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It's Tuesday

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Re: It's Tuesday

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Tue May 26, 2009 3:01 pm

I always love to leave my good morning in this thread then go to work and come home to see what you all have been up to...

Cathy, aren't short weeks the best? and my son graduates from College on friday... he still has more schooling to go through because he changed his mind mid stream, but that is ok...

Joanne, I bet your UGRR will look great.. I decided to put mine on the back burner since 3 blocks are too small... ugh... oh well, what's a person to do..I will yank, pull and iron them another day..

Carol, if you need another list you can come take care of mine...lol

Carolyn... well dang.. we will have to do it another time... I am glad you had fun and enjoyed your new friends... would they be your future inlaws too???

Kathy, hope your windows are sparkley..

Brenda, I am sorry your neck is bothering you... thankfully you don't have too much longer to wait... keeping you in my prayers..

O'Dorothy ( Irishgram) when do you get your MRI results.. hope it all comes out well....

Wow Mary, you have your work cut out for you... and as for how many clothes two people can dirty up in a short period of time... I had to teach Jerry how to wear something more than once... he would put on a sweatshirt in the morning because it was cool, then change to a tshirt.. instead of wearing the same sweatshirt that he didn't sweat in the next monring he would wear one from the closet and put yesterday's in the dirty clothes.... brats... those husbands of ours are just brats....lol

Carin, happy b-day to your daughter.

Rosebud, I wish I had a dollar for everytime I overslept.. ugh.

Cindy, glad you had fun... can't wait to see the quilt.

hope you all have a fun night


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Re: It's Tuesday

Post by sewcarolyn » Tue May 26, 2009 8:15 pm

MARYZ.......11 DAYS.........OH ME OH MY............

Chrisss.....oh yes I will be back up your way but after being there 2 weekends in a row it might be a couple of months..and yes I bet we met Izzy's future in-laws...very nice people

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