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Sunday December 4,2022

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Re: Sunday December 4,2022

Post by grammiequilts » Sun Dec 04, 2022 8:14 am

Update on Sophia...she was still running a fever and headache,,,she ate and drank a little dr said sparsly use tylenol as needed and watch for resp distress her pulse ox was 98 and she is a little congested but not distress...watching Netflix and sipping on vitamin water,,,grouchy ,,,but she is 12,,,,covid neg.XXXXOOOO

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Re: Sunday December 4,2022

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Sun Dec 04, 2022 8:50 am

Good morning. It appears to be a dryer day today than yesterday. We do have lots of puddles that the birds love.

Yesterday we went to craft fairs. I really didn't buy anything but enjoyed looking at all of the things' people made. Nothing that I really would want to duplicate, but cool things were seen by me.

Today there is an event at a museum (old courthouse turned into a museum) where different organizations have decorated Christmas trees. There will be bell ringers, carolers, flutes, and other musical type things. It should be interesting.

Lois, enjoy the craft fairs. Hope something catches your eye. Can't believe you are already finished with your snowflake top. Seems like you just started making it.

Judi, how is Sophia today, hope she is much better. Your day sounds really nice. I would love to go to the festival and meet you and Lois at the craft fair. I call it dinner and hot chocolate, not sure what the difference between cocoa and chocolate is.

Maryz, wow, so sad that Vicky passed. Sad that she refused the services that could have been helpful during her life and instead had to take advantage of the services that were needed in her demise. I imagine that her passing is both sad and a relief for everyone involved in her life. You can add Davenport vs Couch vs Sofa to your list. It doesn't appear I won any raffle prizes, drat the luck.

Tina, I will join you in the sewing room today.

Jana, enjoy tree decorating. I vote for jammies in church and slippers instead of shoes. But that's me.

Lyn, being in Cali all my life it's been breakfast, lunch and dinner. Jerry is from Illinois, and he also had breakfast, lunch and dinner. There was supper after Church but that was the only day that got supper and the evening on Sunday was a snack and not dinner.

Maryq, a horse craft fair sounds interesting. Is it going to be all things horse? Of course it will include lunch. We had luck yesterday. Had lunch at a bakery, we left as they closed and they were dividing up all the cookies that didn't sell between the staff. They gave my friend and I some of the cookies to take home. what a treat. Enjoy your girls day, I also love getting to spend time with my granddaughter. such a blessing.

Judi, just read the update on Sophia, said a prayer and wishing her improved health. Hope the other kids on her team are feeling better too.

Hope you girls have the best Sunday ever.
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Re: Sunday December 4,2022

Post by WeSignificant » Sun Dec 04, 2022 10:33 am

Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday. I have heard the message for today, always something to reflect on and think about. Dad is up, fed and watching the weather channel. For whatever reason he loves to watch that. Maybe he is planning a big trip I don't know about. My camel is done (well I have a background piece to put across the top but that can wait) The bathroom is clean except the floor. Need to rest up the back for that. I will do the kitchen after Dad's lunch. Thinking about dinner plans. Uhm?

Maryz I am so saddened to hear about Vicki. Was hoping you were going to say they found her in the house. Will say a little prayer for her. Huntington's is one of the worst diseases in my opinion. Luckily it is fairly rare. What a task for Bill to have to do. I can't imagine. I will say a prayer for him too. Vallejo did have the Mad Hatter parade last night but we have never gone. Crime is really up here and besides the weather too bad. They have it rain or shine. I have two children. DD is in Fernley NV and her kids live in Reno/Sparks area. DS lives in Rapid City, SD. His kids are there too. One sister in Elbert, CO and one in Rustburg, VA.

Judi I love Hallmark Christmas movies. They all have the same plot but makes me cry every time. I really cannot manage all those shoot em up, knock em out, kill them movies. I will watch an old musical before some of this newer stuff. Thanks for the update on Sophia. Prayers for a quick recovery. Glad it is Covid neg.

Tina what do you mean you didn't need any heat? Oh my gosh, I would freeze. We have 54 right now, only getting to around 57, looks like rain could start anytime. Calls for showers off and on. We had nice blue skies this AM but they are gone.

Jana I am sure that tree will be beautiful.

Lyn we have breakfast, lunch and dinner too.

Chriss I almost always do jammies and slippers for church. Of course I am watching online and no one sees.

Not much else on the agenda today. Need to finish the chores. Would like to get my Manger/Jesus cut and my BOM cut. I plan to leave the TV off for encouragement. Time for Dad's morning snack so duty calls.

Have a blessed Sunday.
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