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Wednesday, Nov 30th

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Wednesday, Nov 30th

Post by purrfect-lady » Wed Nov 30, 2022 4:23 am

Good morning,

We were 83* yesterday and we ran our AC. It was still hot at bedtime. This morning, we're 43*! I woke up with a cold nose again! Brrrr!!!

SUZ - sorry your sweatshirt is late. The holidays always slow everything down with USPS, UPS, FED EX, and private shipping rooms. And apparently Etsy. QIAD called me yesterday saying they had mailed a pattern I ordered from them, but it came back to them as "no such address". Yet it was my DD's correct address and we've received other mail there without a problem. I hope your ETSY seller gets back to you soon.

LOIS - what's not to love about your beautiful DWR! Did Rosie know you were making it for them? The patterns you ordered - were they On Wander Lane? I did see that QIAD has at least 6 of them. I'm not doing it, but I was curious so I snooped thru their website.

MARY Q - snow! And friends sent us a picture of snow at home, too, though just a dusting. I love snow! Glad the testing is over, but you're no further ahead than when you started. Are you going to pursue with other doctors or just "wait and see"? You must be a complex lady. 😻

VAL, thank you for the prayers for my DB and DSIL. I am offering up return prayers for your DBIL. Does he know what's wrong? Flu? Covid? RSV? Cold? If you were in bed by 6pm you must have been really tired! I also worked night shift for 20 years. I slept whenever I could. Interesting story about the young lady you met. We'll say some prayers for her, too.

CHRISS - for some unknown reason Medicare doesn't cover Shingles shots, so there's no point waiting until age 65 to get them. They are expensive, but you only need one case of shingles to know they are worth it! And if you're out shopping for immunizations, don't forget pneumonia shots! 46 yrs ago I had pneumonia and was sick with high temps for 2-1/2 months. I thought I was going to die, and didn't care! Pneumonia is still a killer. Get vaccinated! Now they have Prevnar 20 out and you can bet I got mine. And thanks for all the ideas for little gifts. I'll make a list and post it on my sewing room bulletin board. I'll draw from that list every year.

TINA - did you get your last room decorated? It's been so long since I've been home for Christmas that I've almost forgotten what I decorate! Living and family rooms for sure, a little bit in the main bathroom, and a couple things in the kitchen. I leave the mistletoe up all year long. For years now, for all the good it does me :cry:

FLO - I don't want pegboard in my sewing room either. It takes up too much wall space. I store my rulers in an old LP rack and my other tools either in a small drawer or in a picnic silverware & napkin holder.

JUDI - I know you're up! Is Christmas Wonderland all finished at your house?

KATHY - you were making totes for Christmas. Did you get them finished? I love the totes you made me!

JANA - are you snowed in? My sis in CO got 3". That was my last report from them and it was still snowing. Happy birthday to Karlie today! The big 0-7! For my 7th birthday I got a dark blue/burgandy book bag and a fishing pole. I still have the fishing pole! What is Karlie getting?

My sister-in-law passed away yesterday evening in Fairbanks. I have to say it was a blessing but I know the pain my sweet brother is going through. God bless them both and all their family.

Yesterday Bill put up Christmas lights outside. He has large white bulbs lining our trailer roofline, the tree in our site decorated, a "river" of blue twinklers running up and down our back ladder, and a projection thing projecting snowflakes on the side of our RV that my sis and dbil will be parked on when they arrive. Funny, at home he grumbles about lighting, especially outdoor lights. But here - he goes all out and makes the plans himself! Men! They just aren't like other people.

I worked on mug rugs. They are all pieced and 10 are quilted. Another 12 are sandwiched and ready to quilt, and 8 still need smiles embroidered on them before quilting. Soon I will start binding. Whew! Quilting each one only takes about 2 or 3 min but the embroidery takes more like 10 min for each one. I have to admit, I'm ready to work on something different.

Today, I'll be needing to fill some more bobbins.

Mary z

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Re: Wednesday, Nov 30th

Post by FlorenceM » Wed Nov 30, 2022 4:44 am

Morning Maryz and all to follow
Maryz, I store most of my rulers on cout rack that hangs over closet door. I use split rings that clip open & shut to hang them. The small ones without holes are in a drawer.
Yesterday went to heck in a hand basket. About noon DDIL called to see if I had a hand brace. She fell and hurt her wrist. If still sore today she will call doc.
Today is run to Walmart to pick up meds, gal picks up pegboard, wrap quilt that ships to NJ so it can be shipped tomorrow., clean pellet stove....I'm tired already.
Have a sew great day

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Re: Wednesday, Nov 30th

Post by fabricgirl » Wed Nov 30, 2022 4:48 am

Good Morning Mary and all who follow,

No Mary Rosie new nothing about it and what a surprise it was I sent Mary Q a picture of it so she could put it on here for me.

