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oct 8 tuesday

Daily discussions.
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Re: oct 8 tuesday

Post by WeeOne » Tue Oct 08, 2019 7:09 am

On the road again!
Hope everyone has a great day!

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Re: oct 8 tuesday

Post by purrfect-lady » Tue Oct 08, 2019 7:18 am

Good morning,

Still at the beach. Stormy day yesterday so after checking out Westport and a drive through the cranberry bogs here, we spent the rest if the day in our trailer, reading and hand-sewing. Today we will drive down the coast a bit and explore tiny town of Tokeland and Washaway Beach ( or what’s left of it as all but a few houses of what was once a whole community has washed away. Hard to fight the Pacific if it wants your land!

Cindy, BOING!! 4 weeks! Hope your Astros go all the way!

Val, do at least ask about Hospice. They provide so much more than just end of life care. And you can always come off Hospice any time.

Diane, 8 more quilts! joy!

Chriss, glad you are planning a groovy day! I didn’t realize Joanns stopped selling W&N. I will have to look next visit to our store

Lyn, safe travels!

Flo, great quilt!

Jana, your skinnies will be treasures! You temps are really dipping!

Izzy, guess I better get out my map so I can see where Kentucky has a beach and dolphins! You and DH deserve a getaway. Will you take computer for your job?

Sharona, it’s Costco day! We only live 3 miles from our Costco but we usually go when we need milk. Whatever day that happens to be,

Judi how is the knee today? Hope it doesn’t slow you down at Frankenmuth!

Becca, will be watching for latest report on “our” babies!

That’s about all I can handle with one finger phone typing. Make it a good one!

Mary z

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Re: oct 8 tuesday

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Tue Oct 08, 2019 7:55 am

Good Cloudy Damp Morning..........Looks like the sun is trying to pop out......

We had plenty of rain last night......that will help the leaves turn color.
Finished cleaning the too heavy crock pot insert. Dang that's heavy. The house still smells of chili. Don't know what happened to my sister, I've call & left her 3 messages. I don't think I have room in the freezer for that big container.
Today will be more SS sewing. My car needs a long ride because I've not been going out much, maybe tomorrow.

Izzy.........you sound better today! Good to see that. Sounds like a very good idea for you & DH to get away for a week. good luck with getting those blocks finished. I know you can do it.
Collections.....did you call the hospital to work out a payment plan. That's what Kimberly did. It was nice her hospital was willing to work with her. (((((HUGS)))))

Lois.....it's not a good time in between seasons with the temps fluctuating. The cooties come out to get us. Rest up.

Diane......have a good day with your 'partners' today.

Becca.......I feel the same as you about technology & I do not even have a smart phone.. I have a little
mumbo to do myself.

Sharona........WOW....50' is a big drop. Be sure to keep warm. Hope you get all that work done.

Chriss......I'm sure you give wonderful SS gifts. Have a great day.

Flo....how nice all the tshirts are all red, will make a nice quilt. Good Job.

Valarie.......my sister says our father was the same way. I guess it's a certain kind of tired but he was always up for ice cream.

Cindyg........looking forward to your life calming down & more visits from you.

Jana.....glad you were able to finish your skinny sewing done. I'll keep my eyes open for the cold weather....thanks.

Love & Prayers...........Kathy

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Re: oct 8 tuesday

Post by maryq » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:24 am

Good Morning Girls

Happy Tuesday! another gorgeous day and a chance to throw open the windows! But I hear the sad news that by the weekend I may need to dig out my snow shovel :cry: :cry: :cry: I hope that they are kidding... or may be this is "Squaw Winter" and we'll have a couple Indian Summer days after that! A gal can hope right? I'd hate to think WINTER will be here so soon!

Izzy... Good to hear you are feeling so much better! I'll have to google Edisto Beach. We used to have a time-share too on the beach in Mexico, but we traded it mostly. The sound of the waves on the shore are so calming and relaxing. Hope you have a most peaceful/relaxing week. As for as collections go... it's a pretty typical thing I guess... but Becca is right, as long as you are making a payment there is nothing they can do. Sometimes businesses send to collections just to get the debt off their books.

