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Monday September 30,2019

Daily discussions.
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Re: Monday September 30,2019

Post by maryq » Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:15 am

Good Morning Girls

Happy last-day-of-September!!! Almost time to flip the page on the calendar, but my Mom always said it's bad luck to turn it ahead of time! So wait until tomorrow :)

Lois... Welcome to the world Baby Boy! What did they name him? Have you seen the Angels at Fatcat? I have to stop looking!

Suzette.... Don't you wish there was something like a bridal or baby registry for CHRISTMAS. Then you could just go check someone's list and see what they want for Christmas! The older the kids get the harder it is to shop for them!

Becca.... So hope Brodee can go back to Ashville today! I bet his sister misses him.

Mary.... You got all that cleaning done before the game? You must have been really rockin' it out! Will send a quick prayer to St. Christopher for safe travels when you head out camping tomorrow.

Chriss… You're probably right.. two of us would maybe not be such a great idea! Besides if there were two of me, I'd like a bigger place to store the fabric that the 2nd of me would buy!

Kathy.... Funny you mention a knitted shawl.... I just found mine that I knit many years ago! It's great for wrapping up. I used to take it to work, because it was always so cold in the pharmacy. I bet you will find that once done, you will use it a lot. I used Caron Softee yarn and it's so nice and warm and soft!

Flo.. How fun to get a bow! And even better that it's something both you and Joe enjoy--and can do together!

Sharon... Isn't this weather crazy... Supposed to hit 70 here and then bam... down to 50 tomorrow. I'm just glad I'm not in Canada at my son's---they got 10" or so of SNOW.

Jana... How hard is it to make Roman shades? I have wanted to make one for my office window for years, I'm too scared to try! I even have 6 yards of fabric on hand I could use! Could I hire you??? :lol: :lol: :lol: just kidding.

Judi... Hope you don't have to wait too long to get the approval for your injection... some times insurance companies like to drag their feet!

Yesterday I finished getting all my gnomes sewn down... so darn cute... today I'm going to get them sashed and put together. I really need to start my nephews baby quilt, but I need to lay those pieces out on my big table, so the gnomes will have to come off. I'm getting to be an Applique freak.... Love Fat Cat designs and found the cutest Angel patterns.... so I traced those last night. But I'm going to resist doing anything with it until after the 1st of the year.. I want to do it in batiks.

I posted the October Lotto a while ago too.... so check that out! It's super easy and I'd sure love to have ANY/ALL of you join in the fun! Teresa will be doing November Lotto, I'll do December and then in 2020 Teresa will once again be your Lotto Queen!

Time for more coffee and to wash face and drag comb through hair! If you need me, I'll be in the sewing room.

Wishing you all a Marvelous Monday

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Re: Monday September 30,2019

Post by zfatcat » Mon Sep 30, 2019 11:57 am

Chriss, Moose is a good dog. I don't like squirrels. They are just a rat with a fluffy tail.

Jana, You went from summer to winter skipping Autumn. I'm coming up the end of October. Hope it's not too cold.

Maryq, I can't believe September is over either. Where did this year go.

Well the boys have been walked and chores are done. Now what trouble can I get into.

Lori 8-)

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Re: Monday September 30,2019

Post by fabricgirl » Mon Sep 30, 2019 12:08 pm

Hello I just went out to get the mail and found a small package from quilt in a day well I ordered something but nothing that small well I opened it it was from secret Santa perfect stuff to clean my machine after a few projects

Thank You
Ps also made a thread over in secret santa section.

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