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saturday january 29th 2023

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saturday january 29th 2023

Post by grammiequilts » Sat Jan 28, 2023 4:57 am

Good morning,,cold and dreary out...we have hockey games today as play offs start,,,I will start getting my warm weather clothing out as we leave next friday for 2 weeks in florida...not much sewing getting done Colleen and the kids came over last night to get some of her wood trim out of the shop...it has been there since last year,,,she has a few unfinished trim areas in her house that they need to get done...we need to get the shop organized so Ken and my son can work in there,

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Re: saturday january 29th 2023

Post by FlorenceM » Sat Jan 28, 2023 5:12 am

Morning Judi & all to follow,
I understand about getting shop organized so Ken can work. Joe went through that after kids moved most of their household stuff out when they moved into their house. He's still working on it a little at a time, but like my sewing room you clean it, then it gets horrible again after a project....vicious circle.
My back decided to take a vacation without me...I have been using heating pad, bit I think I need ice packs. It hasn't been this bad since mid 1990's....I injured my back when a car we were passengers in was t-boned by a drunk driver in 1984.
My neighbor whom we adopted each other as sisters was taken to er this past week for chest pains. She is having a minor heart blockage opened with balloon angioplasty this coming week. So if I don't check in, I am sister sitting.
Have a sew great weekend.

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Re: saturday january 29th 2023

Post by purrfect-lady » Sat Jan 28, 2023 5:41 am

Good morning,

Rain and 43* this morning. Ahhhh..... it's good to be home!

JUDI - I had to go back and Google your Jane Austin quilt again. Do you have the center panel? I'm trying to keep up. I think it's super neat that Sophia is having such fun with her costume sewing! And neat that Gramma is cogitating over a Japanese-themed project for her . . :D Maybe she'd like to help with that? And what a great project for your menfolk - cleaning the shop and then, when done with that, they'll be out there working on their own car project! Everyone gets a project and stays out of everyone else's hair! :lol: By the way, about where in FL will you be?

LOIS - is your test today? I hope it's early on so you can get to that cuppa joe! Hoping for good results.

LYN - you are going to your house today? How long will you be there? Yes, Vicki's kids are doing a great job of cleaning up next door. All the old appliances are gone, the garbage around the yard has been picked up (THAT was the biggest job!), and old burn pile leavings are raked up and gone. Even most of the actual garbage piles from inside are gone. Though the house is still a wreck, and possibly not worth trying to repair. Her car is parked in back at the edge of the woods, covered in moss. Doors have been open for 3 years. No telling what lives in it. It still has to be hauled out but no wrecker could get down that driveway. I'm not anxious to have them use ours. Too much weight on our soggy grass and cement parking pad.

JANA - I miss poofy dresses on little girls. But glad you at least got some lace! And isn't it great that the dress you have to alter is to make it smaller and shorter, not bigger and longer!!

MARY Q - sorry to hear about your 91 yr old neighbor. But at least her family was with her. And you were so good to her. And yes, Amazon has the same deal with UPS, I think. $1/package but if UPS has to supply the packing materials, there is no profit for them on that item. If KC flies to visit her parents, there are sky caps that will push her in a wheelchair or take her in a cart. That's not a problem. The airlines take care of folks with disabilities.

CHRISS - yay for Little Theo!! Now, I'm going to want to know if he came home on oxygen, any monitors, feeding tubes, etc. Or is he "equipment free"? They may discourage visitors because he is so fragile and there is so much sickness out there right now. So I can be patient. :D Good of you to make the dump run for Jerry. I couldn't lift it all so that would have had to wait around here.

FLO - so sorry about your back. I, too, prefer heat, but I think 20 minutes of ice several times a day does more good. Or perhaps alternate? Sorry you were in an accident. And sorry about your "sister-friend". Hope all works out for her.

I talked to Sue yesterday for quite a while. She is doing OK. Kenn's computer was hacked right after the funeral and has been causing her all kinds of problems. She is afraid to go on-line until she gets that resolved. She didn't print an obituary so she believes that hackers haunt condolence websites of funeral homes to see who's computer might be "up for grabs" much like old school burglers watched newpaper obituaries for funeral times and then burglarized the home during the funeral. Food for thought. Anyway, she said she is appreciative for the cards and notes y'all sent. In down times, she rereads them and they get her through. She is a very early riser - even earlier than me! - and she goes to her sewing room for a few hours. It's her happy place and she can get lost in a project for a while. But all in all, she is doing well and, while somewhat subdued, still has her positive outlook and her sense of humor.

