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Tuesday, Dec 6th

Daily discussions.
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Tuesday, Dec 6th

Post by purrfect-lady » Tue Dec 06, 2022 4:08 am

Good morning,

I've tried to answer all requests for Becca's address. I hope you saw the note that she is not at home, but is staying with her DD who lives in Belmont, NC and requested we use that address. BECCA and CA were married for 66 years. Quite a milestone!

VAL - sorry about Dad's medication. You could always call a few pharmacies to get prices. Sometimes different pharmacies get a good deal and pass that on to customers. Also, you could join Good Rx. It costs nothing and it can greatly reduce the cost. I had a one-time Rx that cost over $400. My pharmacist signed me up for Good Rx on the spot and it took the cost down to $164. Doesn't hurt to shop around.

JUDI - I loved my job in NICU but haven't missed it a single day since I retired. Bill retired from City of Tacoma IT Group after 33 yrs when he saw a "golden window", went to work 2 days later for Cisco Systems. They were not a good company to work for so he went to work for a community bank with 10 branches throughout Puget Sound, running their phone system. After several small banks 'went down' about 15 yrs ago, including his bank, he's stayed retired except for short, seasonal jobs we've both done - fire camp and winery work. Now we are both completely retired and are busier than we ever were when working! And loving it! Glad to hear Sophia is improving. I hope she doesn't have strep. I've heard of several cases of that recently.

SHERRY - A grand-dog is a great person to decorate for! So will your son be closer to you or further away? What will he be doing in his new job?

TINA - sorry you had a bad night. IBU doesn't make me sleepy, but it always helps me sleep, if that makes any sense.

KATHY - what kind of sandwich cookies did you make?

MARY Q - it's great that Evie and Kris have a neat interest that they can share. How old is Evie now? I keep forgetting.

VAL - Your hubby must love his job if he wants to work until 72. How old is he now? Bill's first retirement was 52 yrs old. (see my note to Judi).

JANA - so much going on at your house, it's hard to keep up! TRains, Jeeps, Skinnies, Trees, and more. I didn't see any cookies in your post. What about cookies?? You're going to need cookies.

FLO - glad you got your flu shot. Don't forget, it takes about 2 weeks for full effectiveness. I bet that Noel sign looks great on your roof!

CHRISS - did you hit a few thrift shops while in Sonora? Any good finds. Thank you for the prayer circle. It's been a rough bunch of days for several of us. I might not be able to log on at the right time, but my spirit will be there.

LOIS - oh, you will have fun if you decide to make things for the craft fair - and you'll be doing good work besides! I did this with Lara's group for a few years about 10 years ago. Small items tended to go more than larger ones. Tree skirts were popular.

My sis arrived yesterday afternoon. It will be fun to have them with us for a month. We spent much of the day talking with the detective who was at our house downloading our security camera footage. Our friend who has a key, let him into our shop where the recorder is located. They are going back today when the download should be finished. He's trying to put it all on a flash drive so he doesn't have to actually take our recorder back to his office. We told him he can but he'd rather not. We are still recording and caught a coyote walking the trail between our house and Vicki's during early morning hours. Maybe he will catch some of the hungry rats.

As for sewing, I finished my 64 3x6 FG for my River/Woods quilt. In doing that, I also got 128 2-1/2" HST's from the "ears" of the FG that I'll save those for another project. If I get time to sew, I'll work on the 6" star blocks for my project. I think there are 12. My mind is turning to what's next - I think the little ghost quilt wins! Since I'm making that quilt from just looking at the pictures in the story book, I need to make a plan though, before I start it. I want it to look as much like the story book quilt as possible.

Have a good day! EVeryone stay healthy!

mary z

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Re: Tuesday, Dec 6th

Post by fabricgirl » Tue Dec 06, 2022 5:01 am

Good morning Mary and all who follow

Mary thank you so much for the info for Becca good to know she has alot of family to get her through this time .

Mary I think you ought to make that little ghost quilt .

Well yesterday I went to the chiropractor and he put my hip back in and afterwards he took an exray of my hips and lower hack and next week will discuss when I go back for my normal apt.
I also came home and baked Mary Q cranberry orange bread it's almost gone Well instead of baking 1 big 1 I made 2 small ones a gave 1 to my brother inlaw nextdoor he loves it.

Today I will look a see what kind of small projects I can make I would also like to go to Joanns to see what kind of Christmas fabric they have left I need some for crafts.

