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Friday October 4,2019

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Re: Friday October 4,2019

Post by WeeOne » Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:58 am

Lois, I sent you a PM. I have a West Bend Slow Cooker. It's simple and easy to clean.

Izzy, glad I made you laugh. Take care of yourself.

Kathy, when my oldest DD was 17, she had a car wreck. A woman drove into the side. Insurance wanted to settle quickly. Though she wasn't badly hurt, she was seeing the chiropractor for adjustments. When I told the insurance company she could have medical bills for the next couple of years, they raised the amount of the settlement! Please don't let Kimberly get shortchanged.

Hello to everyone else, I'm on my phone so can't look back at your post. Today is the first day since I got here in September that I can stay at the house all day and get something done. Dad was a little unhappy yesterday when I told him my brother Lanny would be taking him to see Mom now. He kept asking when he was going to see me again. That's the hardest part in all this. I love going to Texas and Canada but it's hard to leave them now! We will see them Monday afternoon one more time.

I'm enjoying a cup of coffee sitting on the deck but my list of things to do is a mile long so I guess I better get busy. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and can play with fabric!

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