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SATURDAY, March 2nd

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SATURDAY, March 2nd

Post by purrfect-lady » Sat Mar 02, 2024 5:16 am

Good morning,

No matter what, I keep waking up at 0330. I don't know if it's the dog or if I can't get off Central Time Zone. The good news is that in a week, I'll be waking up at 0430. That doesn't sound quite so early. I love Daylight Saving Time.

LOIS - You are so lucky to have your own personal hair stylist that makes house calls! Sounds like Olivia is really climbing the ladder in her career. Congratulations to her! I know you're very proud of her.

LYN - I'm amazed that you got your permit processed so quickly! In our county it would take 4 to 6 weeks for nearly any kind of permit. Do you plan a little man corner in your shed with a TV & recliner for Garry to relax while you are sewing?

FLO - I believe your tractor is an Allis Chalmers. I saw manuals on line for it if your hubby doesn't have one. Our Farmall A tractor was manufactured July, 1948. Bill prefers not to refer to it as "antique" as he was also "manufactured" in July, 1948. :lol: I was 10 yrs old when my dad bought it used. Good luck with the tomatoes. We have neighbors that have raised gardens. They used about 8 aluminum stock troughs and they get a lot of produce. Do you grow anything else? Cucumbers go well with tomatoes. I'd really like some cucumbers.

TINA B - I didn't realize you were already heading back to VA (The Mother State, did you know?) I hope you don't forget anything you need for taxes. Too bad you couldn't just get the taxes done while you are at home, but it sounds like you got plenty done! Safe flight!!

VAL - sorry I misunderstood. Flo said she lived on 11 acres and I thought you said you lived on about half that. I must have misread. Not surprising. I'm usually reading everyone's posts at 4am, waiting for coffee to kick in. :lol: We saw I-80 on the news last night. Is your DD having a lot of snow, too? I'm so glad we got home before all this weather hit.

JANA - Did you get your stars together yesterday? Is there a name to your quilt or are you just making stars? I want to look it up. You have arthritis in your thumb, too?? You know Thumb Arthritis is a thing? I have trouble with the red snappers, too. And with the catches that hold the cogs when I turn the rollers on our quilt frame. And picking up a glass of water or opening jars, hand sewing and squeezing toothpaste. I hope, if you want it, joint surgery is in your future. How is Andrew doing?

CHRISS - happy birthday to Marilyn tomorrow. It's also my late DH#2's (Roy) Birthday. I'm glad someone is still celebrating that special date! I wish you could see Marilyn more often. What does her boyfriend do for a living? Did you get some of those Dresden Plates made yesterday? Aren't they fun!

JUDI - did you make any decisions on the Christmas quilts yesterday? Pattern? Fabrics? I want to start with Scaredy Cat Christmas and I did pull out a few fabrics, but I didn't get very far before other things called my name.

MARY Q - What's on your agenda for today?

DIANE - Happy QOV-ing! How is Laura feeling? Happy birthday to your DD in a few weeks. My oldest just turned 52 in Feb. The years do fly by!

We are going to a play in Tacoma this afternoon with three other couples - Jersey Boys. Then out for pizza afterward. I know this was a movie a few years back but I didn't see it. I'm not much of a movie person - I'd rather go to a play any day of the week. So this will be fun. We haven't socialized with anyone but little Amara since last October. I hope I remember how to converse in Big People Speak! lol!

Have a great day!

mary z

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Re: SATURDAY, March 2nd

Post by fabricgirl » Sat Mar 02, 2024 5:34 am

Good morning,

I don't know what I will do today its raining out and it's suppose to do that all day.
Yesterday we cleaned the house and I did a few loads of laundry .
Mary yes we are proud of her and yes I'm fortunate to have my own stylist that comes to me what a blessing.
Sounds like your day will be fun enjoy the Jersey Boys play .

Well thats it for me everyone enjoy your day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: SATURDAY, March 2nd

Post by FlorenceM » Sat Mar 02, 2024 5:38 am

Morning Maryz and all to follow,
Mary, I have seen Jersey Boys and love it. My family is originally from Newark NJ...my mom went to school with Frankie Valli. My grandmother called hom a punk with a great voice.
The kids coming today for spaghetti are meatballs for supper. Joe has our bigger truck in garage and is in process of pulling it apart....something called a cam fazer needs replaced. I will work on baking a cake, strawberry, and making Shephard's bread...the sauce is jarred from my garden last year and meatballs don't take me long .

