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Saturday, September 28

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Re: Saturday, September 28

Post by maryq » Sat Sep 28, 2019 8:30 am

Good Morning Girls

Ok, this getting ridiculous.... I'm awake at 0100, and then can't get out of bed until 1000. Half the day is gone and I've done nothing! Maybe I should just stay OUT of bed until 0100 and be sewing or something productive at least.

Since I'm so far behind, I won't greet you all, I'll get my butt in gear and start some chores. Since it's a beautiful fall day I should get outside for some fresh air and put the garden hoses away for the winter and clean up one little mess in the garage. Then I'll be inside doing the "Maytag Mash" (think "monster mash") I have an easy idea for October lotto, so I'm going to test my theory and see what happens,

You all are in my thoughts and prayers during my day.... with lots of prayers of thanksgiving for your friendship!

Have a most wonderful day!

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