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Saturday, October 12

Daily discussions.
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Saturday, October 12

Post by suzette58 » Sat Oct 12, 2019 1:30 am

Good morning everyone.
I finally finished hubby’s wall hanging yesterday. But, before that we went out to lunch for hubby’s birthday. We also went to Habitat for Humanity’s Restore. We have never been there. It is one of those places you go to every so often. Because you may not find anything one time but you might find lots of stuff the next time. Of course we hit Hobby Lobby. I truly love that store. Today I have to get to work on the last row for the quilt guild row by row. This quilt has a Christmas theme. I managed to find a block that has Peppermint Candy on it. It will be perfect. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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Re: Saturday, October 12

Post by fabricgirl » Sat Oct 12, 2019 2:39 am

Good Morning Suzette and all who follow,
Today the fabric warehouse is having a sale so I will go see what I can find it's a 1 day sale and then a stop at Joanns I have to get another piece of fabric I was making a set of pillows and ran out.
Chris's that's great that your getting a young family in grandma's house.
Suzette now when you make this sort of quilt does everyone have there own quilt.

Well that's all for today.
Everyone have a great day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Saturday, October 12

Post by QuiltGram8 » Sat Oct 12, 2019 5:16 am

Hi Suzette and Lois. We were up here very early, because our 4-legged son decided he needed to go potty way too early. Now he's on a lap and all covered up and back to sleep.
It's Brrrr cold here....35 degrees. This is supposed to be the campground "trick or treat" and fall celebration weekend. Being so cold, I don't think they will have many participating.
I need to clean house here and maybe make a trip to Walmart. Other than that, just try to stay warm.
Have a great weekend.

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Re: Saturday, October 12

Post by Becca » Sat Oct 12, 2019 5:27 am

Hello everyone,cloudy here this morning.
Yesterday was DHs Optamalogist appt.Then on for his hair cut.Eat out.Got Home & went to work on bears & Dolls for Benefit.
Have mumbo dance to do.And I want to make a pot cake f veggie soup.Still not cold but cool enough to eat soup.
Suz Sure Your quilt will be charming.I love Christmas.

Lois I too love Hobby Lobby But we don’t have one.Maybe a good thing.lol The Fabric warehouse sounds like a fun place.

Val You are right about Brodees Eye.It is something about retina & if it doesn’t clear up they can do laser to take care of it.Sure hope things are smoothing out at work & home for you.

Chris I know you will love having a young family for a neighbor.

Maryq I find when staying home it’s an effort to get dressed & go out.Maybe I’m just a Home body.lol

Velda Stay warm &cozy.Will be glad when our temps drop some more.

Must get cracking because I have a lot of laundry before I can get into my sewing.Have a wonderful weekend.. Becca

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Re: Saturday, October 12

Post by grammiequilts » Sat Oct 12, 2019 5:54 am

Good Morning it wwas 39 this morning,,,brrrrr But bright sunshine, we will probably turn the boiler on as it isnt going to stay warm...we need to get fire wood and might do that today as Ken wants to go look at a jeep for sale...it needs work....LOL but is not rusty. it is my sis neighbor so firewood is right there,,,it will be a "I am so sore" day for us.

I did finish the gift for my elf last night and I hope she likes it...I need to finish cleaning up my project mess...My Maine grand daughter called last night to give me her Christmas list,,,I can cover everything on it,,,except for one very expensive item...and she wants a new quilt...luckily she loves patchwork and I have several charm quare packs I can use for her a patchwork quilt,,,moving right back to quilting this week...Thinking of a matching pillow case too....She has a few quilts I made but want yellow this time...Okie Dokie...

Well we slept late toay and I need coffee...have a wonderful day XXXXOOOO

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Re: Saturday, October 12

Post by auntjana » Sat Oct 12, 2019 6:02 am

Good morning.

Another sub freezing morning, about 23 I think. Very dark here still and I have the drapes closed to keep sime heat in the house.

We are getting a new family across the street. They started moving in last night and there were trucks parked all over the cul de sac with friends helping them. I could hardly back out of my driveway, with truck bumpers hanging in the way.

The gift exchange was fun and my skinnjes went to good homes.

Today I am taking my little girls shopping for some warmer winter/long sleeved clothes. Lila is good, as she has Gracie hand me downs, but Gracie has out grown everything. Tall and skinny. Sarah will be over later as well, to load on Ethan's quilt. Sarah has at least 4 quilts sitting in the queue to quilt for her boys, Stu and Ethan. I am on a campaign to get those done and then I will have more room for mine!

Not much else going on here, same Saturday stuff,

Stay warm, do something fun!


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Re: Saturday, October 12

Post by WeSignificant » Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:06 am

Chriss, NO, NO, and in case you didn’t hear NO I do not want this job. I want to go to work, do my job and come home. When you are the director, you go to work, deal with all the crap, console nurses who think they have too much work to do, deal with all the vendors who can’t get it right, deal with the corporate idiots, go home and still gotta answer the phone, Oh and by the way, you didn’t get your paperwork done through all the other ********! No I do not want the job.
Oh, and sounds like great neighbors you will be having. How fun to make them trick or treat bags. I have no youngins to make them for.

Lori we are getting smoke from some where. Not sure which fire. There was one over by Rio Vista I believe but thinking that one should be out.

Maryq what kind of snow was that? It is 47 here now but supposed to get to 79 or 80. This is our time of year that we are back and forth. We can get into the 90’s into October. By November though the heat is gone and things cool off.