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Re: SATURDAY, March 2nd

Post by mepeace2 » Sat Mar 02, 2024 6:12 am

Good Morning All

Sorry I have not been here . I have been trying to get stuff done. I still have my bedroom and sewing room to spring clean. Got entrance done . I also got part of large front garden cleared . Well kind of. LOL
I have not been sewing but clearing out or up mess in my sewing room. Maybe by next week I can sit and sew. I have been clearing out junk from whole house and have a long way to go.
Yesterday I made beef vegetable soup. Made my bed and washed some rugs. I just cant seem to get me going. Last Monday went to Kohls and Sams club with my sister . I bought a outside wipe your feet rug for back door and a Easter towel for kitchen. At sams got a new card in just my name. Got a few things I needed. Then we headed out to lunch. I had a fun day very relaxing.
Tuesday more cleaning. Thursday went to see Jim . Got him lunch . Hes not doing very good. Since the springfield Hospitol lost his top teeth, Hes not eating . Hes just failing. More Prayers for him please
I have been eating Activia yogurt and red cherries and Kiwi. These seem to be helping my stomach issues and even my acid reflex.
Today is back to take Jim some homemade soup and I will stop and get him a chocolate malt. I will get me a vanilla shake.
Thats about all for here.
Flo Those meatballs sound good. Also spagetti sounds wonderful. Maybe tomorrow I could get this done for me.
Maryz I hope you have a fun time. I cant wait till the weather stops its hoopla here so Barney and I can take a small trip. Mthere.aybe to Hannibal Mo. Two quilt shops
Well I better get off here and get ready for town.
Y'all have a great sewing day

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Re: SATURDAY, March 2nd

Post by grammiequilts » Sat Mar 02, 2024 6:30 am

Good morning I was a slug this morning and stayed in bed til almost 7..Ken has gone off to work...He has a hospital in panic mode to have their machines running and air moving as it is going to get warm for them nxt week.. He is training another journeyman to do these machines but they still want him there,,,so it is what he likes to do...he may be working tomorrow too....
I did a lot of photos yesterday and cleaned and rearrainged the storage room in the baseemnt..there is so much down there that needs to go. When I mention it...I get told about the other room that is packed with Christmas stuff....(Ok this year I will purge out more Christmas that I don't use) (and try not to buy more)
I decided to do the "Pine Valley Christmas" quilt by Maple Cottage Designs, it will be my next quilt...I decided to scratch the wreath one and do "An Evergreen Christmas" also by Maple Cottage Designs...both are easy and fast and ver adaptable to different fabrics...I have all the fabric backing and hope to get the 4 quilts finished before Christmas,,( I have roughly 300 days,,,)
Chrissy1 needs even more prayers her hubby is back in the hospital after 3 falls in the rehab center,,,,seems they dont watch their patients very well at night,,,and dont bother with bed alarms or fall precautons...makes me kind of mad...
Well I need to get going,,,hope all your aches and pains go away....I have bad arthitis also...hips , knees, and back...It is a curse but I keep going,,,Dr says movement is a good thing,,,so we keep on movin.....

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Re: SATURDAY, March 2nd

Post by auntjana » Sat Mar 02, 2024 6:30 am

Good morning!

Boy, this storm is taking its sweet time e getting here! Still quite windy! Windy enough to rattle the entire house! And constantly blowing too. Several of the ski resorts across the valley have closed for today because of the high winds. Too dangerous for the lifts to operate.

No, there's no name or pattern for the stars quilt, just something I thought of to do. Still a row to sew. As soon as I'm done, I will finish a small Halloween quilt. It's about half quilted and needs a binding.

Michael has suggested that we paint the upstairs before we do the flooring. That's a good idea. My ballisters do need a little paint. The main problem is what the flooring will be. I still haven't won that discussion, it's a stalemate and I'm just plain stubborn to hold out.

Daniel and Karlie went to a train show yesterday and found a bunch of toys for Michael. Daniel isvery good at finding things for the railroad. Karlie loves trains too. The new toys - engines and cars are in the railroad name Michael collects. Daniel found some in his railroad name too.

