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Re: tues October 1st

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 11:48 am
Good a Little Cloudy Day......

I'm late today.....was up all night, slept all morning. Feeling all wonky. Think I'll hide in the sewing room for the rest of my day. Want to work on SS things.

Tomorrow I'll do today errands.

I'm happy to hear the twins are improving.....thank you Lord for answered.

Love & Prayers.............Kathy

Re: tues October 1st

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 8:08 pm
by Marilynsgrammy
Good evening. After that grandpa would say. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men. The shadow knows bwahaha.

Maryz, those stinking squirrels steal our plums, tomatoes, pears, apricots, peaches. Today Jerry cleaned up Moose's poo spot in the yard and put it down a squirrel hole. Good man that Jerry. Sorry Scottie can't run like a wild animal. Happy camping.

Valerie, hope you don't get stuck with that admin job and yours also. Crazy secret Santa hint. lines on your squares. Here's my hint. I sewed buttons on over the weekend. There, now we are making them wonder. sorry about the girl you went to school with. Not sure I would go to the cemetery alone. what happened to the person who killed her, is he still in prison? Guess where we will be in 18 days?

Becca, those twins are just a couple of fighters. Thanks to God for hearing our prayers.

Velda, you sure will get a lot of quilts out of three rolls of batting. how cool.

Izzy, I have to say that cake sounds good.

Lois, what fun to get a surprise in the mail. and so it begins.

Judi, a gal at work today had unstuffed cabbage. all the ingreedients but not rolled up. I would rather have things rolled up. Yay for the kids finding jobs.

Lori, Moose is a good dog. We have a big backhoe in the yard, they are replacing grandma's septic tank. Moose barked and barked at it. so while he is good he's also goofy.

Maryq, I saw those angels at fatcat patterns. adorable, I love them.

Hope you all have a great night.

Re: tues October 1st

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 10:12 pm
by zfatcat
Chriss, I got a chuckle from your grandpa's saying. Moose is just keeping you safe from that big bad machine. Jack and Wrigley keep us safe from small children walking in front our house. lol

Maryz, Tree Rats, or as we refer to them as Tango Romeo, because if you say tree rat the dogs go nuts looking for them, are annoying. They sit in the tree and tease the boys. And they bring fleas with them.

I didn't get any sewing done today. Just a bit of embroidery during our guild business meeting.

Sweet dreams. Talk at you tomorrow.