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It's Friday!

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Re: It's Friday!

Post by Tulpje » Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:18 pm


Anyone home?

I am bursting of pride. Our son received 2 TWO Purple Hearts.

We talked to him on the phone tinight for the LONGEST time.
We've been SO worried about him, knowing that he was in the military and not hearing from him for a few years. He did 5 years and was in Fulisia (SP) for 13 months in 2004 when they has one of heir worst fights. We are BUSTING of pride. LOL Can't you tell? He'll be finally coming 'home' for a few days or a week during the July Holiday weekend. He has a bride, plans to marry and buying a house.

Time for me to hit the hay soon.

I might come back maybe in a while.



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