We went to the scavenger hunt yesterday and it was successful so happy I started gathering cookie baking ingredients and that always make me happy.

Today there is a little wash that could use my attention and those borders that still need to be cut and put on :lol: .
So that's what I will be doing.

Mary prayers went out to you and your family.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Wednesday, Nov 30th

Post by grammiequilts » Wed Nov 30, 2022 5:15 am

Good Morning Prayers for those who are sick and for the for the family andMary's DSIL who went to heaven yesterday...I was up at 7 this morning I woke earlier but couldnt get my eyes opened enough to get up... I am still in my jammies and have a last load of laundry going...i didnt get it all done yesterday.
Today I will finish the 2nd tree and get the wreathes fluffed and up. I try to get one on each inside door and the dining room windows...I think that is the last bin to empty...just a few odds and ends,,to go. I too will get the baking stuff this week and that will be the fun around here next week...My next sewing project will be the veterans quilt....it wont get delivered till the meeting in January..so now I have breathing room...I have been missing my sewing but know I will have plenty of snow dark winters nights to sew...I will try to set a day next week to make pierogi for the Christmas eve feast. it is a request. and my family has a list of flavors, potato and cheese, blueberry, kraut, and Polish sausage to name a few...potato and cheese to be the favorite for sure..this year. they freeze well and It is fun to make...
I need to get dressed and do something with my hair...( yikes) and finish the laundry I will have coffee and put on the Christmas music too...Have a wonderful day.....XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Re: Wednesday, Nov 30th

Post by gershwin64 » Wed Nov 30, 2022 5:58 am

Good morning everyone!
Mary, prayers for your family. I know your brother will be lost without her, my Dad still is and it'll be 5 years in less than a month that we lost Mom.
I have everything decorated except putting up my nativity scene and that'll be today. After I vacuumed yesterday I just couldn't do it because of my back, vacuuming does it in.
LOL you woke up with a cold nose at 43° and yesterday morning when it was 43° here I felt like it was a heatwave.... we're 25° right now.
Flo, I hope your DDIL's wrist is ok. You do have a busy day today, take some relaxing time too.
Lois, looking forward to seeing Rosie's quilt! Our locally owned store had flour and sugar and other baking things on sale before Thanksgiving so that made me happy to get my baking things too, I was wondering if they'd go on sale this year, they didn't last year or year before...I guess because of covid and the mess everything was. But I'm ready now.
Judi, your house sounds so wonderful! I bet it's a happy home and house, I can just feel it smiling from here ❤ I've never tried those pierogies, I should look them up.
Today will be putting up the nativity scene and doing laundry. Also Lois and Lori helped me with finding a pattern that I was looking for so I'm going to make a sample before using the little bit of the fabric I have that is needed for it. I think I used 4 different fabric strips instead of 2 like the directions show LOL I just had to be different huh 🤷‍♀️ I hadn't planned on making another with this pattern because I do remember it was a challenge for me because I used 4 fabrics..... but it's been a request so I'm gonna try 😊
You all have a great day!

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Re: Wednesday, Nov 30th

Post by WeSignificant » Wed Nov 30, 2022 6:14 am

Happy Hump Day! happy to see all the SS gifts are making their way around the USA! I guess Christmas time is as good a time as ever to take a trip. Sounds like many of them are. :lol: Maybe we should have stayed with the pony express!

Turns out DBIL has a horrible case of the flu. He did get his flu shot but as with Covid, it doesn't cover all aspects. I have not heard from him since yesterday AM but will call later if still don't hear anything. There is a neighbor there that can go to the little store there and get him soups, etc.

Maryz so sorry for your loss. Your Brother must be devastated. My Mom passed away 17 years ago and Dad rarely if ever mentions her. I think maybe the Dementia plays a role in that. Prayers for his comfort.

I did get a small amount of stitching done on my binding on my turning 20 quilt. It was near noon when I got home from Dad errands. I have to do a bit more grocery shopping today as the base was plum out of chicken. Not one wing did they have. Wondering if chicken is our new short on supply? The base also did not fill one of Dad's meds so I will start all over with that.

