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Saturday May 30th

Daily discussions.
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Re: Saturday May 30th

Post by macdor » Sat May 30, 2009 6:01 am

Morning and in the east coast it is almost afternoon.

Have the sheets on the line along with the towels. Hope no little storm, in Fl. you never know when one can pop up.

Chriss - very happy that last night turned out so well. Did you save me some cake? Have fun with GD.

Lois - what is a nuclar stress test? Never heard of that.

Kathy - Hope you are feeling better.

1quiltinnana - You are going to have a great time.

Well I'm off to the LQS here to find 30's reproduction fabric, the last Sat. they have a sale. I have the quilt for GS4 done except put on the boarders. Will take a pic and post, I would wait till it was back from the LAQ, she has one she is doing for me right now so it will be a few weeks before I send this one. Need to stop at Home Depot and pick up a couple of plants, going to look and see if they have pineapple sage. If they do will get some.

Everyone have a great day.


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Re: Saturday May 30th

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Sat May 30, 2009 6:40 am

Good Afternoon!!!

I am feeling better..Thank you((:

Ugle work is done..Sewing now!!

WeSignifiant...Are you a GS leader?? The Food Bank project is a good
idea for young girls.

quiltinnana...Have a great time in your new RV!!

quilter7..Thank you so much for the information about Linda's DH...
What a shock!! I will be praying for them.

Irishgram...Some men just can not sit still. Speaking of sitting still
you have done a lot yourself! LOL
Happy to hear the news on your DGS is not as bad as it

WeeOne...I love the smell of lilacs too. Mine are all brown now)):
I once was in Estes Park in 1977. A friend lived in Denver.
We rented a house for a week and both our families had a
great time. I remember the Mule deer coming right up to the
sliding glass door....wonderful!!

DorothyM...Did you have any luck at your LQS?? Did you find

Pineapple sage at Home Depot?? Mine did not have any. I am
going to my local herb farm..that is always a fun trip.

I am off to sew....Later...Kathy

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Re: Saturday May 30th

Post by sewcarolyn » Sat May 30, 2009 6:45 am

1. go buy more cotton for a project
2. Begin sewing 288 half square triangles and 72 4-patch blocks that finsh at 4"
3. Watch as John lugs things out of my sewing room that I don't need
4. Clean the sewing room floor
5. get ready to assemble my frame and new machine

first MORE COFFEE and read the forum. After driving to Yosemite 2 weekends in a row it feels good to be at home (Yosemite is a 5 hour drive)

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Re: Saturday May 30th

Post by purrfect-lady » Sat May 30, 2009 6:48 am

Good Morning, Friends!
Gorgeous wx here in the Pacific Northwest all this week! We're lovin' it!

Well, all the "ugly" talk here this week has finally convinced me that my windows really do need washing. So I've decided that if I do just one room of windows a day it might not kill me. So I've begun. The good news is that when we came home from our trip one window was cracked so I don't need to wash that one as it has to be replaced! the bad news, - it's a big kitchen garden window. $$$$

1quiltinnana - Congratulations on your new 5-W!! We love ours, now 8 years old. What kind did you get? Slides? Size? Color? Is this just a new rig for you or are you new to RV'ing? You will have so much fun! But do share the details. Looks like many of us are very interested.

Chriss - glad you got cake! That's the best part of graduations! That and the cool tassels!

Lyn, I know you're coming down off your mountain "fer supplies". Where are you going? I have two sisters living in Longmont and a brother who is visiting there now. My older sis runs the campground at the Fairgrounds in Longmont. Are staying in your MH in Estes?

Everybody else, make your day, whatever you're doing (even if it's windows!) special.

fabricgirl, hope your DSIL does well with her stress test.

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Re: Saturday May 30th

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Sat May 30, 2009 8:26 am

Hello...tea break time!!

It does not happen often but today I can smell the ocean..I love that smell. I am a mile from the water. On most nights I can hear the roar
of the waves.

