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thurs Oct 3rd

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Re: thurs Oct 3rd

Post by QuiltGram8 » Thu Oct 03, 2019 6:46 am

Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement. Yes, I did tell her to seek out Red Cross and any social agencies in their area.
Yes I really hope they both with find support from their employers. In an area like that, I am sure this happens a lot to people. Just hits home when it is someone you love.
Jana, what a nice honor for Ethan. You must feel very proud.
Again I appreciate all your prayers.

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Re: thurs Oct 3rd

Post by WeeOne » Thu Oct 03, 2019 7:19 am

Becca, hope your DH has some wonderful memories of his Aunt.

Velda, I'm glad we found some news video of that fire, not that it makes things easier. The fire Dept should have suggestions of who may be able to help DD.

Today is my last day for caring for my parents. Tomorrow I start the rush of doing as much as possible here at my house before we leave it Monday afternoon. We will spend Monday night in our Motorhome, then head for Kansas Tuesday morning.

Remember I said yesterday was 'one of those days'. Well it continued. I was getting in the car with Minnie, but decided she might need to potty, we'd just come from the Vet and her annual checkup. So, I walk her to the side yard, under the trees. I'm standing there and feel a plop on my head. I quickly rub my hand across it and come up with fingers of bird poop. How crappy is that!! Lol Had to come back in the house and clean up. No one here better start calling me poop head or worse. 🤣😂

Hope you can fondle fabric today!

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Re: thurs Oct 3rd

Post by maryq » Thu Oct 03, 2019 7:46 am

Good Morning Girls

YIPPEEE the sun is shining this morning.... the down side of that is that I promised myself I would go out to the garage and get hoses put away etc as soon as the sun came back out! It's been cloudy for days and days it seems. SO I guess today is THE day!

Judi.... Hope you can squeeze in that nap before you have to go get the kids!! You didn't see any new camper that Sis would like? Maybe over the winter she will find the perfect one!

Velda.. All these years and I've never known you had a daughter! You bet she'll have some good thoughts and prayers. Hopefully Red Cross will be able to help them out and get them set up somewhere so they can still get to work.

Jana.... As important as good grades are for kids.... the award Ethan is getting is just as important! Congratulations to him!

Becca.... I think it's ugly day around here too.... sheets need changing and the hamper is getting pretty full. Oh and I for sure wouldn't want company to come see the mess on my couch where I sit and stitch at night! YIKES!

Chriss…. Wouldn't it be nice if we could go back to the days when you could get a new phone for $1.00! As long as I can still Facetime on my phone...I'm happy.

Maryz…. good to see you report in. Wasn't sure if we'd see you while you are on the road. Did you find any trouble to get into?

Lois... The sewing room is the best place to be on a rainy day! Won't get long and we'll be watching the snow fall from our sewing room windows.

Valerie... I have to say that is a bit odd.... lunch and bowling? Maybe they are trying it as a "team building" event. Some companies are big on that. I'd do the lunch, but fake a knee injury so I wouldn't have to bowl. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Lyn..... Sounds like you really had a sh**ty day!!! Being the paranoid person I am, I would just KNOW that somebody had it in for me!

I guess if I am going to get anything done today I should get up and get dressed and get to it. Didn't get a lot of sewing done yesterday after Eye Dr. appt. All is good with my eyes, except I may need a lazer treatment to clear out some film that's built up in there, I forgot what Dr. said. Once that's done then I'll need to get vision checked again and see if I need new glasses. I did get the hospice home tree skirt pinned, but that's about it!

Thank you all for the prayers for BFF's Mom.. they are appreciated!
Have a wonderful day every one

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