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wed Oct 2

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Re: wed Oct 2

Post by WeSignificant » Wed Oct 02, 2019 6:25 am

Good morning quilting world!
Whoa Izzy you make me tired just ready that!
Flo take pictures, would love to see the dress!
Mary if you get into too much trouble, I am sure we can all chip in for bail money! Love going to those old WWII sites.
Cindy so sad that people have no respect for those in blue. These men and women put their life on the line everyday they walk out that door. Glad to hear the community responded with such an outpouring of support. Sad for his widow and children. Will pray for their future.

Will be meeting the new administrator today, still no new clinical person. I am filling in as best I can. I don't think I am the best manager material as I want to just tell them to suck it up and do their jobs. I have heard wind that staff will be causing an uproar at tomorrow's meeting. Hoping that is just rumor. It won't solve anything and will likely just make things worse. I don't know what was behind my bosses firing but I am sure they had their reasons. Looking forward to 3 months down the road. Things should be back on track. Christmas season and that seems to solve a lot of things.

Off to get ready for work.
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: wed Oct 2

Post by Quiltmom » Wed Oct 02, 2019 6:32 am

Good morning all! Spent yesterday in Urgent care because my cold isn't getting better. Since it isn't bacterial they can't give me antibiotics so just taking Coricidin for aches and tussin DM for my cough. Needless to say the lunch that Doug was going to take me to today to celebrate my birthday is put on hold for awhile. What a way to celebrate!

Well time to take more medicine. Hope everyone has a good day. I will be in my wonderful recliner relaxing and watching TV and movies. I will be so glad when this cold is gone.


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Re: wed Oct 2

Post by WeeOne » Wed Oct 02, 2019 6:37 am

Becca, I'm so happy to hear the twins update!

Izzy, belated Happy Birthday to Bill! Sounds like it was a wonderful celebration.

MaryZ, we leave Colorado next Tuesday, Oct 8th, and we'll head to Kansas to visit DD2 and family. Then turn south to Texas.

It's going to be 'one of those days'!! Life 360 App sends me a notification that Dad's phone is low on battery. Since he lost it a couple days ago and I found it under his recliner, I figure that happened again. Nope! I look at Life 360 App and find it's at my house ❗ Just found it in my Jeep. He must have been looking at it when I ran back in at Mom's, cause I forgot my jacket yesterday. 😜

I will be in my sewing room long enough to cut a piece of fleece to make Mom a no sew shawl. They are easier to get on her. Her arms are tight to her chest and that makes dressing her very difficult. My SIL bought some shirts that cross over and snap in the back. Much easier to dress her.

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Re: wed Oct 2

Post by zfatcat » Wed Oct 02, 2019 7:29 am

Happy Birthday Sherry. Sorry to hear your not feeling we'll enough to enjoy it. Hope you feel better soon.
Lori 8-)

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Re: wed Oct 2

Post by auntjana » Wed Oct 02, 2019 7:38 am

Good morning!

Yesterday, Aaron was the lead escort for the train from the Wyoming border to a town named Henefer. He had so much fun! Not only being the lead, but chasing the railfans who were trying every trick in the book to be where they were not supposed to be. Little did they know, Aaron already knew all those schemes. He has chased trains since he was born! After he was off work, he and Sarah took the drone out and got aerial pictures of that same train, as it headed south to Provo for the night. Matt had his boys out too, watching the train. Steam trains, which is what this one is, are rare, there are only a very few that are still operating.

Ethan finished his quilt top yesterday. Sarah will load it in the LA today and we will teach him how to use the LA. I told him that his mom will teach and he wants me instead to do the teaching. We will see how it goes.

We were busy all day. Running errands and picking up the draft for our trust. Now to read through it! Sometime I will get to sew.


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Re: wed Oct 2

Post by maryq » Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:11 am

Good Morning Girls

Looks like I'm going to have to find my umbrella today.... 100% chance of rain and I do have to go out this afternoon--time for my annual eye check up!

Izzy.... After a day like you had yesterday, I so hope you can take it easy and re-charge your batteries today! Maybe Lil William will be happy to take a nice little nap with you today.

Velda.... Yesterday must have just been a "lazy" day for both of us. I turned on the sewing machine, but ended up not sewing a stitch. Spent most of the time down there looking for something and now I don't even remember what I was looking for.

Lois.. OH now I remember what I was looking for... I could have sworn I had more fusible somewhere. I dug out fabric for another Gnome quilt... only this time it's going to be all girls! Just have to remember now where I saw the pattern for the hair instead of beards! :lol: OH OH did you see the Gingerbread Men Patterns!

Flo.... Oh darn... shoe shopping! Even tho you have to get dress shoes, I hope you find something comfortable to wear with your gown. I don't think I own a pair if hi-heels!

Judi... Hope your sister can find the perfect camper. There's about 3 different RV places on the route to where my son used to live... every time I'd drive by I'd imagine myself buying a little camper--big enough for my sewing machine/supplies and a dog! I bet there are some beautiful RV's and park-models at the show! How fun!

Becca.... I'm with you ... no black at night especially. Ever try to knit with black yarn? You can't tell what stitch you've done! :lol: Did I see that the twins are back together? What a relief for Taylor and Levi.. to have them back together.

Maryz.... Hope you can find at least of little bit of trouble in town!

Sharon... .Boy those smart phones can do just about anything can't they! Help you monitor your heart and remind you to exercise. (if my phone did that, exercise alarm, I think I'd throw it out!) What did we do before smart phones. Is your position at church a volunteer position?

Cindy... I did see on the internet news about the Police Officer that was killed... so sad. Did they find the killer? Does TX have death penalty. Some places there is death penalty for only Police Officers. I wondered if you knew of him since he was a Houston Officer.

Valerie... .Hope all goes well at your staff meeting. I always get a kick out of folks who come to those kinds of meeting to complain, but offer no solutions or suggestions for making things better.

Sherry.... So hope you are feeling better soon.... good you went to Dr. though...at our age... we don't want to mess with pneumonia right? Take it easy.. a day in the recliner with good TV and Movies.... sounds like the perfect treatment.

Lyn.... There is an App for everything isn't there... even to find your Dad's phone! When we finally talked my Dad into getting a cell phone.. he wouldn't turn it on because he didn't want to waste the battery.. Some where are here, I think I even still have his old phone.

Jana.. How fun to be able to watch the steam trains. When I go down to my DIL's folks in Wisconsin, the train literally runs across their back yard... all day trains go by. It's kind of fun to see what's in them. There's a cross about one block from their house, so of course, you hear trains blowing their horn all day and night, but you get used to it.

Still sitting here in my jammies, so I suppose I better get in the shower. Eye Dr. appointment isn't until 1:00pm, but have to run to PO and mail off lotto winnings.

My BFF in Colorado called me last night and asked me if I would ask for prayers from all my quilting buddies for her Mom. Sunday she went to ER with terrible pain and unable to go potty. Yesterday they got the news that she has several areas of cancer--bladder, ovaries and possibly kidneys. Mom just turned 89 in August. They don't give her very long... like maybe Christmas... and are debating whether or not to do some surgery... they are weighing all the options. BFF just asks for prayers that God will be gentle with her, grant her healing if it is His will, and keep her as comfortable as possible. thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

Wishing you all a Wonderful Wednesday

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