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Friday October 4,2019

Daily discussions.
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Friday October 4,2019

Post by fabricgirl » Fri Oct 04, 2019 2:31 am

Good Morning Everyone,
Happy Friday I've been sitting sipping coffee and Lookin at Lori Holts
Farm girl Vintage 2 very nice.

Today there is nothing planned I might venture out to get a new crock pot mine bit the bullet a couple of months ago I just want a plain one so we shell see what I find after all it becoming that season.

Well there is nothing else new here I hope you all have a great day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Friday October 4,2019

Post by grammiequilts » Fri Oct 04, 2019 3:13 am

Good Morning Lois. I am up dressed and have a cuppa in my hand...I will leave in a few to go take Sophia to school, she and I have a bour a half hour together before the doors open. we also walk the dog. This will be the last time for about 2 weeks as DD schedule is changed.

Today we pull the camper to the campground for the kids to stay in for the weekend. they have Halloween weekend with Jeffs side of the family..My DD and SIL hate camping..but do it about once a year for the kids..it is very close to our house ( a half hour away) so we take the camper their for them. Ken and I will go there sunday and spend the night til monday. the kids will all go home sunday,'

we have applefest this weekend. THere will be lots of booths and food here since we live on the main street in our town the festivities are right in front of our house. I am anxious to see what vendors will be here this year..Might even find something for my elf.

Well I need to get going..hope you all have a wonderful day. Mostly hand work going here,,,XXXXOOOO

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Re: Friday October 4,2019

Post by auntjana » Fri Oct 04, 2019 4:32 am

Good morning!

Still dark here and I am not up, hiding in the warm blankies!

Not much here either. Michael has a DDS appointment, so that makes me the designated driver. While he is there, I will run over to the grocery store for a couple of things, then pick him up and home. Then I will do a few uglies and then play.

No Ethan this afternoon. Sarah is out with her brothers, taking Ethan, and chasing that steam engine, as it leaves Provo today. Matt is taking his boys too.

Do something fun! It's Friday!


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Re: Friday October 4,2019

Post by billizzy » Fri Oct 04, 2019 4:37 am

Good morning all.

Lyn I am still chuckling about your angry bird day yesterday. Ive had that happen before. :lol:

Becca so sorry for family loss, but wow 102 she had a good long life. Prayers for those babies.

All you girls seem to be doing what I did most of the day. Mt Washmore. I can now see the floor in the washroom. I had 4 lines full and a dryer full of towels. Pulled all off the lines then put the sheets out.

My crew DD and DH had the stomach bug yesterday. 24 hr thing. poops and vomiting. UGH so glad I didn't have it. I think I had it a few days ago but no vomiting for me thank the LORD. I just dont think my ribs could take that. I am just now feeling rib pain. I guess those nerve bundles are finally growing back. My left side and right really hurt when I lay in bed. My back too so I guess I am finally feeling the two vertebrae I also fractured. UGH. But the good news is I can actually sleep to my right side. I have to still prop up my boob with pillow :lol: The nerve pain if it droops is awful. :lol: Now mind you its not far for it to droop. Thank God he didnt bless me in that area :lol:

Yesterday I didnt have aide at school to get my kids in afternoon so I got some time in sew room. I got a quilt loaded on LA to get it quilted for one of my guys at church that graduated college. I am hoping to finish it by Sunday to give to him.

Sew nothing else new here. Work and lil man today. Then tonight some quilting :) I am blessed that I am still able to do this. I also am making more blocks to go with the Christmas swap blocks so I have a king-size quilt for my bed. God is good!! I am still able to sew and quilt I am just a whole lot slower. I am still working on my accuracy too. Yesterday I loaded quilt and forgot the batting. UGH had to undo the top I pinned down. See this is how my brain works. I have a new relationship with Jack the ripper too. UGH, so many silly mistakes I make that normally I wouldn't. My meds really mess my brain up in the aspect of sequencing and memory recall.

Well gotta run lil man just laid out on changing mat LOL
Hugs and prayers all.
:D izzy

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Re: Friday October 4,2019

Post by Becca » Fri Oct 04, 2019 5:02 am

Good morning everyone,sun is just trying to peep out.Supposed to cool down tomorrow.
Sherry Sure hope you are feeling better.Prayers for you.

Lyn What a mess that must have been.Sorry but hope today is better.

Izzy The nerves from the back run around to your ribs.Thats where nerve endings are.My DH has lots of pain there too.Sure hope you continue to heal.Thats funny about Little Man laying down to get changed.

Judi Enjoy your Weekend off & time camping.We Loved Camping with our kids.Enjoy the AppleFest.

Lois Have a good day & hope you find a crock pot.Mine is old.
Valerie Im Glad There wasn’t a big uproar.Hope the new boss works out good for all.

I too don’t have a lot planned but that never happens.Yesterday I got a lot of yard work done.am trying to get all my Fall work hope .Must get House work done today.
My DD & DSIL will go to Aunt Elizabeth’s Funeral so Thats good Because we cant go ,too far & DH isn’t able.
Have a great day everyone. Becca

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Re: Friday October 4,2019

Post by FlorenceM » Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:03 am

https://i.postimg.cc/zBQ4td5J/IMG-20191 ... 812173.jpg

Here is pic if t shirt Quilt so far.
Some sew time today. Tomorrow is dinner dance...next question...do I even own eye shadow?


