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Sunday the 31 of May

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Sunday the 31 of May

Post by luv_2quilt60 » Sun May 31, 2009 2:05 am

Where is everyone?....we had storms all night....and bad ones in places..Tornadoes given in some counties...we have leaves and stuff everywhere, but made it Thur..Hope everyone is enjoying there morning!

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Re: Sunday the 31 of May

Post by fabricgirl » Sun May 31, 2009 2:35 am

I glad you made it and didn't have and damages.

Today Im working on another bag so I will be busy .

Lois bbl

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Re: Sunday the 31 of May

Post by vivian1970 » Sun May 31, 2009 2:35 am

We had bad storms and some tornado sightings last night, but so far I haven't heard of any damage or injuries. One minute we were in the backyard burning some sticks and wishing I had picked up marshmallows at the store so we could roast them, and the next thing I knew my DH was across the street closing the neighbors windows for them (cause they were not home). Then everything got real dark and we just watched the news from then on with all the tornado sightings and rain. There was a tornado touch down in Wilmington Oh at the office of the National Weather Service last night but we won't know if there was any damage until the news is on today sometime.

Called my sister in West Chester to make sure they were okay, and a cousin in Williamsburg to see how they faired. All good news. I don't like that kind of weather. I still have nightmares fromt the tornados that hit on April 3, 1974 between Cincinnati and Xenia. Don't guess I will ever forget that one.

Anyway, it looks to be a peaceful morning here. It is a little cool but thats okay. Sun is shining and the birds are singing.

We are going to do a cookout today and maybe I can get some sewing done also. So need to do some laundry.

Have a great day and stay safe.


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Re: Sunday the 31 of May

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Sun May 31, 2009 2:36 am

I am here Good Morning!!! luv_2quilt60,

Where are you?? I am happy to hear you are ok...will you be doing clean up to day??

Today I hope to get some work in getting my blocks together. My DD1 will be over for lunch..I think we are having waffles and applesauce.

Life has too many challenges. Yesterday I got a notice that Tomorrow my health insurance is terminated. I wonder why the waited so long to tell me!!?? I can not wait to go to work tomorrow to find out what happened. Was it just me or all of us? Did boss know or not.

Well I must do some sewing now...must get this quilt finished so I can start the terry robe for my DGD.

Happy Quilting....Kathy

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Re: Sunday the 31 of May

Post by purrfect-lady » Sun May 31, 2009 3:09 am

Happy Sunday! Where are you guys who had the storms? Glad you made it through OK.

No storms here. The PNW is having a run of fabulous sunny weather in the upper 70's, touching 80 some days. What a treat for us!

Kathy, sorry about your health insurance. Can they do that?? I wonder if your state insurance commissioner would be interested to hear about it.

We have a whole new baby day ahead of us and DH and I have no real plans until mid-afternoon. So I MIGHT get to work on quilting my newest project. And I want to make a wedding garter for DH's sister. Also, we are going to our RV rally in late June and we decorate our camp sites for a contest. This year, we are designating our site as Bill's Cat House and I'll be decorating with my rather embarrassingly large cat collection. Our sheltie, Snickers, will be visibly dubbed "Deputy Dawg, Cat Patrol". So I'm going to start packing up all the cat things I have around the house. We may need a second trailer! LOL!

Everyone have a great day! maryz

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Re: Sunday the 31 of May

Post by maryq » Sun May 31, 2009 3:43 am

Good Morning Every one!

It's another beautiful sunny day in Minnesota! Perfect Day to get out and work in the yard again. IF I just felt ambitious enough to get out and DO IT!! Still have more fertilizer to put down and more papers to burn and weeds to whack, but I'd sure rather crawl back into bed!

This afternoon I'm going to a grad party for one of my neices for a little while and DS & DIL are coming over with my baby Corinne so I'll get my baby fix for today!

Spent yesterday at My Mom's and got a few little bags made, since I take my sewing machine down with me every weekend. It's nice to be able to spend time with my Mom, though sometimes I think she is "losing it" She repeats herself a lot so I hear the same stories quite a bit. She wants to make sure that if we think she's about to "go" that we give her apartment a 60 day notice! My sister and I have been the ones to spend our nites/weekends with Mom and Mom's sister spends a lot of nights with her too. But my aunt is 88 years old and the two of the are opposite as night and day!! Makes for some tense moments moments! So we, my sis and I, are trying to come up with a plan for Mom---she wants to stay in her apartment, but some days we think it's just not working out very well.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Re: Sunday the 31 of May

Post by Joannequilts » Sun May 31, 2009 3:50 am

Good Morning everyone! Beautiful sunny day today, but last night was a different story! Here in Williamsburg the sirens went off 3 or 4 times, but we had nothing...just some light rain before all the sirens.

Viv, I thought of you last night! Glad to hear you are ok!!! I haven't heard of any injuries or major damage though. Does your cousin live here inside the village?? We were all out on our porches and sidewalks checking out the sky last night..then running inside to watch the TV. Alot of excitment in our little 'Burg.

My grandson has his graduation this afternoon, so we will go to my daughter's about noon and all go together. The ceremony will be held at Northern Kentucky University, but he graduates from New Richmond (Ohio) High School..go figure! The only reason I can see is the parking issue at the HS. Then they will take us out to eat afterwards.

Yesterday was a "cooking" day for me. I made some homemade chicken, vegetable, noodle soup. Then I made some egg salad. So we had a nice dinner...DH loved it. DH, DS2, and DSIL worked on getting the tin ceiling up in the schoolhouse at the showgrounds...they're half done!

Ya'll have a great day!!


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Re: Sunday the 31 of May

Post by rosebud3 » Sun May 31, 2009 3:51 am

Good morning. I slept in until 7 this morning. Now I'm up trying to get motivated to cut the weeds I should have cut after work yesterday. They are getting so bad you can't see the flowers.

luv-2 and Viv...Those storms sound terrible. All of those stormy things scare me.

Kathy...good luck getting your blocks together. I am still working on the embriodered block. Hope to get it finished in time to put in tomorrows mail, but it depends on what happens around here today that is not sewing related.

Maryz...your camp decorating contest sounds like a lot of fun. I like that "Deputy Dawg, Cat Patrol" theme.

Well DH just got up so I better go spend some time with him before the day gets busy.


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Re: Sunday the 31 of May

Post by luv_2quilt60 » Sun May 31, 2009 4:02 am

I am on the border of Ohio and Kentucky..West Virginia, Wayne County...and ,we had Tornado warnings...Hubby was called out 6:30 this morning trees down every where.....but, no one was hurt!!!!...we had High winds....MY Grand kids was scarred of the lightning and Thunder!!!
Cleaning some today, have an early Dr's Appt in the AM....cleaning is a little hard with Grand kids, but i will do my best...LOL....

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Re: Sunday the 31 of May

Post by Joannequilts » Sun May 31, 2009 4:12 am

luv_2quilt60 the radar looked like all the bad stuff we got was headed right your way. What time did you get the storms??


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