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Tuesday July 5, 2022

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Tuesday July 5, 2022

Post by fabricgirl » Tue Jul 05, 2022 4:59 am

Good morning Everyone,

We are supposed to be in the 80's today and rain by the afternoon.

We are getting ready to go to bjs and then back home and I will do a load of wash and finally start sewing.

Well thats all the news here.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Tuesday July 5, 2022

Post by grammiequilts » Tue Jul 05, 2022 5:48 am

Good Morning Lois, It has been a rockin rollin night here,,,First I couldnt fall asleep it was near 11. then storms came through at 3 am Lotsa noise and rain...Finally fell alseep around 4 and didnt get up til 730. I feel like I worked all night.... I did get the floor runner into the wash this morning, It is a ruggable...washable rug and I love them. They come out of the washer like new. Not inexpensive but worth it. I have 2 of them...My DD has a whole house of them and with the 2 dogs,,,she loves them too.
Today Kn took the car to work so I am homebound...all the other laundry is done and put away...Dishwasher is empties and we got the basement mostly cleaned yesterday, House is orderly. I might have to sew today. I have 2 placemats ready to sew down the binding and one work in progress. it is a set of 6. After the placemats are done..( i have 2 sets to make) It will be either the Irish chain or Shermans March. both are queensized. I do have 2 to machine quilt...Need to check if I have batting in the stash...I will continue to make Quilters Garden blocks when the mood strikes. Hope your day is well planned,,,,,We will be 90 and humid again today,,,so Im sure Id rather sew than do yard work in the mud,,,XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Re: Tuesday July 5, 2022

Post by purrfect-lady » Tue Jul 05, 2022 6:13 am

Good morning Lois and everyone else!

I hope everyone had a nice Fourth, whether you partied hearty or pulled your curtains and relaxed in the pleasure of your own company. We had a very nice day. After wondering how many people we'd have - 4, 6, 8, or 10 - we ended up with 6. Just our two boondocking couples. One couple of our home friends got sick with Covid-like symptoms and chose to stay home and the other couple had been with them a few days before so in an abundance of caution, we all decided it was best if they stayed home, too. But we had a great time anyway, weather was good, we used paper plates and plastic silverware so hardly any dishes to do. A very nice Fourth of July around the campfire.

LOIS - happy shopping/laundry today. You are inspiring me to do one load of wash, too, so you may feel my spirit there with you and the Maytags today.

JANA - I LOVE your bench pillow! You really outdid yourself! Kimberbell really puts neat little details into their patterns, don't they. I'm glad Daniel is stopping in Elko for the night. I think you said he was originally planning to drive straight through and driving vehicles like he's driving would be an exhausting trip. Especially for little Karlie.

LYN - I'm sorry to hear about your precious drawing being damaged. I hope you are able to salvage it. I loved your photo of the doe and her fawn. Thank you for sharing that natural "upper"!

SHERRY - your day sounds nice. Glad you had Rob eat a soft pretzel for you. I wish I had thought to have him eat one for me, too! With mustard. Love 'em!

CHRISS - what a nice birthday celebration you had! Caramel ice cream - what a treat! And I'm glad you let yourself have that treat for your birthday. Sorry the service was slow but that gave you more time to sit and visit with the P's!

MARY Q - How was the parade and garage party yesterday? It sounded fun! Normally I don't care for parades much, but I would have liked that one! Especially if the kids all got to walk their dogs in it, too! And a garage party - how neat! And next up for you is your new floors and appliances! It's exciting to be you this month!

VALERIE - Good that you got in some sleep time. Best thing for getting over the last remnants of Covid. I'm glad your DBIL's housing is working out. When I first started to read your post I was thinking you were bringing him to your house and I was picturing him and your dad as roomies, perhaps with bunk beds! But glad it all worked out for him - and you. Funny you mentioned the SS. I was thinking the same thing. It usually starts up around the end of Aug or beginning of Sept, doesn't it? Mary has left pretty big boots to fill (get it? Because Santa wears boots?) but I know Tina is up to it!

JUDI - Wow! You have a dishwasher! I'm jealous! yes - what color will you be painting your downstairs? I know you've told us, but looks like we've all forgotten! Do you have any windows or natural light down there? You've got your sewing projects all lined up and organized! Sweet! Do you plan any sewing for Christmas?

Well, Lowe's was open yesterday and apparently doing a booming business as they were too busy to return calls. Bill must have talked to three different folks in three different calls and each time they said someone else would call us back. And three different people went to the warehouse (they said) and looked through everything but couldn't find the dishwasher anyplace. So we're waiting on calls back from the appliance manager today. One of the people Bill talked to encouraged us to try to get the appliance mgr to give us the next level up machine (which costs $200 more that the one we ordered) as a way of "making things right". What a saga this is turning out to be. If only the people who loaded the truck had simply called to say, "Tell that customer not to remove his old dishwasher yet!!" It's the lack of communication, lack of concern for their customer, lack of common courtesy that is really bumming us. Not so much the fact that the appliance is missing. I wonder if they'd find it if they looked on Craig's List . . . . . Maybe someone in the warehouse has a sticky hand truck . . . . In the meantime, I'm handwashing dishes, which to tell you the truth, I don't really mind. Not for this interim, anyway. But I really need to remember my rubber gloves. My hand eczema is starting to rear it's ugly head again. My dermatologist would not be happy.

I had quite a lot of time to sew little stars yesterday. Boy did I ever miscalculate when I was cutting! What was I thinking?? Why did I think I needed eight 2" squares per block?? I only needed 4. And I cut enough for 240 blocks. (I have 190 done). So someone else do the math, please, because obviously I can't. But I'm going to have a LOT of extra squares left over! :?

