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Sunday February 25,2023

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Re: Sunday February 25,2023

Post by zfatcat » Sun Feb 25, 2024 5:13 pm

Val, that looks like a fun quilt. I hope your DH got what he wanted for his birthday.

Chriss, I was on here earlier, and read you had the breakfast dishes done. It reminded me I need to do mine too. That was just before noon, and I forgot to come back and post. Hope you got some sewing in today.

Lyn, having coffee on the porch is wonderful. Glad you got to enjoy the morning.

Maryq, you're funny. I don't mind mopping floors, but I hate to clean the fridge. Speaking of which, it needs to be done.

Judi, glad you are home. I too am trying not to collect more fabric, but I'm not very successful. California has the best produce year round because of our mild weather.

Mary, she is my step daughter. Bill is 9 years my senior. And yes there is a ruler to make the letters, but you don't have to have it. It just makes it easier. I bought the Cricut Maker a couple year ago to do letters as well. It makes lots of different fonts and sizes. Sounds like you got a lot of the yard work done. We have someone mow for us weekly. I take care of the planters.

Diane, hope you and your DH are on the mend.

TinaB, I too need to gather tax stuff, but that will wait for another day.

I've been cleaning us messes today. I have places where I dump stuff to get it out of the way. So I cleaned those up today. Did a little grocery shopping, made dad some dinners and now I'm going to make our dinner.

Have a wonderful evening.

Lori 8-)

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