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OCT 7 monday

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Re: OCT 7 monday

Post by maryq » Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:58 am

Good Morning Girls

Happy Sunny Monday!

Izzy,...Oh my goodness... I do so hope you are feeling better today.... I can't imagine how it has to hurt your ribs etc... throwing up and ….. . for two days! So sorry you had to catch the bug... almost now way to prevent it when you are caring for others!

Lois... If I'm going to go to all the work of cooking a big meal.... I make sure I have left overs! I usually make a double batch of everything and have lots of containers for the freezer. Then when I'm out of groceries (like now) there is still something to eat! :lol:

Diane.. Welcome home! AND yeah for your family coming for Christmas. How fun will that be!!!

Valerie.... Good news that your DD got enough surveys. I think I got in just under the wire.. hope it helped! Does she live near you? If so, give her a big hug and wish her well...

Chriss…. Hope you can take it easy on the back today. We have beautiful library in town.. but would you believe it, I've never been in it. I always thought that when I retired I'd go up and volunteer to read to kids or even dust shelves or straighten books. Maybe when I run out of fabric/projects :lol:

Flo.... Sometimes you just have to "veg out" on the couch.... a day like that is good for battery re-charge.

Becca.... You got it kiddo...….lots of prayers for our miracle babies today! Good luck with your new phone.

Jana.... Did you use El's pattern for the stocking? They are the best/easiest pattern ever! I need to make more for the hospice home this fall... and I have strips already to go!

Maryz…. Ah.... a nice romantic walk on the beach... at sunset no less. I've made 3 tree skirts so far... one for the hospice home and then for each of my boys. I have 1 cut out for BFF and then I decided to make one for the family that Jen is staying with. But I'm out of batting!
Joann is out of the 80/20 I've been using.

Katy.... Isn't it fun to get a surprise in the mail!

Started the Dr. Suess quilt for my nephew yesterday... Baby is due mid November... here I thought I had lots of time... but it's almost the middle of October already !! Yikes, I better get busy. May have to run to WM for some batting. Oh crap, that means putting on a face. Oh well....

Time for more coffee..... then you'll find me in the sewing room

Wishing you all Marvelous Monday!

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Re: OCT 7 monday

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Mon Oct 07, 2019 9:00 am

Good Mostly cloudy day......rain tonight!

The house is starting to smell like chili. I have a double recipe in the big crock. I tried to but I can not lift that thing out of the base. Now that's a lot of Chili!

After this I'll clean up my mess in the kitchen, then some sewing.

Izzy......so sorry to hear you were so sick & you poor ribs are hurting. Glad you feeling better.

Lois......I think you have us all thinking about cooking in the Crock.

Diane......sounds like you had a wonderful visit & an other to look forward too.

Valerie........I hope I got the survey done in time after Teresa told me how to do it. I saw a very disappointing show on TV that said only 19% of what we recycle is itself recycled. Hope that's not true. She's a brave woman.

Chriss......looks like the book sale was a success for you & the books.. Have a great day at work.

Flo.....guess you needed to rest up yesterday so you could sew today.

Becca.....keeping the twins in my prayers. How can I help with the benefit maybe send some money?

Love & Prayers........Kathy

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Re: OCT 7 monday

Post by grammiequilts » Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:06 am

Good afternoon everyone...We are home and half put away, laundry and a few uglies, I did have a mishap in the camper this morning fell and spraind my right knee...It is the one that always gives me grief...I actually got caught i my jammie pants, didnt fall far or hard but just enough to make me limp/ dont know how I will be for the annual trek to Frankenmuth tomorrow,,but heck or high water.......Christmas shopping and dinner with sis and friends...I may have to borrow a walker with a seat...to rest...I have a knee brace to try...ice packs now and some Motrin..gosh I am so mad at myself...I try to be so careful with my brittle bones. no swelling and only a little pain,
well I need to get something done...have a great day,,,missed you all///XXXXOOOO Izzy sorry your sick...and still praying for the twins and all...XXXXOOOO

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Re: OCT 7 monday

Post by WeSignificant » Mon Oct 07, 2019 1:35 pm

Jana actually the fire is about 1.5 mes from my house driving. Probably 1 mile as the crow flies. Very dense dark smoke but wind going the other direction. The last I heard it was 516 acres. There is a neighborhood between the fire and me so I am safe.
Have a great day! Valerie

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