I do have to make a run to Vacaville today to drop off a box of dressings. So while I am there, I ordered something for my elf from the shop there so will drop in and pick it up. Then I will charge for my mileage since I am dropping of the dressings for work.
Then just take care of Dad. Will try to get some sewing in. DGS is not coming home until the 22nd. DH is working the late shift. A bit of laundry and maybe the dusting but that is it.

Hope you all have a great Saturday.
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: Saturday, October 12

Post by purrfect-lady » Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:15 am

Good morning,

JANA - Your new neighbors might be your new best friends! Your/Sarah's quilting queue sounds like mine, only not quite so bad. We have GOT to get busy here! Have fun shopping with the little girls today!

SUZETTE - your wall hanging for your hubby is amazing! So?? What did you find at the restore? you're so right - some days are diamonds, some days are coal in those places.

JUDI - a woman who cuts her own wood is twice warmed! do you have a woodshed? A new project for someone you love, especially if they request it, is just the thing to jump start the old sew-jo!

VELDA - stay warm while Trick=or-Treating tonite! :lol:

BECCA - We consider soup a summer meal here because it's usually a light supper. I use my crockpot in the summer as much as the winter so I don't heat up the kitchen. Sometimes, I even set it out on the deck while it cooks.

LOIS - I hope you find a basket full of bargains today at the sale!

MARY Q - so?? Did you get out yesterday 'fer supplies'?? What color is your yard today?? Have you started quilting your tree skirts yet? Good luck with them. If you had a long arm, I would suggest you back them with a big square of fabric so you could attach them to the rollers and cut them to shape after the quilting process.

CHRISS - so when do your new neighbors move in? Going to be so much fun to have young people. I wonder if they have a dog for Moose to play with?

VAL - well, I hope you do NOT get the job of Director. It kind of seems a waste of your good nursing skills, anyway. Have a good trip to Vacaville. Is it far?

KATHY - What's happening in your neck of the woods?

Yesterday I was grocery shopping because we were having company for supper. and ran into the company at the store! She was buying dessert ingredients! lol! So we had a nice catch-up time with them last night over a big bowl of spaghetti and apple crisp. At noon today we will be with all of Bill's family at a Mexican restaurant, remembering Uncle Ernie. I finished my Elf gift and now I want to make one for my DDIL so I hope to get started on that today. And I really want to get my latest quilt on the frame, but that room has gotten kind of stuffed with odds and ends over the past few weeks. So I need to dig it out. I feel another purging project coming on . . . Good thing I'm not planning much sewing for Christmas!

Wishing everyone endless bobbins today!
mary z

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Re: Saturday, October 12

Post by maryq » Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:12 am

Good Morning Girls

Yup.... .we got snow!!! Not snow right now, but I can see the back of my garage roof from my bedroom window and it's white! Northern MN is supposed to get it worse, not sure how much is predicted for my area. It is still crazy windy and I'm sure by the end of the day all the leaves will be on the ground... the real test will be when I can see my next door neighbors house through the woods.

Suzette.... Did you see where Jimmy Carter at age 95 is still working with H for H? Did you find anything there? Is it mostly house stuff-construction stuff like fixtures? I could go crazy at HL for sure... especially this time of year with all the Christmas stuff out! Until I remember I have 8 tote boxes of décor in my garage!

Lois.... Hope you find some good deals at the Warehouse sale!!! Remember, if you need a place to store your fabric... I have lots of room here!

Velda.... I bet with temps getting so chilly there in IL, you are getting anxious to get down to TX! For years I've had no kids in my neighborhood so have left light off for Halloween, but I see the school bus go by so there must be kids again. I still leave light off.

Becca.... Oh I am such a home-body it's not funny. I could easily be a hermit---- I can go at least a whole week without leaving the house! As long as I have the necessities (TP, coffee, fabric and thread) I'm good!

Judi.... Guess you better get busy if you need to make a quilt for DGD in time for Christmas! Do you heat your whole house with wood? When I lived in No. MN, we had all electric--so you can imagine how expensive that was... but there was a wood fire thingeee. I swore I never wanted to see another stick of wood after we moved from there.

Jana... Thanks for the info on the skinnies.... even though I shouldn't have... $$$ I did go order some patterns last night... tho now I can't remember which ones. I will set them aside until next year, as if I start another project.... well.... I'll have to stay at sewing machine 24/7 to every thing done.

Valerie... Our first snow of the year usually melts pretty fast, but up North MN, they are already for 8-10" so I have a feeling theirs will stay for a while. I'm with you.... I wouldn't want a BOSS job.. (another been there, done that)

Maryz…. Yup... I did get out for my Target run (and it was a doozy)… Started raining and snowing a bit when I got home, so I made in the nick of time. I have one skirt pinned and one I want to get pinned today.. I'm just scared I'm going to screw them up so I have been avoiding them. My ADD has kicked in my big so there are projects all over the place here. Funny, I was thinking about making s'getti for supper tonight too! Though I have no apple crisp!

Since it's already after 11:00 here I better get butt in gear... Need to clean up the usual "yesterday" messes (seems I clean every morning and make a mess every night) need to chase a few dust bunnies and run the vac, clean up threads, etc. Then I'll hit the sewing room--it needs a shine up too, as there are scraps etc. every where. Need to clear the deck to quilt the tree skirt! Is there a patron saint for quilters? If so, I really need her help!

Wishing you all a marvelous day!

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Re: Saturday, October 12

Post by suzette58 » Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:17 pm

Lois - yes each person participating will have a quilt top.
MaryZ - hubby found an antique Sears electric drill.
MaryQ - Jimmy Carter could teach a lesson to the young people where I live. Families make a living off welfare here.

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