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Re: Friday October 4,2019

Post by WeSignificant » Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:20 am

Lois happy crock pot shopping. Wal Mart carries them pretty inexpensive.
Grammie apple fest sounds fun. Lots of good food I'll bet.
Jana I am with DH today, DDS at 10am for me.
Izzy I guess the good news is because you can feel the pain, the nerves are working! Hopefully this will all resolve one day.

The meeting went pretty good yesterday. Some display of emotion but generally most were well behaved and appropriate. The administrator from the San Jose office was there and she was willing to let them vent and will talk to powers that be about a few things. Next big thing to get through is QAPI which is our quarterly quality assurance program. That is due mid month.

Not too much else going on.
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: Friday October 4,2019

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:33 am

Good Sunny Morning.......

We were supposed to have rain all day.....but it rained during the night.
Not sure what my day will look like after I vac the house. Might look for something else to make for SS.
There are so many fairs & festivals going on here. Every town seems to have one, it's apple or pumpkin!

Good news for Kimberly.....She does not know how much there will but there will be a monetary settlement for the car accident & her injury.

Lois.....have fun looking for a new crock pot the have changed so much.

Judi,.........I do not know how you find enough time in the day to do all you do. The apple fest sounds like fun & so convenient in front of you house.

Jana......Happy Friday! Hope Michael's appt has no surprises.

Izzy.......I was lazy yesterday.....didn't fold my laundry. I need to do that today, I forgot about it. Sorry to hear you had the bug yesterday. Good thing you didn't have it the same time as they did. Sorry to hear you still have pain you sound like Kimberly.

Becca......sorry to hear about the loss of your aunt, 102years old. My goodness the things she saw.

Love & Prayers.........Kathy

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Re: Friday October 4,2019

Post by womster » Fri Oct 04, 2019 7:54 am

Good morning!

Lois - I bet that Farm Girl Vintage 2 is a sight to behold. Happy crock pot shopping.

Judi - happy apple fest! What a treat. And I know the grands will have a great time in the camper.

Jana - I hope your DH's DDS appointment goes well.

Izzy - yuck on the stomach bug - sure hope it's done with your house. Glad to hear you're doing well in spite of the injuries - God is good. Enjoy your day.

Becca - so sorry to hear about the death of your aunt. I'm glad there will be someone to represent you at the funeral.

Flo - that's funny about the eye shadow. Too bad we're not neighbors because I have a slew of it.

Wesig- I'm glad the meeting didn't turn into a shouting match. Good luck at your DDS - hope your mouth is feeling better.

Kathy - that is great news for Kimberly! Happy vacuuming.

Maryq - praying for your BFF's mother.

Today I get to stay home - yay! We're going to try to finish all the outside winterizing tasks because it's going to be a warm day. I'm in charge of replacing burned out light bulbs in all the security lights. Had a great time yesterday getting my hairs cut with my friend. I hope to visit my sewing hole this weekend - fingers crossed! Have a wonderful and blessed day. xoxo Sharona

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Re: Friday October 4,2019

Post by maryq » Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:06 am

Good Morning Girls

Happy Friday to you all... Not much sunshine here today... the leaves are turning pretty quickly now, but with out sunshine, they look kind of dull..

Lois.... Did you get the new Flakey Friends snowman this morning? At first I couldn't get to it for some reason, but finally it came through. Guess what I'll be doing this afternoon! Do you check out the sew alongs on facebook for the Lori Holt patterns. Gosh they are gorgeous too!

Judi..... Apple fest sounds like so much fun... Lots of craft vendors there? And I'm guessing there are lots of folks selling apples?

Jana... Thanks for the "do something fun" …. I think I just might... what could be more fun that running to Hobby Lobby! :lol: :lol:

Izzy.... Thank you so much for the morning chuckle.... I can just picture you trying to adjust "the girls" and prop them up on a pillow. You do amaze me though, with all the pain you go through and all you do. I'd be a big cry baby.

Becca.... How are our babies? Sorry for the loss of the Aunt.. but my goodness 102! What things she had seen in that time!

Flo.. Your Tshirt quilt looks GREAT!

Valerie... Glad your meeting went well. Always a tense time when there's a change in management...(been there, done that)

Kathy.... Oh gosh, you reminded me that I have a load of laundry still in the dryer! I can always tell when it's time to do laundry when I run out of clean sweatpants! I missed that Kim was in a car accident... I do hope that the monetary settlement will help her out!

Sharon... Thanks for the prayers.. They live in Parker... I've probably told you about them before. When her time comes, I may fly out, but BFF has no place for me to stay with her, so I'd have to get a hotel. So we'll see what God has planned.

I'm actually going to get out of the house today... twice in one week.... :lol: I started working on the Dr. Seuss quilt for my nephew's baby, but mess up the panel I was working on... :mrgreen: :oops: :cry: :evil: So I'm going to run and pick up another one, and looking for some backing fabric for my Gnome quilt, since I got the borders on that yesterday. And since I never found the fusible I could have sworn I had, I'll pick up some of that too. Get this... it's $3.99/yd at HL and $1.99 at Walmart... exact same stuff!

Need to warm up the coffee and jump in the shower!
Wishing you all a Fabulous Friday

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