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Monday February 6,2023

Daily discussions.
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Monday February 6,2023

Post by fabricgirl » Mon Feb 06, 2023 2:07 am

Good morning Everyone

We are at 30⁰ and are suppose to be at 50 by the afternoon.
Today will be the scavenger hut and then home I have nothing on the docket so it will be a sew day.
I have the little ghost quilt in pink on my design wall so I will get started sewing it together.

Chriss so happy you decided to go to your uncles birthday enjoy your time.
Mary Q did you close the quilt shop I wish I lived closer just to help .
Mary Z how is bobs quilt coming along I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Well thats all the news from here.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Monday February 6,2023

Post by suzette58 » Mon Feb 06, 2023 3:15 am

Good morning everyone.
It is 43 here already. It is supposed to be somewhere in the 50s by this afternoon. I am working on the layout for the second quilt for my friend. I love using a design wall. You can really get an idea of how it is going to look once it is sewn together. Then I can get back to my Lori Holt quilt. Not much else going on here. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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Re: Monday February 6,2023

Post by grammiequilts » Mon Feb 06, 2023 4:18 am

Good morning I am up sitting here having a blueberry muffin and coffee. We had a very busy day yesterday but made it I to out rental. It is very nice The pool
Is cold. But it is only 55 this morning. I am inside but will try to get outside soon We arrived in town at 2 as my friend was getting out of the terminal picked her up drive to the house. Unloaded and went to meet my younger sister Dbil nephew ( the Marine home on leave) my niece and we had so much fun. Our waiter was from Ohio and we got into a rivalry ( Michigan vs Ohio state). We laughed all the way through dinner as he took a piece of paper with an M on it and taped it to his Ohio state hat. He was delightful. We had to stop
At the store on the way home for coffee and breakfast food. I went straight to bed Today we will

Plan a menu and plan a few dinners. To cook
In. Check where things are located and make a few plans. Our high today will be 74. Hope you all have great day. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Re: Monday February 6,2023

Post by mepeace2 » Mon Feb 06, 2023 5:03 am

Good Morning
Its warmed up a bit . its 28 and going into low 50s today. I am off to Galesburg to joanns.I need a backing for the quilt I am deraveling. The quilter wants next week. I thought I bought enough of sashing fabric to back quilt but you all know how quilts grow.LOl I got a gift card there for xmas so that should help. We will probably go for lunch after I shop. I have a gift card for the Pizza Ranch but since Barney will be with us I am not sure whether we will eat there. They have fantastic fried chicken.
I have been looking at seed catelogs on line. Burpees has apack of seed for all kinds of lettuce and is heat tolerant . Well to a point. Yes my head is into gardening. I really dont know how much house cleaning will get done in next two months . I should know more after chiro visit. My heads willing to get to work but my back isnt.
Yesterday I made another lotto block. Then my sister called and wanted to come meet Barney. She brought her DGD with her and Barney loved it.
Judi Glad you had a safe trip and are having a good time. Send some of that heat up to Illinois.
Suzette What Lori Holt quilt are you working on? I am working on Chicken Salad. I love my design wall too. Wish I had a bigger one.
Lois I cant waigt to see your ghost quilt . Will you post it. Please.
I need to get more coffee and get ready to go .
You all have a great sewing day

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Re: Monday February 6,2023

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Mon Feb 06, 2023 5:50 am

Good morning. It will be a beautiful day today. I'm traveling with the parents (dad and stepmom) to beautiful Alturas, Ca. It's pretty close to the Oregon border. My favorite uncle (dad's brother) turns 80. I really love him and will be happy to see him.

Lori, thanks. I feel a little guilty about going , but only a little.

Lois, thank you, I am so looking forward to it. I need a break

You all have a great few days,

Psalm 131

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Re: Monday February 6,2023

Post by QuiltGram8 » Mon Feb 06, 2023 6:00 am

Happy Monday! Just got back from grocery (scavenger hunt) shopping. Didn't have a big list. I bought a lot last week, so this week was a short week. Biggest awakening was angel food cake mix. ($3.58). Other cakes were like $1.98 or there about. What??? Must go along with the fact that egg prices are through the roof.
I found everything on my list and we were in and out quickly. Now second cup of coffee, Bible study, exercise and then a shower.
Last night was movie night at church. They showed "A Case for Christ" based on true story book by Lee Strobel. Volume and acoustics in sanctuary made it very hard for DH and I to make out words said in a low voice and we decided to order the book to read it should be interesting to actually read the book. He was an investigative journalist and set out to prove there was no truth that Jesus actually died. He interviewed a number of sources in his quest. He being an atheist and his wife found faith and he saw a change in her and that scared him, I think. Very interesting what he concludes.
Today I have to finish my doilie sorting and deciding what I can use these for future projects. I have one already picked for framing. When I get that completed, I promise to share a picture.
My coffee β˜•β˜• is getting cold. Better go.
Have a great day!
HUGS, πŸ’• Vel

