAH for the Seahawks.... I have a cousin that lives in Seattle.... but he's a PACKER fan!!!

Sherry....Warm and Natural is wonderful batting.... it just seems to have a feel of quality and it is so easy to work with. When I was in Texas at the Quilt show I saw bamboo batting, and that did look very nice too, but haven't tried that yet! Hope you are feeling super to go to the football game... surely you have a quilt to wrap up in to keep you warm!

Guess I should get in gear... My iron died yesterday so I need to get to Target or WM and pick up another one. Dug my Joann ad out of the recycle and there's a 60% off coupon so maybe I'll go there too and check out what they had for wide backing... thinking it will be easier for those tree skirts...I'm not crazy about the feel of wide backing,... but we'll see.

Hope you all enjoy your Monday!

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Re: Monday October 14

Post by womster » Mon Oct 14, 2019 8:00 am

Good morning!

So nice to see you all after a busy weekend. I went to a DGS's hockey game yesterday - it was a lot of fun even though they didn't score a goal. Some of the parents, however...! Today we are back to our normal schedule of Costco so my time here is short. Our DGD in Navy boot camp graduated this weekend - woohoo! I am so far behind in life that I better get busy because I have stuff to post today for another granddaughter's 16th birthday Friday.

Becca - that is such joyous news on the twins. Good luck at the dentist.

Chriss - YAY that the house is almost done! I would also enjoy seeing her house all happy and cozy with a new family.

Lois - sounds like you have a day full of family - enjoy.

Vel - have fun with your quilting group.

Lyn - a broken heel sounds incredible painful.

Jana - enjoy whatever your day brings.

Judi - we decided we will do cards this year because we enjoy it. If the others don't that's ok. We should revive the QIAD Christmas Card list.

Flo - I got a package of W&N at a Walmart in Junction City, Kansas. Weird...

Maryz - you are so organized. And good luck on your free hand quilting.

Sherry - hope you're feeling well enough to attend the game.

Maryq - I have an old iron I'd be happy to get you. I still love my iron from Italy that Cindy told us about.

That's it for me - have yourselves a wonderful and blessed day! xoxo Sharona

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Re: Monday October 14

Post by auntjana » Mon Oct 14, 2019 1:14 pm

Sometimes, it takes this old dog awhile to figure out something very simple and a great idea! We were getting Ethan's quilt ready to load this afternoon on my LA - we needed to add two strips down the length of the backing fabric to make it wide enough for the top -So I cut the fabric the length of the piece we were adding and Sarah said and I said - duh! leave the selvedge on the length of the sides as it stabilizes the fabric for the side anchors to hold on the LA. It was such a simple idea that never dawned on me until that moment. It will be trimmed off before we sew the binding on, so it won't cause a problem. So you probably have thought of this before, but if not, here it is. I know that we are taught never to use the selvedge edge, but this time, it is a good thing!

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