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Sunday, May 24

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Re: Sunday, May 24

Post by Cathy32078 » Sun May 24, 2009 1:04 pm

LOL @ Chriss. LOL I did run over to JoAnn's and got some stuff I didn't need. LOL But hopefully others will enjoy it so it was a fun trip.

Getting ready to drive down and check on Mom & Dad. They live an hr away. Thought we would go this evening because tomorrow the traffic on I-35 will be horrible with folks returning home from 2 lakes down that way. Always is on Memorial Day. That leaves tomorrow free to sew a bit and get some pkgs ready to stick in the mail on Tuesday. WOOHOO. Sounds good so far. Hope things work out that way. Matter fo fact I may start late tonight to get a head start, just in case life jumps out in front of me tomorrow. That seems to happen a lot lately. LOL

I hope all of you have had a wonderful day & will have a great evening. Will pop in later when we get back from the folks.

Love You All

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Re: Sunday, May 24

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Sun May 24, 2009 2:13 pm

Hello,, I am done with every thing today. I am going to order some terry cloth to make a bath robe for my GD.

I did get the 2 windows cleaned. I think I will do am other 2 or 4 tomorrow.

Good Night....Kathy

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Re: Sunday, May 24

Post by grammiequilts » Sun May 24, 2009 2:57 pm

Good evening, I have been running all day and I am still not done. I am doing laundry and trying to finish the binding on my true blue quilt. I need to get it ready to hand sew so I cn do that in the car tomorrow.

My Detroit Red Wings won today...litterally smoked the black hawks. Hockey season is so much fun. I love it.

Well I am shutting down the computer because if I don't I will keep coming here and not getting done. Bye Bye Adios See Ya all in a week or so. If I get a chance to come on line I will pop in and say howdy.

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Re: Sunday, May 24

Post by Quilter7 » Sun May 24, 2009 3:15 pm

Good evening Everyone!
DH and I decided to spend the day together and go on a picnic. We had a wonderful time. Tomorrow I will sew.

Karon - Thank you for explaining the rice planting. I found it fascinating!

Glad a few more of you made it to the Jo-Ann's sale. Also glad to hear you are purchasing Design Wizards. I love EQ6! I also know that it is more than some want to spend.

To those traveling this weekend - Please use your seatbelts and drive safely!


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Re: Sunday, May 24

Post by auntjana » Sun May 24, 2009 4:06 pm

Good afternoon everyone -

My family all arrived and I am in seventh heaven playing with my 2 DGS - The older, age 3 went to see his great Grandfather and when it was time to leave, my DDIL told him that they were going home and he answered - NO! I want to go back to Grandma's house - she makes me happy. That made my day!!

We attended our Ward this morning and my youngest spoke in Church at his mission farewell. He will be gone for two years. His best friend also spoke this morning as he had just gotten home.

Kyna (aka DD) will take a picture of my dessert swap block and post it over on the thread in the Swap section. I decided to show her and now she is trying hard how to top mine - a little friendly competion is great!! I just reminder her of the family rules -

1- Mom is always right
2 - When mom is wrong, refer to rule # 1.

Have a great night


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Re: Sunday, May 24

Post by beccasmom » Sun May 24, 2009 4:34 pm

After religous service this morning Becca and I went to eat and came home and went to the pool. It was cold but it felt good to be out at the pool until a child threw up in it and they had to close it down for the day. I guess they will shock it and get it cleaned up. We have another pool in the subdivision so off to there we went. Walking was the way to go but I am so sore right now because it was a lot of walking.

then came home and planted the rest of my flowers and cleaned up outside after gardening. It looks really nice right now.


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Re: Sunday, May 24

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Sun May 24, 2009 4:59 pm

Cathy, hope all is well at your mom and dad's

grammie, I would tell you to have a fun trip but since your computer isn't on you won't hear me... but I do hope you have a blast.

Carol, where did you go for a picnic? sounds like so much fun....

Jana, I am so glad you had fun with your family... I am excited to see your block and to see your daughters block...

Brenda, sounds like you and Becca had a fun day... she is blessed to have you as her momma...

I think I am going to go read for a bit then hit the hay... you all have a nice night.


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Re: Sunday, May 24

Post by beccasmom » Sun May 24, 2009 5:47 pm

Well thanks Chriss but I also feel just as blessed to have her as my little girl.


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