36 here this AM, Only going to get into the 50's today. I think I will wait until this afternoon to go out. This is cold for us. Storm supposed to be moving in by tomorrow.

Well guess I best get some things done before CG gets here. Also need to get dinner in the crock pot. Oh and the drawing for Nov lotto is today!

Have a great day everyone.
A Friend is God's way of making sure we never walk alone!

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Re: Wednesday, Nov 30th

Post by auntjana » Wed Nov 30, 2022 6:15 am

Good morning!

Still dark outside, but a tad bit warmer, if you call 25 warmer! LOL!

After my little Pixie went to bed last night, I brought out my BD table runner and the chair cover. Put them where she'd see them this morning getting ready for school. Even her present, a fancy dress. This one is a plaid taffeta dress, a gold sash, with fabric roses, that ties in a bow in the back. It has a green velveteen jacket that goes along. Hoping it fits! It's a grandma tradition, to get a new fancy dress for my little girls each year at Christmas. I have two matching dresses for Gracie and Lila - taffeta with lots of pink roses and ties for a bow in the back. Emma too, but she's is no longer a taffeta dress little girl, more grown up and tailored.

Today is our usual Ethan run. It's his concert tonight. Our snow has stopped, which is a good thing for driving!

At Karlie's class,, the parents come in at the end of the day and share a milestone that happened during each year of her life. Then Karlie has a after school art club. Daniel and Kari are taking her out to eat, then do something special. Right now, there's a Festival of the Trees, that hundreds of trees are really decked out and auctioned off for Primary Children's Hospital. It is a sight to see. There's also a spectacular Christmas light display called Luminaria, that you walk through, but that's outside and it's cold! For her party, they are going ice skating at the Herriman ice ribbon, on Saturday. A very different set of activities to chose from, than she had in California!

No incidents for me yesterday. A good thing! A bit of sewing is planned.

Kari received another call for a job interview. The last one didn't work out. This company is closer to us here, so we'll see how that goes. It's a in the office position, so I may get more sewing time in my Batt Cave.

Sun's up, I'm not,
Better get going,
Hugs and many prayers,

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Re: Wednesday, Nov 30th

Post by maryq » Wed Nov 30, 2022 7:47 am

Good Morning All

My turn to have a sleepless night last night. I'm hoping I burned a few calories with all the tossing and turning I did! I heard the plows do the parking lot in front of my garage about midnight. From my warm cozy bed I could see bright lights casting on my bedroom walls... kind of spooky, so I had to get up and check it out! Man that plow was huge! Anyway.... I digress.... I've been up for a while now, showered and dressed.

first thing I did was to post the picture of Lois's DWR quilt... It's amazing.. Be sure you go take a look.

Maryz... Oh dear, I am so sorry for your loss, and especially for Gene... while it's a blessing for Marge, I'm sure Gene will feel kind of broken hearted for a while. I send my prayers of comfort for him as well. You must let him know that we are all thinking about him. Not sure what I'll do next... I'm going experiment, I'll quit taking one of the OTC meds I've been taking for heartburn and see if that helps. Ok so I had the Prevnar 13 shot when I was working, I did get pneumonia in 2019, should I get the Prevnar 20 now? I still haven't gotten my 4th covid booster.. ooopps But I did get my flu shot.

Flo...My goodness you have a busy day planned. No wonder you are tired! Hope DDIL's wrist is ok and nothing broken!

Lois.... As you've been scavenging up baking supplies, have you noticed how expensive everything is this year? Butter and eggs especially---at least here, Butter is $4.49/lb eggs $3.49. I did grab 2 more lbs of butter just to make sure I had some on hand. And the recipe for my Mom's Cranberry bread, uses shortening... I like the sticks.. Target had NONE!

Judi... You have 2 Christmas trees? Last year I had 2 trees up too, but no room here. In fact I think 1/2 of my decor is still in the attic in the garage! Shawn will have to make another trip! I remember pictures of you decor from last year, I think I still have them on my "Post images" I'm just excited to to decorate my fire place mantel!!

Tina!! Hey nice to see you poke your head in here! With all you have going on... Glad you found the pattern you are looking for. I had to check out the link, and I love that pattern! Another one I'll have to keep in mind to use up one of the several jelly rolls I have.

Valerie... Hope you DBIL feels better soon.. Yup, that's the thing about Flu shots.. it can only cover so much.. It's kind of an estimated guess when they make the vaccine as new strains pop up all the time. I heard there was going to be a shortage of turkey this year, but I haven't noticed it. Hope you find some chicken... I kind of cheat when I buy chicken... and just buy the breasts or tenderloins in the bag!