Yesterday was more trailer work and lots of laundry, plus grocery shopping. Then we went to Tacoma to meet friends for pizza. We were home and soundly asleep in our recliners by 7:30pm. :lol: This morning I slept until 4:10! I'm making progress. Still adjusting to time zone differences. Going west is much harder than going east. Today - more resettling, more laundry.

Now I'm off to find another cup of coffee and get this day started.

Mary z

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Re: saturday january 29th 2023

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Sat Jan 28, 2023 7:25 am

Good morning. It's going to be a great day today.

Jerry had his doctor appointment yesterday via zoom. The doctor suggested we go into the ER. They did tests and Jerry has lung cancer. He needs a biopsy which will determine the next step. He also needs a CT scan on his leg to see if there are any clots. This is exactly what happened to his mom. At this time I have no other information, he needs tests then results to see what we do next. Prayers greatly appreciated. Think positive.

Lyn, I very clearly understand the saying about leading horses to water, I also have that almost sedate husband. But they have to make their own decisions. Not sure what makes people so stubborn, maybe they aren't wanting to hear the answer. In any event, hope the chiropractor helped Garry.

Judi, it will be nice to have your son help clean out the shop. Enjoy your trip planning. It's fun to get to go somewhere.

Flo, what? you mean kids actually move their things out of their parent's house? How? I am pretty sure it will never happen here. Sorry for your "sis" prayers said for her.

Maryz, nice that you are getting back to your at home routine. I am not sure about Theo and equipment. There are people in and out of their house, friends and family, and I just am trying to not be "that neighbor". I wouldn't have been able to lift the trash bags either, I think they need to be less full and therefore lighter before I can do dump runs on my own. Thanks for the update on Sue, I am not good at writing cards or sending notes, but I do pray.

Not a lot of progress can be made here concerning Jerry until Monday, hurry up and wait. I will be in my room playing with my toys. I think it's time to start another quilt.

Have a wonderful day and remember God is in control, it will done his way in his time frame.

Psalm 131

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Re: saturday january 29th 2023

Post by WeSignificant » Sat Jan 28, 2023 7:44 am

Happy Saturday, off the next two nights and feel like I really need it. I am much too old to be working all this OT. Just a straight 8 hrs last night and it felt weird. Today is open sew in Antioch. Most of my quilty friends are going to the shop in Vacaville for a class but I don't need to start any more quilts. I must finish what I have. I think I overwhelm myself when I do those sorts of things.

Lois hoping your stress test goes well. I have never actually had one but do know people who have. Nobody has had any negative thought on them.

Diane I looked at those razor things, decided for me probably not a good plan. I can see me really making a mess of things, mainly ME!

Wow Suzette, they don't learn here either. Between porch pirates, Catalytic converter thefts and muggings you would think people would take precautions. NO there was a man in a grocery store parking lot mugged just the other day carrying $6000.00 in his wallet! Who does that? I don't usually even carry a purse anymore. I have a little zipper pouch just big enough for my pocket that I put my ID and ATM card in. I put 4 or so buck in a compartment in my car in case I need coffee at night and that's it.

Vel sorry to hear about your A1C. It can be difficult to manage and easily out of whack. You are strong though and I am confidant you will get back on track. We don't check Dad's anymore. I am not sure how my life would be different without QIAD. I do remember a funny story though. When I first started quilting (along about 2006) I was ordering once of El's project bags and the girl at the shop told me it does say "Still Stripping" on the front and wondered if I would be offended by that! That was my first real introduction to QIAD and Eleanor Burns. I bought the bag and still have it to this day.

Maryz glad your are home safe and sound. You have had an adventurous trip. I can just see Scotty running all over the place. How fun that must have been to watch. I am almost caught up with Starry Night. I have the 2 last seams still to sew and the buildings to cut out. I found some grunge like fabrics for those. My current BOM for Vacaville shop is up to date. Other than that, I guess I can't boast about being on time. I received by Scraps of Happiness BOM the other day and will take that along to sew If I can make progress. It is the first month of a 6 month program. Kim Diehl, and I just love her fabrics.

Judi sounds like an Asian inspired quilt would be good for Sophia. That kimono sounds gorgeous. My mom used to have one. Don't know what ever happened to it and don't know where it came from either. The fabrics for those are absolutely wonderful.

