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tues October 1st

Daily discussions.
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tues October 1st

Post by grammiequilts » Tue Oct 01, 2019 3:11 am

Good morning and happy october, this year has been zooming by. We are going to 87 today yikes AC went back in last night, the humidity was thick. I am up and off to take Sophia to school. the boys are in middlr school and leave the house at 7 long with their parents,,,Sophia is a 750 to I will drop her off and come home to make a freezerfull of stuffed cabbage, then back to DDshouse at 3 to stay with them till 830. a long day for me but I help out when i can,,,,Both parents now fully employed was an answer to prayers,,,Jeff did get a great job making more than he did at his last job so they are set. (thankful for that) DD is training for a new job and her ork at home has been haluted for a few weeks while she trains,,,then she will be back at home so I wont be needed as often. well I need some coffee before I go...have a grest day XXXXOOOO

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Re: tues October 1st

Post by fabricgirl » Tue Oct 01, 2019 3:42 am

Good morning Judi and all who follow,

Judi sorry about your long day today your children are lucky to have you to help out I hope your day goes great.
Today we will make a bjs run it is just like Costco.
Then its home to do more sewing.
I dont know where these months have gone to but they go by quick .
Yesterday I went to my mail box and found a small package from quiltinaday it was from my SS person so I opened up a topic in swaps to thank her what a nice surprise that was.

Well time for me to get more coffee everyone have a great day.
Prayers go out to all.
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Re: tues October 1st

Post by billizzy » Tue Oct 01, 2019 3:45 am

Good morning all. I just got done reading mondays posts lol. So good to see twins are holding their own. I look for updates so on Wed night can update church. We are praying hard for these two :)

I am still singing manic monday LOL Ahhh the oldies lol :lol:

Jana 32 yikes. Our temp today is to be 99 with 101 heat index. Record for us; truthfully I am tired of heat. But gives me opportunity to get a few outside chores done and not freeze yet :)

Work is going well just keeps me busy since time is different I work later in the day which helps me have time in the morning to get things done. Like today will run to the market. Today is DH bday and I need bananas and pineapple to make his favorite cake: banana split. I know he thinks he won't get it. hahaha I'm the queen of surprise. I didn't get his quilt quilted like I wanted but I will give that later. I am giving him the top today along with his Buffalo Bills goodies.

Sew now just waiting on lil man. He too keeps me hopping. So grown-up now running and laughing. He now can reach the counters so gotta watch what is by the edge. Yesterday he got a box of donuts. OMG, the mess I had donuts were flying all over the floor as I was chasing him for them LOL. Lil bugger.

Happy stitching all. You're all in my thoughts and prayers. Been having lots of outbreaks with nerve pain so guess more healing going on. Fun fun :)
:D izzy

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Re: tues October 1st

Post by QuiltGram8 » Tue Oct 01, 2019 4:32 am

Good morning all.
Judi, what a busy time! But I envy you being close to your children. I miss that part.
Lois, OMG, hard to believe we are here in October and Secret Santa and surprises are in full swing. I am working on my project for my gal.
Izzy: your Lil Man sounds like true BOY through and through. Happy Birthday to DH. Hope his day is special.
We had a great day at quilting. Three of us all decided at the same time to order and donate a roll of batting. Now we have 90 yards of it to work with. So next week we will be cutting.
We too are having a heat wave. Thursday however it will change to fall temps. I am ready to feel the chill.
Have a great day, all of you.

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Re: tues October 1st

Post by Becca » Tue Oct 01, 2019 4:59 am

Good morning everyone,TWINS Brodee is back in Asheville with Sister.They both had eye exams & both were fine.Brodee had his button checked before leaving & all was fine.They asked we pray he gets no infection.
Hadlee had an echocardiogram but no word yet on that.Her murmur hasn’t been heard in over a week.Thanks for Prayers.

I have early hair appointment & Groceries.
Judi Becca So day But Kids are blessed to have you.Glad Your SIL got a job.
Velda Great you got the batting.Everything is so expensive now.

Izzy Thank the Church for Prayers.Sure hope your nerve pain goes away.Horrible to live with.

Lois Glad I know what PJs is.lol

Must run or be late.Have a wonderful day everyone. Becca

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Re: tues October 1st

Post by FlorenceM » Tue Oct 01, 2019 5:15 am

Judi temps here bear 90 as well. Thurs temps supposed to drop here...I hope.
Joe got face frames for island made yesterday. But he told me last night I need gown for Saturday! No prob have 3...but only silver dress shoes! They go with 2 if the gowns, but the one I think will hand well on me is tan! Hope Walmart has something.
Coffee time.