I finally got the rest of the wedding dress story. It seems the new bride doesn't wear dresses at all! She absolutely hates them. That's why we jumped through this dress drama. The bride would have been happiest in dressy slacks. But the dress for the ceremony was a must, no changing that.. Sarah said if she knew, that overskirt, that she made to go over the white skirt, would have been made to go over slacks! That would have been perfect for the reception after the ceremony.
Sarah has been doing this entire family's wedding cakes for years. One of the bride's younger siblings, didn't remember Sarah. Sarah's BFF, the mother of the bride, asked Sarah to box up and save the top tier of the cake for the new couple. So while Sarah was doing this, this younger sister, thought Sarah was swiping that entire tier to take home for herself. The girl went to her mother, pointing at Sarah telling her what Sarah was doing. The BFF looked and started to laugh, telling the daughter, who Sarah was and if anyone could be trusted with the wedding cake it was Sarah! Sarah was able to visit with lots of friends and family. This family is like a second family to Sarah. The parents had 6 children and Sarah was always over at their house. Each child had a day , as a chore, to do the dishes, growing up. There's 7 day in the week, the family had 6 kids, so Sarah was deemed their 7th child and assigned a dish chore day, which she did. This is the BFF that between the two of them, almost burnt down the entire kitchen making homemade pop tarts in a toaster, at 12 years old. The two girls didn't understand that raw pie dough in the toaster with jam inside would catch fire. Which it did! Those two were always experimenting with recipes. Once, the Dad had a brand new, top of the Mercedes-Benz line of cars. His own daughter was not allowed to drive it. But Sarah was. We goback together for many years and fun memories.

Well, a bit of sewing for me today. A couple of minor chores too.

Hugs, and definitely batten down the hatches and everything else too!

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Re: SATURDAY, March 2nd

Post by maryq » Sat Mar 02, 2024 7:05 am

Good Morning Girls

Ok, I'm UP, got a load of sheets in the wash, got my coffee, the sun in shining and it's going to be a beautiful day!

Maryz... OH so many things on my agenda today! I need to do of a few of those ugly things, but the rest of the day will be just kind of puttsing around cleaning up messes that I've made all week. I took that king sized quilt completely apart, so I need to organize and find a home for that. A neighbor who knows I knit etc, gave me a garbage bag full of yarn-so I need to sort and find a home for That! The sewing room looks like a tornado went through it, so there's that! For sure I will not be bored! How fun to go to a real play! I started watching the Movie of Jersey boys, but there was too much "language" for me, and I can take a lot.. but I just wasn't in the mood for it I guess. Enjoy!! Speaking "Adult" will come back to you! :lol:

Lois... Now that your house is clean and your laundry is done... what kind of trouble are you going to get into? I'm good at getting into trouble, so if you need help, just holler!

Flo... How cool that you are "related" to Frankie Valli!

Katy... Good to see you! Do you spring clean every room in the house EVERY year? Man that sounds like a lot of work!! SO many other things I would rather be doing! Sorry to hear Jim isn't so great, but I'm sure he will love some homemade soup! and a chocolate malt sounds wonderful to me!

Judi... I googled those quilt patterns for Christmas! Both are gorgeous and look relatively easy to do. Sorry to hear Chrissy's DH is back in the hospital. Are there other options for her for LTC for him... that facility doesn't sound like they know what they are doing... no fall precautions, isn't that almost required?

Jana... New floor? Carpet or hardwood or vinyl? Oh yes much easier to paint before you change the floor.. Best idea : Rip out old floor, then paint, the new floor. That was you don't have to worry about spilling paint! :lol:

Chriss... Happy Birthday to Marilyn! 03-03-03 an easy day to remember for sure! I knew lady whose birthday was 03-03-33 and I knew a baby born on 11-11-11. Yes, not much we can do when those kids don't make the best choices... only way they learn to NOT do something is to do it once and regret it! And at 21 priorities are a little different than at oh gosh 31? or 41? My Kaya will be 21 in Sept and has been working at Target in Anchorage, but now I hear she may be coming to MN to go to school! She will stay with her Gramma, but I'll get to see her now and then. We are not close.

Every where I look around here there is a little mess... ok, I mean not bad enough to restrict company, but just things out of place. I can only stand it so long, but it's starting to get to me. I'd so much rather play with fabric and sew, but I really do need to tame some these things that have gotten away from me. SO guess I'll crank up the music, grab more coffee and get to work. It's sounds like it will be in the mid 50's today and tomorrow 63* with clouds and showers (according to Alexa) so I'll be able to head out to the garage and move things around. .It's getting tight getting my car in! :lol: :lol:

Wishing you all a Super Duper Saturday

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Re: SATURDAY, March 2nd

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Sat Mar 02, 2024 8:48 am

Good morning. It's going to be a wonderful day today. Soggy but wonderful.