Jana.... Happy Birthday to Little Miss Karlie! I can just picture her new fancy dress!! Did it fit? So fun to dress little girls up in lace and bows and petticoats! My Jen wanted to wear blue jeans when she was in my sister's wedding in 1983!

Spent all day working on a project on the embroidery machine for my sister! Am making 17 Chapstick holders for some of her co-workers. Super easy and super fun! Decided to make some for my family too... Laundry is started here, so I'm going to head to sewing room with my large cup of coffee. Truth to tell, I make a whole pot of coffee every morning, but I bet I really only drink 3-4 cups, it mostly gets cold and/or I've forgotten where I've set down my cup! But I have learned to always have a cup with a cover on it!

Thoughts and prayers for all of you today!

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Re: Wednesday, Nov 30th

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Wed Nov 30, 2022 8:15 am

Good morning. It's going to be a wonderful day today. We are supposed to start feeling winter this week. Rain, cold, perhaps a little wind. Bring it on Mother Nature, I am ready.

I have Medicare counseling this afternoon and plan to sew a bit this morning. Friday there are three craft fairs going on. Nice that the local groups do this all at the same time.

Maryz, those mug rugs really are going quickly but I can see where you might want to set them aside for a bit. I have a sidewinder to wind my bobbins and do about 10 at a time. So nice to be able to replace the bobbin and not have to fill it first. Sorry about your SIL, prayers for Gene. Begining 2023 Medicare will cover many shots including shingles and other vaccines.

Flo, my rulers are almost all in a drawer. those that are too long for the drawer are in a plastic thing that you might see pamphlets or magazines sorted in at a doctors office, if that makes sense.

Lois, I love, love, love your DWR quilt. I bet the look of joy on Rosie's face was priceless, what a wonderful gift.

Judi, I love that you make Perogi, reminds me of my grandma. Hers were potato and cheese or kraut. both wonderfully delicious, Pedoha's were on the table at every Christmas. We also had Kielbasa as an appetizer along with other munchies. They don't make good kielbasa like they used to. Happy wreath fluffing day.

Tina, glad you found the pattern. We aren't baking or making candy like we used to, by we I mean Jerry, ingredient costs have soared.

Valerie, excited for the lotto drawing. what's going in the crock pot? we haven't cooked in the crock pot in a while, but we don't cook like we used to. Seems we make about two dinners a week that last a couple of days each. Not sure about a chicken shortage but do remember they predicted a turkey shortage and now there are a zillion turkey's still in stores.

Jana, I do believe that Karlie is going to have a perfect birthday. So many fun things to do. Like you I was also the pretty dress grandma. Has she seen the birthday decorations yet? I bet she will squeal with excitement. what fun to have kids around.

Maryq, those chapstick holders are cute. Did you put a key ring in yours? There are so many stocking stuffer ideas out there and Pinterest is the tunnel I travel through often. I just wish Pinterest offered a button that you could see everything that is free and not be inundated with Etsy sellers.

Hoping you all have a splendid day
Worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have

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Re: Wednesday, Nov 30th

Post by Quiltmom » Wed Nov 30, 2022 1:03 pm

Good afternoon all! Wind is so really blowing today. Good thing I don't have to go out today. Not even going out to get the mail. Wasn't able to get my knee shots on Saturday. Even though I got there 10 minutes after they opened there were still almost 20 people ahead of me. I made a regular appointment today with my doctor to just go in and have them in a couple of weeks. I have waited this long a bit more won't hurt. Actually the last few days they have felt better.

Maryz - So sorry to read about your sister-in-law's passing. Will be praying for your brother and his family. I remember that Medicare did not cover shingles shots when I was getting ready to retire from Kroger's so I got mine a couple of months before I retired and the insurance paid for it. You are right they are expensive.

Judi - Sounds like you are really getting your house ready for Christmas. Doug is coming over Saturday and helping me bring in the stuff from the train room. Some stuff is very old and getting worn so going to go through everything and see what I can throw out and what to save. My many small Nativity scenes stay up in my house all year and I get a new one each year. I have about 25 so far.

Sounds like your Secret Santa is getting really busy. I didn't do it this year since not feeling that great because of my COVID. I didn't want to commit the way I was feeling. I plan on getting back in with all of you next year.

Well, have a good day and stay safe.

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