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Re: Monday February 6,2023

Post by FlorenceM » Mon Feb 06, 2023 6:11 am

Safe travels Chriss. Enjoy the party.
Vel, I sorted and cleaned my great grandma's doilies. Next I cut fabric to attach them to.
Yesterday went to kids housewe bbq-ed and cleaned up branches from trees we dropped early winter. It was a fun day.
Today is uglies and maybe Sam's Club.

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Re: Monday February 6,2023

Post by purrfect-lady » Mon Feb 06, 2023 6:39 am

Good morning,

JUDI - welcome to your temporary home! Hope your two weeks there are fun, relaxing, rejuvenating, and amazing! Nice to have that family dinner. Hope the pool warms up for you! And wasn't that great of Ken to plan the stop at the Scarlet Thread! You would have appeared unappreciative if you hadn't bought some fabrics, don't you think? Great to find things for your OWL quilt. Funny about the waiter and the Michigan vs THE Ohio State competition. :lol: We have a lot of camping friends, too, all in Texas - 4 couples - besides our quilty pals, Sue, Cindy and Lyn.

KATY - I bet Barney loved going with you. Scottie usually goes with us for errands if they aren't too long and if it's not too warm or cold out. He has a rug in the back seat to lay on. When we travel we harness him in but he still has enough freedom to move around the back seat. With your back you may have to modify your gardening and cleaning methods. And don't all gardeners love perusing the seed and plant catalogs through the winter?

SUZ - a design wall makes some quilts so much easier. I have two 4x6 1" pieces of hard foam insulation panels covered in flannel that I store behind a door when not in use. I prop them up in my sewing room when I need them, but they are lightweight and have warped over the years so if I have the window open, or walk past them too quickly they (and all my fabric pieces!) fall over. But they are better than nothing. Otherwise, I use my living room carpet as my design wall.

LOIS - did you get the pink ghost quilt together yet? I have about 1/3 of the blocks finished on Bob's Bigfoot quilt. He called last night and we all talked for about 1/2 hour. He's lonely but also excited about his new rig.

DIANE - that balloon incident must have been a sight to witness. Are you out combing the beaches for debris?

FLO - I like those kinds of days - branches, fires, BBQ's. Glad you enjoyed it!

CHRISS - I'm glad you're going to your uncle's birthday. A little time apart might be good, plus you can see all your family. When are you leaving? Where will you be? We have a lot of branches down, too, from winter storms while we were gone. And a LOT of fall leaves still. But our weather has been wet and 40's, so I haven't been too quick to run out and do clean up. One day I will. Big fires are now banned here but we can have a fire in our firepit so we burn things up slowly - or haul them to our slash pile in the woods. The squirrels, yard bunnies, and other little critters love having that pile for shelter and safety from the big critters. P.S. well, you answered my questions. Have a terrific trip! I've been to beautiful Alturas.

MARY Q - did you sell much fabric yesterday? Glad you are giving yourself some sewing time! I love my apron. I use it all the time - even just last night making supper.

JANA - I forgot that you still have your landscaping project to get finished. Hard to plot your yard calendar when snow storms are on the way! They are hitting us first in the form of rain and wind - which we've had last couple days. I hope the fabric works out for Sarah's chairs.

VELDA - I made a small arrangement in a picture frame similar to what you are describing. Black velvet background that I covered partially with cream tatting Mike's aunt did. Then my mom's faux pearls my dad gave her for their 50th anniv, an 90 yr old envelope addressed to my mom from my dad from before they were married, and my mom's sheer navy gloves she wore to Mass every Sunday when I was little and let me play with to keep me quiet. You will have fun making your own display!

LYN - I'm sorry about the rolling tote. Do you have enough supplies & fabric at the house to do anything at all? If not - maybe an emergency trip to Blanco is necessary . . . But good news that Garry can see the head doctor, at least. How is he doing?

VALERIE - so sorry to hear you are sick - again. Maybe your body is trying to tell you you have too much on your plate. You are Super Girl, we know, but even she has her limits. Is today the day you can call for your Delta rezzie?

