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Friday September 23,2022

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Re: Friday September 23,2022

Post by Quiltmom » Fri Sep 23, 2022 8:56 am

Good morning all! Another busy day in NW Ohio. The weather is cool but very sunny and nice. Need to go to grocery store when done here. Am hungry for my homemade lasagna but don't have any lasagna noodles. Also out of ice cream a staple in my freezer. Hope everyone has a safe and nice day. Tomorrow is Michigan Wolverine football day. Will also watch the Ohio State game at night.

Well, better get going. So glad I am finally completely well, I think. I will keep my fingers crossed. Have talked to others who got well then it snuck back just not as bad.


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Re: Friday September 23,2022

Post by maryq » Fri Sep 23, 2022 9:08 am

Good Morning...

Man I musta been tired last night... just woke up here a little bit ago and I'm still in my jammies... but before I do anything else, I thought I better check in here first.
Kind of a rainy dreary day, so it will be a good day to stay in and get something done! Not sure which project I'll tackle today... but I'm sure it will involve sitting at one sewing machine or the other!

Judi... Holey moley... poor Liam... all those bee stings! Glad he is ok and that he is NOT allergic or he'd be carrying an EPI-pen where ever he goes. Darn... you have to get a new couch? Does your old house have one of those other exits from the basement? Our first house did.. just like in the movies!

Maryz...Never thought I would bind a quilt by machine, as I do kind of enjoy the hand stitching process... but man what a time saver! I've been doing KC's by machine.. My own good quilts I'll probably still do by hand. Once you get the hang of it, it is a whole last faster. I use my walking foot as I think that helps quite a bit.

Izzy.... A week on the beach! Oh color me just a little bit green! I always thought if I ever won the lottery big time I'd build a house overlooking a beautiful beach somewhere. BUT High up to not have to ripped out by a hurricane! :lol: Enjoy your week off!

Flo... Don't you hate those long days spent in the car... They seem like such a waste of time. Now that I have to drive myself I can't take along knitting or anything to keep me busy. Used to do that when DEX drove every where.

Diane.. Definitely will send a prayer or two for your DH today. Man that Covid can sure make a mess of things can't it.

Lois,... Glad you are taking it easy. If you can even spend time in the sewing room kind of just soaking in all the atmosphere... that's a good thing!

Jana.... :lol: :lol: Minnesota beat you out as Happiest State? I wonder when they took that survey Spring or Winter!?? We are generally a pretty happy bunch, as long as our toes aren't frozen or the wind chill isn't 70 below! Never heard of Insurance only covering damage even if floor isn't available. I'd sure change insurance co. I have AAA and it's the best. When I had hail damage on my roof and only a couple tiny spots on 20 year siding.. they replaced it ALL and new gutters too!

Chriss.. Jerry is certainly sneaky... he didn't add a trip to Home Depot or the grocery store? Kind of fun tho, to be able to just jump in the car and spend a little time with the old man. Cherish that.

Lyn.... One year my kids decided to have a "marker fight" where they take black magic markers and swipe them at each other.... black permanent ink every where! up the wallpaper! Insurance covered new floor and wall paper and my time to re do it! Darn kids!

Think I'll go get butt in gear... haven't done a thing this morning. Will need a little more coffee as I'm determined to clean up sewing room a little and hopefully get some divine inspiration for SS gifts and for BFF!

Happy Friday Y'all

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Re: Friday September 23,2022

Post by WeeOne » Fri Sep 23, 2022 12:29 pm

Found my swap blocks! Someone at the post office put them in the wrong carrier's bag, that's why they couldn't be delivered yesterday.

I found several things for my Elf yesterday at the Quilt Fair and 2 QS's. Now to get a box together with patterns and fabrics to take to Texas and sew.

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