Lois... Hope you DO feel better today.... No fun being sick....

Diane... Yeah 8 quilts ready to go for Friday! Awesome!

Becca.... I love technology.... when it works like it's supposed to! Good luck with your new phone... I bet your grand kids could show you how to fix it up! I have an iPhone 6s and I think my 6yo DGS knows more about it than I do.

Sharon.... Do you know where your snow shovel is?? I'm thinking our first snow will melt pretty fast, but just in case, I better go find mine. And I better go get groceries :lol: :lol:

Chriss... Oh I know I'll never live long enough to FINISH all my projects!!! But I'm leaving all my stuff to you guys in my Will :lol: :lol: I checked WM yesterday for W&N, but found Pellon 80/20 so I ordered some of that to try. I saw a thing online from MSQ and Jenny uses 80/20 all the time, so if it's good enough for her... me too!

Valerie..... Hope all goes well for your Dad's dr. appointment. My Mom always resisted going to the Dr. too... she thought it was just a scam --- the Dr. just wanted to get money from Medicare.

Cindy.... BOING BOING!!! I can imagine how excited you are to go to the Quilt Show!

Jana.... I'm kind of surprised we haven't gotten a deep freeze here. All I have to do is look out my office window and see if my neighbor has covered his plants... that's my "predicter" of a freeze.

Lyn... Will send a prayer to St. Christopher for you too... for safe Travels!

Maryz... Yep, no more W & N at Joann... . I liked to get there when they had good coupons. WM has it in the store.. but it's still big $$$$. You headed home soon? Sounds like you've had a good trip.

Kathy.... Does your car sit in the garage for long periods of time too??? It's probably a good thing to take it out for a drive once in a while... I should do the same, especially in the winter. No place I really need/want to go, that doesn't involve spending money anyway :lol: :lol:

Have a few options for things to do today. Got the Dr. Seuss quilt top done, think I'll piece the backing today.. and then will need to decide if I should try to quilt it myself or get it professionally done. Started a tree skirt for BFF, got a lot of the pieces fused down, then realized I fused them to WRONG background pieces... DUH so had to start over! Oh well, tracing and cutting pieces is a good TV project! Though now there is a mess on the porch I need to clean up.... but first I better go clean me up! :lol:

And I need MORE coffee!
Wishing you all a Terrific Tuesday

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Re: oct 8 tuesday

Post by auntjana » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:38 am

Taking your car out for a run is a good thing. We have three vehicles and two are not driven much, so their batteries go dead. You need to keep the battery charged, driving does that. Or learn to hook up a battery charger correctly.

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Re: oct 8 tuesday

Post by zfatcat » Tue Oct 08, 2019 9:36 am

Good morning.

Izzy, a week at the beach sounds wonderful.

Mary, bummer the weather is not cooperating. However, you're still at the beach which is always wonderful.

Maryz, bummer you fused to the wrong background.

Well today I need to clean a bit. The boys have been walked and are keeping me safe from cats, dogs, and people walking by the house. I have guild tonight. Always look forward to hearing the different speakerrs we have. I got out my fall quilts yesterday. I figured out a way to hang up my wall hangings that is simple and will come down easy.

Have a lovely day.
Lori 8-)

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Re: oct 8 tuesday

Post by fabricgirl » Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:40 pm

Mary Q walmart had the warn n natural and its half the price of Joanns that's where I get mine at .


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Re: oct 8 tuesday

Post by grammiequilts » Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:54 pm

Good Evening,,I posted this morning and it is gone...This has happened 2 or 3 times...I know I hiit submit. Well Our friends cancelled the Frankenmuth trip at the last minute...So just me and my sis went...I let Ken off the hook as his buddy bailed so he went to work instead...Donna and I had a fun time at Bronners Christmas shop. I bought a few gifts ans 11 ornaments each one personalized for my grandkids and with the year...it took awhile to find them all . Each one has to be special for them... We went to lunch at a divey bar that looked bad but they were super friendly and had the best burgers,,,a lot of locals in there,,,it was so good...

Now I am settling in to watch the Red Wing game and work on the hand sewing for my elf...might pray for a win. May the hockeygods smile on them tonight,,,have a good one XXXXOOOO

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