Lyn thanks for mentioning the Lotto. It is an easy block this month and no special fabrics if any one is interested. Glad you get to go get some fabric shopping at the other place.

Jana somewhere I have missed why Gracie is shopping for a white dress. I think I can safely assume she is not getting married. Yes, girls are giving up those childhood dresses so much sooner these days. I was 15 before my parents would let me wear nylons and heels. I see little 5 yr olds in heeled shoes these days.

Maryq so sorry about your neighbor. Thanks for posting the lotto for me. I think we should find some Central place to all meet. I really only know Chriss and Teresa. I did meet up with Deb (can't remember the rest) early on in my time here like maybe 2007 or 2008 but she has not posted in years. I also joined in January 2007. The 25th to be exact so it was my anniversary the other day! 16 years, WOW, where has the time gone.

Chriss glad God was on your side and you made it home safely. Remember he always has you covered. Prayers are with you and Jerry. There are many strides being made in lung cancer treatment these days. Yes I will think positive thoughts.

Well stove repair man is coming between 8 and 12 so need to get this show on the road. Dad should be about ready to get up also. Have a great day everyone.
A Friend is God's way of making sure we never walk alone!

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Re: saturday january 29th 2023

Post by maryq » Sat Jan 28, 2023 8:03 am

Good Morning Girls

Oh My goodness it's cold this morning... Below zero! I'm going to really need to bundle up when I go out today! My DGD Corinne is in a play at her school, so I promised I'd go see her!

Judi.... You must be just counting the days until you can get to someplace warm!! Will you be right on the beach, or close by? Do you have room for one more? :lol: :lol:

Flo.... Sorry your back is out without you! I too use a heating pad while I watch TV at night, but you're right... ice might be the way to go too! Will send some prayers for your "sister" this next week. That surgery is quite common I think, but I pray she will be in good hands. She will be happy to have you beside her!

Maryz... No place like home is there? Do the boys come and check up on your place while you are gone so long? Hope the dust isn't too thick! :lol: :lol: Nice to see that Vicki's place is getting cleared out a bit. Have you been able to talk to the kids about what happened. Chriss gave me some great info to see what help KC is able to get so I'm going to talk to her tomorrow and see what we can come up with. Good to hear Sue is doing ok... Think I'll send her a little note to keep in touch!

Chriss.... SO SO SO sorry to hear Jerry's Diagnosis!!! But I WILL think positive, as I know that God is on your side. Hard to get a diagnosis like that anytime, but on Friday it sucks as you can't make any arrangements or appointments on the weekend~ Perhaps Jerry is sedate because he just doesn't feel good?

Valerie.... Glad you have a couple days off! You generally are on duty over night shift right? Is it just an "on call" thing and you are at home or do you have a regular office you have to be at over night? We joined the forum just days apart! Did you have any idea what you were getting into when you joined? Changed my life forever!!!

My coffee is now cold, so that means it's time to warm it up and get in the shower. Need to tidy up a few things around here before I go. A gal came last night and picked up a little bit of fabric..... there's still so much left! And tomorrow I'm going back to see what is left that she wants to get rid of. As of right now she at least has enough money for a plane ticket.

Wishing you all A Super Saturday!

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Re: saturday january 29th 2023

Post by auntjana » Sat Jan 28, 2023 12:01 pm

Good afternoon!

Thought I was here earlier, but you know what thought got!

Chriss - oh my, many thoughts, Good ones and many prayers! There are many wonderful research hospitals not far from you that can be a great help.

It's giggles around here today. All three little girls are playing in the bedroom with Barbie everything! Gracie's new white dress is for her upcoming 8th birthday and when she will be baptized and confirmed a member of the church. Her BD is in February and the baptism date is March 4th.

So not much else going on here. Snowed this morning, Daniel sweated it away and now a bit of sunshine. But it is waaaaay cold, in the teens for the high today.

Hugs, stay safe, prayers,

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Re: saturday january 29th 2023

Post by QuiltGram8 » Sat Jan 28, 2023 12:38 pm

Late coming by, but wanted to tell you all that I posted a second quilt top picture. I edited my other picture to add the second top.
Also that my blood test was acceptable to my doctor. Just proves that what you think might be out of whack, isn't always the case. I showed some protein in urine, but kidney function was good and A1C wasn't increased enough to worry, but I told her I was going to set a goal to try to get it back down the 2 points it had increased. So I am in pretty good shape after all. 🤗
Going to another dance tonight. Yippee!
HUGS, 💕 Vel

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