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Thursday October 10,2019

Daily discussions.
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Re: Thursday October 10,2019

Post by velvet » Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:31 am



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Re: Thursday October 10,2019

Post by maryq » Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:11 am

Good Morning Girls

Well, just as predicted... our beautiful sunny fall weather has turned cold and cloudy and rainy! I knew I should have gone to get groceries yesterday! :) Must go today or tomorrow as Saturday looks like we're going to get a messy snow storm!

Lois... Oh Boy STAPLES!!! Another one of my favorite stores! so much fun stuff there too, like notebooks and pens and organizer stuff! :lol: :lol: BTW, I found a really good deal on Pellon 805 fusible on WM.com. $18.76 for 20 yards (17"wide)

Suzette.... Meet you in the laundry room... I'm almost out of clean sweat pants, so I guess I better do some waltzing with the washer too!

Lyn.... Oh Gosh... aren't you so glad they invented cell phones for situations just like that... you can call the Police on the spot! Little Maddox is 18 months already??? where did that time go???

Velda.... Does it take a while to find out what your A1C numbers are? Hope the are nice and low so the Dr. will be happy! And oh yes, if you have nice days to go fishing... GO FOR IT!

Judi... Where is the strangest place you have found threads? Not only do I have sewing machine threads EVERY where, but I've even found embroidery threads in my fridge! Now how does that happen!?

Becca.... Oh take me with you to the LQS!!!

Flo.. Wouldn't that be great... having your own parking place! With a sign... FLO'S PARKING ONLY

Jana.... Now that I'm stocked up on fusible... what's the name of the pattern co. that makes the skinnies? I might put them on my 2020 To-Do list!

Maryz…. Oh come on... just a little bit more fabric? Oh I have an idea.. you buy the fabric and I'll store it for you! :lol: :lol: I ironed the fusible to the wrong background fabric. I meant to put the snowmen on a lite blue background and accidentally ironed them to some dark green pieces I had cut for another project... OH well. Now I'll have some snowmen on green too...

Katy... Hope you have a great time on your shop! I'll make you the same offer, you buy the fabric and I'll store it for you! :lol:

Since it's such a dreary day, I think I'll stay in.. Oh wait... I have to go to the DDS this afternoon.. just a check up. I had scheduled it for Nov. 5th, but they had a cancelation, so I'm going this afternoon... better to get it over with... besides who wants to go to the DDS on their birthday!

Time for more coffee and a shower....

Wishing you all a GREAT Day

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Re: Thursday October 10,2019

Post by auntjana » Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:26 am

Maryq - Ribbon Candy Quilt Company. They are in Payson, Utah. I make their seasonal skinnies, usually three patterns in a packet. They are about 14x28 inches.

The company does have a website and are really quick on shipping your order.

Great way to use up scraps!

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Re: Thursday October 10,2019

Post by Quiltmom » Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:59 am

Good morning all! Just a quick stop in today. I need to get back here and read all of the posts for the last few days, but with this cold just haven't felt like it. Had my 6 months checkup at doctor yesterday. He was very happy with all of my tests. Said there wasn't one thing he could complain about to me. I have even lost 18 pounds since I saw him 6 months ago. Don't know how that happened since I really haven't been dieting. I will take it any way. I now weigh what I weighed in high school 54 years ago. All together in last 7 years I have lost 54 pounds. I am actually going to have to get some new clothes.

My cold is slowly getting better and he told me to keep taking my Coriciden HBP and the cough medicine. Since it is not bacterial can only take over the counter drugs. It is really going around here in Defiance. Takes about 3 weeks to get rid of it.

Well time for my medicine so better get going. Hope everyone has a good day. Stay well!


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