Well time for me to go get dressed and ready for the day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Tuesday, Dec 6th

Post by grammiequilts » Tue Dec 06, 2022 5:27 am

Good morning,,I dont know what but I didnt get up till 8 that is the first time in a long time that I have slept 10 hours. I did stay up til 1030. watched a movie and wrote cards out ,
I will bake some cookies today,,,start with chocolate chip and sugar,,,I use an old amish cook book recipe...the sugar cookies get dipped in colored sugar and Christmas sprinkles.
I just went back and read the new about Becca's loss. I cannot imagine that,,,,Enternal Rest grant on to him oh Lord...That just made me so sad....I just mailed her a thinking of you card,,,,,I am so glad she is with her daughter comfort comes from a good family.
Lois hope the chiropractor does you well...what kind of crafts are you making,,,the Joanns here had a lot of christmas fabric on sale...
Mary z have fun with your sister,,,if you have time text me Becca's other address.
Sophia tested positive for Influenza A and is actually starting to feel better,,,He cousins go to her same school and are bringing her homework home to her,,,when she feels better she will get caught up and she will miss another hockey game tonight,,,but we just want her well...for Christmas She will be home for a couple of more days,,,,We had a nice dinner with the Birthday boy....He is a cool kid...Liam was there too..and Jeffs mom and Dad. and one of Jeff sisters,,so it was quite a group.
Hope your day is filled with the spirit of things to come.....Tonight I will write a few more cards....( if you want one hollar) I love getting them...so few write cards anymore...
A funny story,,,Nolan got a card from his great aunt for his birthday,, He couldnt read it cause it was in cursive,,,,,Seems none of the kids can read it,,,Nolan can write some but cannot read it. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Re: Tuesday, Dec 6th

Post by WeSignificant » Tue Dec 06, 2022 6:55 am

Good morning, bit of a busy day planned. Will try again to get Dad's med. Going to fill up DGD car so she can move back to Reno (long story), have a lunch date with a friend I used to go to Free Sew with. Never got to Kaiser to get my flu shot yesterday so will do that today.

Looked at a quilt I had started a couple months ago Patches and Pinwheels, Found my place and sewed a few seams. I will leave that out for the next couple of days to work on, My other stuff is packed and ready for Finish it Class on Thursday. Tomorrow my car will get serviced and will take most of the day so won't be able to go anywhere. Good time to work on a UFO.

Maryz my DH works for 6 Flags and since he has never grown up, he really likes it. He can ride the rides whenever (well mostly). They send them through test runs everyday and the employees can ride on test runs. He will be 68 come February. I have heard of that Good Rx but never really knew if it was fake or not. So much info given out these days is. If the med isn't available today, I will look at other options. I would have left nursing sooner but with Dad, expenses are higher (food, power, water, etc) and SS just wouldn't cut it. He makes enough to pay the CG and his incidentals (briefs, stuff like that) but that is all. We do get $400 a month from the VA, but.......I also have stuff I am trying to pay off.

Judi glad to hear Sophia is making progress in the right direction. Hoping the cousins don't also get it.
Influenza A is what my DBIL had, he is on the tail end now. He even got his flu shot. You must have really been tired. I think our bodies know when we need that sleep. I don't know why the schools don't reach Cursive anymore. Crazy. I could use some help here with Christmas too!

Lois I keep meaning to try Mary's bread and have never got around to it. I found some dried cranberries on sale and bought 2 bags. Maybe I will make some. I love cranberries.

Sherry, That's a lot of Santa Claus's. Bet your house is beautiful though.

Maryq thanks for the heads up about Lotto blocks. This is shaping up to be a pretty good month. I think I may have to make a few more if I am going to have a chance.

Chriss what is up in your world today?

48* here, should get to 57. Possibly a few lingering showers, I do see some pretty dark clouds. Tomorrow should be dry and then back to rain on Thursday.

DD update, the doctor will not let her take Ibuprofen because he has her on low dose Aspirin twice a day so she doesn't get blood clots. She said the medicine they are giving her doesn't manage the pain well. Have advised her to keep it up, stay off it and try some ice. She went to the doctor yesterday and all is as it should be. As with the 2 now 49er quarterbacks, she is out for the season!

Have a great day everyone!
A Friend is God's way of making sure we never walk alone!

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Re: Tuesday, Dec 6th

Post by auntjana » Tue Dec 06, 2022 7:21 am

Good morning!

Bright, sunny, blue skies and COLD! What can I say, normal.

Daniel brought up more totes, they will be emptied shortly. Maybe Scrooge can bring up more after while.

Cookies, yes there will be cookies here! First up on the list are Russian teacakes. I will be making several dozen for neighbor gifts this year. Those cookies bake up quickly and are so easy. I will enlist my two helpers as well. I will get Sarah's recipe for cut out sugar cookies to decorate as well as my cookie cutters back from her house. They seemed to have migrated west to there!

Not much more here. Sandee is down with RSV and her Dr is watching carefully with meds prescribed. If kids get sick in her class, she does too!

Well, off to be busy,

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Re: Tuesday, Dec 6th

Post by maryq » Tue Dec 06, 2022 8:33 am

Good Morning Girls

Late as usual, but I am dressed, and have a load in the laundry. Just trying to decide which direction to start at today... There's a few things I'd like to stitch today, some gifts I could wrap and some baking...

So very sorry to hear of Becca's husbands passing. Grateful that she was able to have hospice care for him and that she is with Denise for a bit.