Not sure what my plan of the day is but there are some quilt blocks and bathrooms that could use my attention. Since Jerry is in and out I think it will be a me day.

Tinab, enjoy the band concert, what does DGD play? I have my hair cuts at Great Clips. it's a chain and a hair cut is under $20. I really only get a trim because my hair is one length.

Maryz, Pizza sounds wonderful. Papa Murphy's has a crustless pizza that isn't bad. Enjoy the movie, I've never seen it either.

Lois, wish the results of your clean house would show up at my house, but I guess I have to do it myself.

Flo, my grandpa was born in Newark, NJ in the 1920's. Last name Pelak or Pellock. He left NJ and came to Cali where he worked for Hughs Aircraft in SoCal.

Katy, sounds like things are plugging along for you. How does the hospital loose teeth?

Judi, glad you're still moving in spite of the arthritis. Love the pine valley quilt.

Jana, the saga of the wedding dress. ugh. Our weather isn't what it was supposed to be here yet either. It's supposed to rain and be torrential in the hills but I have my doubts. I've been thinking flooring and painting too. But it will have to wait.

Maryq, wow, how cool that Kaya will be heading your way. How far does her other grandma live from you? that is exciting news. I also have little messes, my little messes abut eachother and seem to be one big mess. I really need to vac & dust.

Time to get dressed and start my day. Hope today brings you something fun.
Psalm 91

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Re: SATURDAY, March 2nd

Post by womster » Sat Mar 02, 2024 9:54 am

Good morning!

Maryz – I’m glad someone loves DST! We had breakfast with my BIL/SIL and two of their friends yesterday. I can’t remember if I told y’all he had his neck fusion surgery two weeks ago. On day two of recovery, his left arm stopped working completely (all the surgery was on the right side). MRIs and CT scans later, they are doing surgery this coming Tuesday to remove a couple of bone anchors they think are sitting on a nerve. My poor BIL is so worried he’s going to come out of surgery with neither arm working. Scary stuff… Have fun with your adult outing today – pizza sounds really good.

Lois – rain rain go away… I’m proud of Olivia as well.

Flo – what time is supper? Sounds quite yummy. Hope Joe gets that cam fazer replaced. Sounds like a flux capacitor to me.

Katy – wow you have been busy. Prayers for Jim – I’m so sorry they lost his top teeth. That is awful. I’m sure he’ll love the soup and shake.

Judi – how nice that Ken is training someone and helping out the hospital. Sorry to hear about Chrissy1’s DH. That seems downright negligent to not even use bed alarms.

Jana – an interesting story about the belt/dress. And the burning of the pop tarts! I’m sorry to hear they’re withholding the joint replacement surgeries. And, from a couple of days ago, I am joining you in hiring housecleaners. I wish I could keep up with it, but it’s time to face reality and make adjustments.

Maryq – I know exactly what you mean about the little messes. I will need to google those patterns also.

Chriss – when I first read your post, I thought you were saying your little messes were teaching the other messes! Enjoy your me day.

I hopefully learned my lesson yesterday about putting my posts in a word document. It will at least save it as a draft when things go pffffft. I thought since there were only two posts ahead of mine that I could squeak it in there. Nope.

I also can’t remember if I mentioned I have to take iron. I take it ever other day (dr said it was ok), but my gosh it tears my stomach up something fierce. And in my family we don’t get the dreaded constipation side effect, instead it’s the big D. Since I’ve been taking it I have noticed a decrease in my brain fog, but honestly I don’t know that I can take feeling awful every other day. –SIGH-! Have a glorious day. xoxo Sharona

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Re: SATURDAY, March 2nd

Post by zfatcat » Sat Mar 02, 2024 3:50 pm

Judi, that quilt looks cute and easy.

Jana, it would have been nice to know the wedding dress story before you started. Such drama.

Chriss, since you mentioned it, my bathrooms could use some attention too. Bill's dad worked for Hughs Aircraft too. Small world.

Maryq, my house gets cluttered from not putting things away. Then I can't stand it and put everything away. This seems to be a weekly occurrence.

Maryz, enjoy the musical. We saw it years ago when it first came out. I love the music. Pizza sounds yummy.

I've been working on a small project from Buttermilk Basin. It's a sew a long on their FB page. There's a table runner or wall hanging. I'm just making the wall hanging. They also have a few freebees on their website today. I downloaded them both. They are cute bunny patterns.

Have a wonderful evening.
Lori 8-)

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