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Sunday October 1,2023

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Re: Sunday October 1,2023

Post by WeSignificant » Sun Oct 01, 2023 7:54 am

Good morning everyone, hope you all are having a blessed day.

Yesterday went to a stage play (musical) The Secret Garden. It is based on book written in 1911. One of the key players is the son of the quilt shop owner in Vacaville. It's a great story and he did a wonderful job as "Dickon". It was so interesting to see him in a different light. I will let those interested look it all up but want to mention there were 2 children in the play, a young girl who plays the lead and a young boy who plays her cousin. They were absolutely amazing. They couldn't have been more than 9 or 10. Amazing ability to remember their lines and singing voices were incredible. We had a good time and then went for dinner.

Today is Free Sew in Vacaville. I will with any luck finish the binding on DFIL quilt so I can get it packed up and then double luck I can get JoJo's quilt top done and leave it for the quilter. I am starting my October quilt calendar so we will see what I can get done this month.

Weather is going to start heating up today, but more so tomorrow and then 80s - 90s this whole week, YUK! DH leaves on Friday for LV so I will have the week following to myself. I will spend a good part of that working on paperwork for VA and maybe the rest quilting and finishing up my classes. I didn't get one done yesterday and may not get to one today.

Maryz I am so sorry you are worn out, if you just sleep 4 hours every night you will have enough time to get more things done! :lol:

Well church is in 6 min so I best get and find it online. Have a great day. Prayers for all in need.
A Friend is God's way of making sure we never walk alone!

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Re: Sunday October 1,2023

Post by WeeOne » Sun Oct 01, 2023 9:20 am

Another beautiful fall day on the Mtn.

I slept in this morning. Tomorrow I will be up before O'dark 30. I have to take the MH in for the sink repair, parts came in. I was going to stay in the MH tonight at the shop campground but tomorrow is trash day and I need it gone. I can't set it out tonight, for fear of a bear coming by and I don't have a bear proof trash container.

We had a nice lunch and visit with DB2 and wife on Friday.

Yesterday I got something sewn for my Elf, then tackled a shirt repair for DD1. My daughters know I can do more than just sew quilts. I made their prom dresses and when DD1 married first time, I made bridesmaids dresses. But I wasn't thrilled when she brought me this project last weekend and I've put it off. Why do family think we want to fix stuff?? Stacey bought a cute shirt when they were in Belgium this summer. It has sheer fabric that drapes over the shoulder a few inches, reminds me of a poncho or bat wings. One side the stitches had come off and was fraying. I said a pray, to not mess it up, and trimmed the frayed off. I don't remember how to use my serger and don't have a set of black cones. So I ran a test on my Bernina with a couple stitches. I was able to round the edge like the rest. Then I turned under and zigzag both sleeves so they match and shouldn't fray. I have to admit it turned out OK.

We meet Stacey and Christian (the almost SIL) for lunch today. We're driving to Golden and going to take the Peak to Peak Hwy hoping to see the Aspen turning.

Hope y'all have a Sew wonderful day.

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Re: Sunday October 1,2023

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Sun Oct 01, 2023 2:49 pm

Well apparently, I didn't show up for coffee this morning with you all. I really thought I was here. I remember typing and sipping my coffee, after that everything is a blur. ha ha

I woke up way too early, I was cold. Seems it's too cold to keep the windows open all night. I shut the house up and turned on the heat. No one, not man nor beast, got up with me, nope, they waited until the chill turned to warmth.

A friend and I went to the flea market and two yard sales. I bought a salad shooter for me and some caramel corn for Jerry. And I found a little something for my elf.

Lois, sorry about your heat wave. We are in the mid 60's this afternoon with grey sky. Rain is threatening but I haven't seen it yet. I'm with you on the magazines. I only renewed American Patchwork and Quilting.

Judi, I think it's so cool that Ken can make furniture. Jerry has made a couple of tables. It's wonderful to look at home made things. Hope the nativity scene is a breeze.

Diane, what a wonderful gift for your DGD. She will love that car. I googled Rogue, it looks like a neat car.

Flo, hope that chicken is better and that you get your nap.

Maryz, cataract surgery is really common, maybe even perfected. My dad recently had his done, and is thrilled with the outcome. Nice to have some nooks and crannies cleaned out. Don't get me started on magazines. Have you noticed they are $10 now? I like AP&Q and it's in cahoots with All People Quilt. It is the only one I will be renewing.

Tina, sure hope that starving child got fed this morning. My gosh, he could have wasted away. Sorry about the pets. My son also spends a lot of money on his dogs who have digestive issues. I have expensive grand doggies.

Jana, those waffles sound wonderful. I picture you in a fuzzy robe with fuzzy slippers and curlers in your hair as you watch conference with a tv tray and a plate of those heavenly waffles.

Sharona, I just don't understand why resutraunts need to be noisy. Why do they do things like play loud music or turn on the stinkin' tv? One would think they could make things not sound like a grammar school cafeteria.

Maryq,, if you keep putting totes under your bed soon you will need a ladder so you can go to sleep. Ya' know. You could take those quilt tops and use your pattern to make them into blouses. I suggest this. https://www.etsy.com/cart?ref=hdr-cart

Valerie, I think I've seen a movie with Marilyn called the Secret Garden. It was a cool story. Hope when filling out the October calendar you leave some down time.

Lyn, as soon as someone says Oh, you have a machine. I say just because I won a sewing machine doesn't mean I know how to sew. Glad you were able to fix what needed fixing. Hope it was a wonderful lunch, with the kids and the other day with the inlaws. Sure wish I had slept in, but tonight, snooze city.

Church is in a couple of hours. I need a shower. Next week I need to take the recyclables to the dump and a little house cleaning. No doctor stuff until my mamo on Friday. Nothing like a big boobie squish to get the weekend started.

You all have a wonderful night,
John 5:24-30

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