Today - washing dishes, clothes, and myself. Then more stars, I think. Maybe vacuum the living room. The house, garage, yard, dishes will all be caught up by 10am. An almost free day here!

Have a great day!
mary z

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Re: Tuesday July 5, 2022

Post by auntjana » Tue Jul 05, 2022 7:21 am

Good morning!

The neighborhood fireworks were tamed down from years past. They ended for the most part by 10:30. Ethan came down and watched from the deck with us. Tonight will be the last night to legally shoot fireworks off, until July 23rd, through the 25th - our Pioneer Day celebration.

Kari and Karlie along with Smoky, the kitty, will be here to us tonight. Those two are driving straight through, alone. Daniel will be following an hour or so behind them. He still needs to get a vehicle he is towing hooked up to the Uhaul. He is spending the night still in Elko. Kari is coming straight through because she has the kitty with her and Karlie.

Sarah and Joseph finished the new Koi pond yesterday. It even has water now! They added a small waterfall as well. Some kind of junk little fish were added to see if they survive first, before the koi are added back from the dining room. Now she has time, LOL, to get my yard going!

We have a appointment to get another booster shot this morning. It's a Michael thing, I am not in the mood to get a shot!

Sewing later in the Batt Cave. I have another Kimberbell bench pillow kit , called May Flowers. Cute daisy shaped flowers in terra cotta pots. No lights for this one! I did order a new pillow form, so I won't need to disturb Main Street. The new pattern takes quite a bit of math - measuring and marking placement lines. I will measure, measure again and then walk away. Then come back later and measure again, before starting. Oh, and read the directions several times too.


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Re: Tuesday July 5, 2022

Post by maryq » Tue Jul 05, 2022 7:59 am

Good Morning Girls

Happy Day After The Fourth! Looks like it's going to be another warm one here too! A great stay-inside day!

Lois... Thanks for the reminder, it's laundry day here too! I need to wash every stitch of dirty clothes I can find as I think somebody is come to take my old washer/dryer out this weekend! Better do sheets too while I'm at it! In between you know I'll be sewing something... I need a big boost of endorphins and that's the way I get them!

Judi... Man you had a rough night!!! I never thought I had allergies but the Dr. suggested I take a Claritan every day.. so I've been taking one at night and I have to say I think I'm sleeping better. Though there are nights the brain won't go to sleep. I'll have to look up Shermans March as I don't think I know what that pattern is. Funny you mention Irish chain, that's my POTD.. to sew together some IC blocks

Maryz... STILL no dishwasher?!!! When I was at HD to get my appliances, it was crazy busy so I asked the gal if they were having trouble getting help---she said "keeping 'em" so might be a thing that people start jobs then quit! Still gotta be so frustrating that people won't call you back.. and hey if they offer an UP grade... go for it Or better yet, make them install it!
The parade consisted of 4 riding lawn mowers, one guy dressed up as "Maverick" from Top Gun, 2 tractors and a few kids and some adults with an extra can of beer in their back pockets... but it was cute. Just enough entertainment for us old folks.

Jana... Your pillow is so darn cute. I have a little bench by my front door that would be perfect for a pillow like that. BUT it will be way down on my TO DO list. I'm still trying to work on skinnies for my front door.

Not much I need to do today besides laundry and a quick run to the PO to mail lotto blocks. Need to keep moving stuff out of the way for the floor guy to come on Monday, but I think I'll do that between sewing blocks. I miss sewing something so bad!! Though I did make some cute little curtains for KC yesterday, her little apartment is so ugly that I thought some curtains would brighten it up.. She had some cute fabric--too heavy for quilt--that I used up. I'll go over tomorrow and put them up and probably won't get back until everything is settled up at my house.

For now it's coffee and a shower

Happy Tuesday every one!

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Re: Tuesday July 5, 2022

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Tue Jul 05, 2022 8:19 am

Good morning. It's going to be a great day today.

Glad to not have been kept awake by fireworks last night. They aren't legal in this county because of fires. Thankfully it seems people took it seriously.

Lois, it's like we are twins because my day mimics yours. I will be going to Costco, have a load in the wash and will play in my room. That and the fact that we are beautiful makes us like twins.

Judi, I would love to have a huge storm here. We are in need of the rain and I don't anticipate it coming anytime soon. You have a full day. Hope the work part goes quickly and the play part is long.

Maryz, sorry you are seeing stars. You could make a second quilt. Sadly I think that customer service is a thing of the past. Sorry for your dishwasher woes. Hoping that since today is a regular business day you can get it resolved.

Jana, I really like your pillow, it's adorable. can't wait ot see your next one.

Maryq, seems like you've been helping KC for quite a while, have you made a dent?

I need to get started, you girls have a fun day.

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Re: Tuesday July 5, 2022

Post by WeSignificant » Tue Jul 05, 2022 10:07 am

Happy Tuesday, Temps are going to start going up again today.. Although I think there'll still be in the high seventies until tomorrow.

Fireworks are illegal in my town too but nobody pays attention to that. they were setting them off until 130 this morning. You can call the police but unless they have set your house on fire they won't come. So hoping they have run out so I can sleep tonight.

Errands to do this morning.. Then I'll either take a bit of a nap this afternoon or go to the sewing room. I need to make one more July lotto block and then start thinking about August.

Mary I can't believe that they can't seem to get a dishwasher delivered. When we bought ours we bought it from A guy who's a private person but he owns 2 or 3 stores in my area. We went ahead and just picked it up ourselves in the contractor installed it.

Nothing much else new today. Off to get a few things done. Have a great day
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