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Re: tues October 1st

Post by WeSignificant » Tue Oct 01, 2019 6:00 am

Good morning
Still dark here, 45* now but may get up to 70. Will be back into the 80's by the weekend.
First full day without the boss yesterday. Oh my, hopefully they will get somebody new soon. Having a bit of trouble keeping up that job and my own. New Administrator supposed to drop by tomorrow. We are not the only office he has so not sure how often we will see him.
I did get the lines drawn on the back of squares for a project for my elf. Making slow progress but making progress just the same.
DH fed Dad one of the lunches I pre made for the caregiver to give him so need to make another. Yes he is in trouble!
Izzy I really am happy to say my days of running after little ones like that are over. I don't think I would have the energy. I used to always say, "thank God they can run" many children can't.
Becca so glad to hear Brodee is back with Hadlee. Sounds like things are good and progress being made. Glad to hear no murmur.
For the past few weeks I have been thinking about this girl my sisters and I went to school with back in the 60's. She was kidnapped and murdered. Not sure why all this was suddenly coming back. So to try and resolve all these thoughts I looked up what I could find on the internet regarding the case. The perpetrator was found within a day or so and I remember going to the funeral. (it was on my birthday which is probably why I remember) What I didn't realize is it's been 50 years ago this month that this happened. I think on the anniversary of her death I will go put flowers on the grave. Weird how things like that come back.
Nothing much else new. Need to get ready for work and make another lunch for Dad.
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: tues October 1st

Post by purrfect-lady » Tue Oct 01, 2019 6:38 am

Good morning,

JUDI - congrats to Jeff and Colleen on their new jobs! I was wondering yesterday if anything had come from his applications. They are so lucky to have you help out with the kids while they train! 87*?! We are 40*. Would be nice if we could share and average out!

VAL - sure hope things at work settle down for you. Maybe YOU will be the new boss?! would you want it if they offered it? I'm sorry about your childhood friend. But at least they caught the person. Living with an unsolved murder is a particular kind of hell.

VELDA - so nice of you and your friends to donate an entire roll of batting! Will you be going south at the end of this month? Has Lyn left yet, do you know?

IZZY - I don't know how you can work with your little people in NM and care for your little man at home at the same time! you must be Wonder Izzy!

BECCA - wonderful news about the twins! Today we'll be very close to your DGS's place. Just across the water. I'll think of you!

CHRISS - since we can't let Scottie run loose and take care of business on our 2-1/2 acres of field and woods we are getting overrun with squirrels and bunnies. But I admit I like them. Fun to look out our kitchen window and see them all hopping around the yard. You have really been busy in the sewing room! I've done nothing truly productive for over a week!

LORI - who doesn't like squirrels!! My DH also calls them tree rats, but I know secretly he thinks they are cute and fun to watch. We have big gray squirrels in the back yard and smaller, brown ones in our front woods. I even saw a chipmunk years ago, but I think the squirrels run him out.

KATHY - your shawl will be nice on chilly winter evenings! I have a small lap quilt I use in front of the fire.

SHARONA - Hope your Manic Monday (now who doesn't have that song running through their head!?) turns into peaceful Tuesday.

FLO - Happy bow shooting! My nephew likes to hunt with a bow. I think he's pretty good with it. Where are you going that you need a gown and not silver shoes?

LOIS - a SS gift already? Well, aren't you lucky! That was sweet! Has MQ tempted you with Fatcats angels?

MARY Q - like Chriss, you keep on messing up your sewing room! And haven't you always been hooked on applique? You make pretty little SBS angels!

We are off on our camping trip today. Not sure if we'll have any internet. And Bill says he's not taking the computers so even if we have internet, it will be phone only. I've got 3 different hand projects packed but not taking my machine. We'll be with friends part of the time and moving to 3 different campgrounds and having my machine up only to have to take it down and pack it for moving isn't worth it. Our second campground is only a few miles from the Warm Co. factory so we've ordered a roll of batting that we'll pick up on Friday. Convenient! We are down to stems and seeds on batting!

I'm off to shower! Y'all have a great few weeks! I'll be home Oct 10.

Mary z

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Re: tues October 1st

Post by auntjana » Tue Oct 01, 2019 6:40 am

Good morning!

We are a whopping 33 today. Oh, you with the high temps, just wait, my cold temps are coming! There was a dusting of snow in the high peaks, but nothing on us. But wait, it is General Conference weekend and it always snows. That also means church in my jammies, as General Conference is televised from Church Headquarters in Salt Lake.

Matt is off this week, so he is painting the main floor of his house, inside. He is about half done and then when the painting is complete, he is tiling the kitchen backsplash. He borrowed my little Giant ladders and scaffold, so any thing here that needs a ladder, will wait.

Not much here. The big steam train is coming through, heading south to California. Aaron is assigned to patrol the interstate on the train route in from Wyoming. He is going to volunteer to pace the train, to keep the daisy pickers away and keep the rest of the drivers out there safe from the idiot drivers. His truck has a camera mounted on it that he can turn to video the train. What fun he will have! Matt was hoping that Aaron was off, so they could take the drone out to video the train, but he is not. My boys and trains!

I worked on getting the December and January wall hangings going. Not a lot of pieces parts to these two. They will be done by the weekend.

Not much else at my house, sewing and trains! All good!


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Re: tues October 1st

Post by fabricgirl » Tue Oct 01, 2019 7:30 am

Mary Z she hinted about those Angel's but I have way to many going and dont want to do those Angel's though they are nice but not for me.

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