Yesterday I sewed all day long. I have 15 of 42 tree blocks finished. Three more blocks will be Bigfoot appliques. Bill has offered to drive down to Salem to get Bob's trailer and haul it back to his house in NE Oregon, probably next week. We have the hitch and a truck big enough to pull it and Bob's new truck is still on order. This will be probably a 3-day thing. It will be both our wedding anniversaries so I guess Bill and Bob can celebrate together. :lol: I will be staying home with the fur babies. If I don't get this quilt finished before Bill goes then I guess we'll have to make another trip later to visit - and take our own trailer and the babies. And maybe that's the best plan anyway.

My Autumn will hit 31 weeks on Thursday. All is OK so far! Only 8 more weeks to go. πŸ€žπŸ™

I hope we all get to sew something today!
mary z

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Re: Monday February 6,2023

Post by auntjana » Mon Feb 06, 2023 7:30 am

Good morning!

Cold, but wonderful outside. This afternoon it's a haircut for me. I thought Sarah said it was this upcoming Friday, but no, today. Our girl does both of us at the same time. I need it cut, it's quite out of shape! Then home to play with fabric.

Kate started her formal fire training this morning. We made sure that. Our Solara was up to snuff for her to drive. New tires, new headlights and fixed the computer codes. Just normal maintenance on a 23 year old car. The little truck usually lives at their house for them to use, but Kate can't drive a stick, so we swapped vehicles around.

Not much more here. Stay safe, warm and do fun stuff!

Hugs and prayers,

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Re: Monday February 6,2023

Post by maryq » Mon Feb 06, 2023 7:57 am

Good Morning All

Looks to be a pretty nice day here... well except for the snow that's coming later on today... but it's warming up so the snow won't last long and thankfully the only place I have to go today is the PO... Oh and a quick run into the grocery store!

Lois... Yup, the quilt shop is closed! SO great to be able to walk around the living room without tripping on piles of fabric everywhere. That little ghost quilt must work up pretty fast? How many squares does it take? Not that I know anybody who is having a baby!

Suzette... What do you use for a design wall? When I moved into my new place, I just took a flannel backed table cloth and stapled it to the wall. Once in a while to get the blocks to really stick, I spray a little basting spray on it.. Works Great.

Judi.... Sure sounds like a great way to start a vacation! Coffee and a muffin!! How is your niece doing? Did the catch the kids? Hope they lock them up with no parole EVER!

Katy... Oh my gosh.. The Burpee seed catalog! My Dad practically waited at the mailbox for the Burpee seed catalog to arrive. He's start his tomatoes from seed in a little greenhouse he built. My sis is the same way.. Hope you like your new chiro and that he/she fixes you up good so you can get out in the garden!

Chriss.... So glad you decided to go to visit your Uncle. I'm sure you won't regret it. It will be a memory you will cherish for years to come.

Velda... You must have been up and out to the grocery store before the sun came up! I checked out eggs last time I went to the grocery store, was going to grab an extra dozen--I have a few on hand... but they were $5.89 so I thought not! I do like "Egg McMuffins" for supper sometimes. The book sounds interesting.!

Flo,.... My Grandmother used to collect hankies too.. I have a couple of them.. One I wore pinned to the sleeve on my wedding dress.. It's around here some place. She had a whole album of them, that my Dad labeled as to where they came from. Not sure where that is either... kind of sad they are gone.

Maryz.... Sold just a little bit of fabric yesterday. But as soon as Peg and sis were gone I hit the sewing room and finished up a few more aprons. Since I don't have to have them done until early May... I' may take a break and go back to a quilt project or two I have started. HOLY MOLY Aut is at 31 weeks!!! What a little miracle that baby is!! The next 8 week will go fast!!!!

Jana.... Good luck to Kate!!! I can only imagine, from watching "Chicago Fire" How hard the fire training is going to be! Good for her!!! I got my hair cut last week... only we got to chatting and before I knew it.... well... let's just say that I won't need a haircut again for LONG time!!!

QUILT SHOP IS CLOSED!!! Oh what a wonderful feeling to have all that stuff out of here and for house to be back to normal (or close to it). I boxed it all up into totes and boxes and the boys came over and hauled it out to the garage for me. In a few weeks Viv is coming up. She is going to take some back to her quilt group, so I packed it up into categories of " the good stuff" and the not so great. She's a doll for offering to help me sell more of it. Then the rest will go down for the Garage sale in May and I'm sure we can get rid of the last of it there. So today, after a shower and trip to PO I'm going to finish up a couple little thigs and get things re-organized. It's going to be a GREAT day!!

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