Maryz.... I've seen the ads for Good RX... nice to know that it's a legit thing! Evie if 15 going on 30.. She's a very smart girl and mature for her age, with very strong opinions. We had a discussion once about her belief in God---that there is no God.... lets just say we had "words"! What kind of trouble are you and sis going to get in today? Are they parked near you or even at the same campground? My DB is in Miami these days but leaving for McKinney, TX on Thursday.

Lois.... SO glad I shared my Mom's recipe... She'd get a kick out of the fact that it's gone "nationwide" Once I get a couple little things done this morning, I'm headed to the kitchen to bake up a 4x batch! Did you use real cranberries or cheat like I do and use Craisins

Judi.... Doesn't Joann always have something on sale? I think I'm getting another flyer in the mail today, but after checking the balances on my credit cards, I'm thinking I better stay home. Sorry to hear Sophie got the flu... hope you gets better soon... certainly don't want a sick kid on Christmas!

Valerie.... I'm thinking that since so much is done on computers these days, they figure kids don't need to learn how to write.. they just need to learn how to type! My DS Shawn has terrible handwriting! Once he filled out an application for a hunting permit and it came back to "Sharon" instead of "Shawn."

Jana....OH Russian tea cakes.. one of my many favorites: which include but not limited to; Sugar cookies and spritz! I think this year I will be lucky if I can get cranberry bread baked.

Ok.... time for me to get to work. Crank up some rockin' music and open the window blinds and let some sunshine in! And of course, grab some more coffee!

Have a great day every one!

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Re: Tuesday, Dec 6th

Post by fabricgirl » Tue Dec 06, 2022 9:11 am

Mary q I used fresh cranberries and it does make a difference.

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Re: Tuesday, Dec 6th

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Tue Dec 06, 2022 9:23 am

Good morning. It's such a beautiful day. The air is crisp and it's the perfect day to sew.

Question. Has anyone ever tried rotary cutter blades that aren't brand named? I've looked on Amazon and seen many and some have good reviews. Just wondering what your experience is.

I found some great tops at the thrift store yesterday. They are already washed and hung up. I also found a denim jacket; I've always wanted one. A friend gave me two but one is too small. I want to try to add trim around the collar and along the pockets to dress it up. I will practice on the small one and decide if it is something I want.

Today is laundry, sewing borders on my RWB quilt, I bought the batting yesterday and already have the backing. and this afternoon is dinner with the parents. I think I will stop at this little hole in the wall Mexican place and get some tamales. It's takeout only and amazingly good. Or I will go get some burgers.

Maryz, I did find some clothes at a thrift store but my other favorite thrift store was closed. I was going to stop at WM but the parking lot was so full that I skipped it. I instead went to Joanns for some batting and then home. I knew it, I knew it. I knew that ghost quilt would pop out and moved to the front of the line. There are many examples on Pinterest. I'm so excited to see it done.

Lois, let us know what you come up with for small projects. I'm always looking at stocking stuffer type stuff.

Judi, Marilyn can't read cursive either. For a while they stopped teaching it in school, stupid. So thankful that Sophia has the flu and it's not worse. She is one of my favorite forum kids.

Valerie, Good RX is a thing. There are quite a few discount drug cost savings out there. Good RX is one I hear about a lot. You'd have to google to find others but this one is the most common. Also, to find the costs of drugs, go to https://www.medicare.gov/plan-compare/? ... &year=2023 you can either create an account or "continue without logging in" Enter your zip code and under the select type of plan click on Part D. Enter your dad's meds, make sure to enter the correct info. A tablet and a capsule can differ vastly in cost even if the dosage and MG's are the same. Then, after entering the drugs it will let you search different pharmacy's. You can select up to 5. Then there is a button that says something like see the pharmacy cost and it will tell you the cost of each med at each pharmacy. The pharmacy costs can also vary in costs. If you need help let me know and we can talk. This site doesn't obligate you in any way unless you sign up for a plan.

Jana, cookies, yay for cookies. Reminds me when Richard was little and we had a Sesame Street cassette that played constantly in the car. C is for cookie that's good enough for me. Ask me about Captain Vegetable, I could go on

Maryq, I'm later than you are. I have been here for a long time but it seems that the dryer buzzes or Moose wants to go out and I jump up. I wish I could stay home all day and play but step mom called me yesterday and told me she bought me a poinsettia and could I come get it. I said Thursday and she said that's too far away. So today it is, no matter what. I've had the same conversation with Marilyn that you had with Evie. I told Marilyn that she has the basics because she's been to church and Sunday school growing up. And one day she would hopefully remember what she learned and get back to God. I also pray each night that God put things in her path to lead her to him. I'll add Evie to that prayer.

Well that's that. Time to get my buns moving. You all have a super duper day
Worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have

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Re: Tuesday, Dec 6th

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Tue Dec 06, 2022 12:46 pm

Just a small post today....

Chilly, chilly & damp here.....

Not much to say----not doing much. Must collect the trash & put the barrel up the driveway.

Maryz......my sandwich cookies are 2 spritz with cream cheese/chocolate filling So good with a good cup of tea! Have a blessed ay with your sister.

Love & Prayers........Kathy

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