I put a bird house up on my shed..there are 3 babies in there...
Did you know they are like human babies and wake/cry during the night.
Their day seem to start about 4am....LOL

Carolyn...sounds like you have a busy but great day planned, reworking your sewing room. 288 half sqs and 72-4 patches good luck!!
What quilt are you making??

Maryz...Best of luck with your windows. I am 13 done and 9 more to go.
Next house fewer windows..LOL!

I hope all of you are blessed today!!kathy

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Re: Saturday May 30th

Post by Irishgram » Sat May 30, 2009 8:30 am

Good afternoon, again from SW Pa....In my earlier post I forgot the most important thing happening today!
THE STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS- tonight on NBC....I know all of you will be glued to your TVs, right????
Well, in this house as well as so many in western Pa. the TVs will be tuned in to Penguin Hockey...We have the Super Bowl champs, why not the Stanley Cup......

Just thought I'd remind everyone-tonight-NBC

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Re: Saturday May 30th

Post by fabricgirl » Sat May 30, 2009 11:00 am

Hi all well I don't know what exactly they are useing it for but she was haveing troubel with dizzyness and her leggs were like cement she also got diffrent blood pressure pills so it's like a waiting game this test is where they shoot dye into you and sometimes you go on a tredmill and they take pictures of you heart but she also gets motion sickness so they did a diffrent method without the tredmill used a chair that moves so I hope that your not to confused .

we went to friendleys for lunch had coffee and chatted a while then we went back to her house and now Im home I didn't think she was up for shopping so we didn't mention it to her.

now im in the sewing room bbl.


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Re: Saturday May 30th

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Sat May 30, 2009 12:59 pm

well guess what I finally did... made my DGD that dress... it took quite a while but I did it all today... ok, it isn't much but I have never sewn clothes before....I wasn't sure about the arms so I put pre-made packaged binding around them... and why do you have to put facing around the collar.? I think I will do the binding thing all around next time... here is a picture... please oooh and aaaawww... I think I could use a lesson in pattern reading because I don't know some of the terms but it was fun


1quiltinnana, how exciting, I hope you have many safe trips.

Kathy... my ancestors came over from Flushing Long Island... is that anywhere near you?

Q7... I also cleaned my sewing room today... I had too much junk in there... I must admit it looks ok in there now...

Irishgram.. your lot not getting cleared by itself reminds me of the story about the son who was in prision and the dad wrote him a letter telling the son that he didn't know how he was going to plow the field with him in prision... the son wrote back saying dont worry about the field because that is where I hid the money I stole.... the dad wrote the son after about a week and told him not to worry about the field that some nice FBI men had dug it all up....lol... probably doesn't help you get your lot cleared does it?

Dorothy, Yes, I did save you some cake... infact it went out in today's mail... mmmmmm chocolate...lol..

Carolyn... are you saying you won't be here this weekend???lol... hope you get evreything done you want to get done.

well, I am going to go check out the rest of the forum...


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Re: Saturday May 30th

Post by institcheswithrosie » Sat May 30, 2009 1:22 pm

Just got back from spending the late afternoon with CindyB. We did a little shopping, had some dindin and sat and gabbed for a couple of hours. I don't know about her, but I'll be up all night because we drank so much coffee. LOL

As usual, I forgot my camera, but she remembered hers, so something may be posted later.

I'm going to change clothes and hit the sewing room.

bbl - maybe


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Re: Saturday May 30th

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Sat May 30, 2009 1:38 pm

Good Evening,

I have just finished my 2ed day of eating healthy. One meal at a time.

Chriss..Flushing(don't you think that is a strange name??)is right next to NYC...a long way from me. Where Long Island splits near the end...Go stright down and I am near there. It is beautiful here. Except all the extra people in the summer!
OOOOHHHH/AAAAWWWW!! The dress is so sweet. Is it for something special? Most of the clothing I have made have the interfacing around the arm holes and necks. Clothing is like quilting what ever technique
works for you...Good Job


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