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Friday July 1,2022

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Friday July 1,2022

Post by FlorenceM » Fri Jul 01, 2022 4:42 am

Happy July!
Valerie just read you cam sprinkle powdered milk on soil at base of tomatoes then water it in.
We will have a guest for weekend. DS1 old driving partner coming for visit. He is like a son to us. Kids house is only a 2 bedroom .
Heat starting to build up again...yuk.
Have a great day

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Re: Friday July 1,2022

Post by grammiequilts » Fri Jul 01, 2022 5:30 am

Good Morning Flo. It is sunny here and going to 86, I need to go up to the farm store for milk and I thought I would wash my car today. We get our milk directly from a dairy farm...it tastes so much better than stor bought milk...we buy low fat and it still tastes so much better. It comes in glass bottles and our grandkids used to get stomach aches from drinking milk. When we switched to farm milk the stomach aches stopped,, ken had the same problem and he loves milk. ( and cookies) It is called small batch pasturization and it doesnt kill off all the good things in milk.
I have 2 more rows of the hexi quilt to do,,,but yesterday Liam cut the grass and while he was here we found out he was rostered to play hockey with his high school team ( he start high school in the fall ) last night so we finished the grass got dressed and went to supper at our local diner (cheeseburgers and onion rings) and headed to the ice rink...it was so good to watch hockey again....and our boy...He was nervous as he had never playd a real game with these guys ( he has been going to practices),,,( some varsity and some prep team) He did well and got a good amount of ice time...they won 7-2...
Well its time for me to get going,,Its going to be a great day!!! I do have to make cole slaw for the family picnic tomorrow too.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Re: Friday July 1,2022

Post by purrfect-lady » Fri Jul 01, 2022 6:03 am

Good morning,

FLO - happy guest-having! It will be good to see old friends again.

MARY Q - How are you feeling today? Fever? Cough? Snotty nose? Sore throat? Thick mucous? Headache? Dizzy? Body aches? Fatigue? Appetite? Really, you might want to get tested for Covid. The Omicron variation presents almost like a cold. I checked out your nephew. There were a LOT of guys (and one gal!) with same name. I hope he was the one you had selected in your link. I bet you are proud of him! And rightly so! His book sounds interesting.

JUDI - Can't believe it's already that time of year! I'm sure Cheyenne is getting excited to come visit. Your household will, once again, be jumping! Where will Sophia be going on her cruise? I so agree on sparklers, even though I loved them as a kid. I also worked in a burn unit during training and had to take care of a badly burned 5 yr old girl - that looked just like my Autumn, who was also 5 at the time. That was a rough assignment!! Personally, I'm in favor of banning all fireworks except in the hands of professionals. But people say I sound like a grumpy old lady. Well, yeah!! Congratulations to your Liam! Hard to believe he is in high school. Have fun at the party today!

JANA - will your handyman be replacing that deck door this go-round? Glad your house is all wired up now. I think ours must be, too. Being a network engineer with no network to be engineering, Bill is always doing something here. His latest is devising fast internet for our Boondockers but keeping ours restricted so they can't get to our stuff. The way I say it doesn't sound quite as technical as when his is explaining it to me, but I guess it's like adding a separate phone line to the same house? I can see destroying old cribs that no longer meet today's safety standards, but not ones that do! There must be someone in your church that could use it? And are you sure no more grands will be making an appearance?? You might still need it one day . . . .

LYN - happy belated birthday! I was going to text you last night, but I fell asleep. Sorry. I wish I could say I dreamed about you at least, but sorry again. I hope you had a very special day even if my good wishes are late to the party.

LOIS - has your DWR gone off to the quilter yet? What will be your next project? You always make such interesting things!

CHRISS - What's happening in your world today?

Our Boondocker finally came out of her trailer. We saw her car drive out yesterday evening. She must have gone for dinner, because when Bill was out with Scottie later she was back, and came out and offered him two fish tacos. She said the restaurant put salsa on them which she didn't like so Bill gets them. Some boondockers give us little thank you gifts - a bottle of wine, a poster, a drawing, candy, a gift card. But this is a first for fish tacos! lol!

We went to Tacoma and picked up Chip! Yay! He was only gone two weeks, not the three weeks they promised. So we dropped Stitch off for his turn at the spa. Then we hit Trader Joe's on the way home and also stopped to make a generous donation at Goodwill. I love seeing boxes of stuff go out of the house! I spent the afternoon cutting little squares for my little star blocks. Each 4" block takes one 2-1/2" square and eight 2" squares. I have 74 cut out and I'll cut enough for 20 more blocks today. All different fabrics. I have some of the background white already cut so I'll use up those and then start cutting again. My blocks are all 4-1/2", unfinished.

I suddenly realized that July 4th is right around the weekend! We're having beautiful weather now but that day is supposed to be mid-60's with a rainy morning. We invited friends, Tex & Annette, for campfire & BBQ but it may be up on the deck huddled under quilts and gathered around the patio warmer instead or even in the house around the wood stove! But whatever the weather, we will still have a good time.

What is everyone else's plan for the Fourth?

Happy sewing!
mary z

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Re: Friday July 1,2022

Post by auntjana » Fri Jul 01, 2022 6:44 am

Good morning!

A beautiful day is appearing here. Just the perfect temp, for right now. The day will heat up, and I will go down, to the nice cool Batt Cave. Ethan and the little girls will be here this afternoon, for a short time. Kate is helping out a community event for a few hours.

Yes, the door is this go round. We are having a hard time finding one. It's a very specific door we need, so it may end up custom. $$$ Or our handyman building it, he can do that. And the lead time wait for it to arrive is long!

I am getting my hair trimmed back into the right length this morning and then back home. A few minor things and we are ready for the new adventure, Daniel, next week. His company gave him a huge bonus, as he leaves and threw a huge office party yesterday too.

Not much else here - already I need a nap! LOL!


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Re: Friday July 1,2022

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Fri Jul 01, 2022 7:06 am

Good morning. It's starting to be a gorgeous day today. So far the windows are open, but that won't last long. The house will be closed up about 10am where we will start the climb to 90*. Thankfully not triple digits.

Tonight is bingo at the senior center. I will make my $20 donation. It's really a fun night. I enjoy it.

Flo, enjoy your company.

Judi, yay Liam. How exciting for him. It's been fun watching your grands grow up. Love cheeseburgers, they are so much better at a diner than at home it seems. I would love some coleslaw but am the only person who will eat it. Jerry doesn't do mayo.

Maryz, we don't have anything planned for the 4th. It's kind of a crazy weekend to travel and fireworks are banned here. Yay for Bill getting fish taco's. Glad Chip is home. My plan is to find floral fabric for the lotto blocks and get them going and I have my bean bags filled with plastic pellets and ready to stitch closed by hand. I was looking to see if QIAD was having their annual birthday sale (El's bday.) but don't see anything yet.

Jana, yay for Daniel, bet you are loving getting to have all your kids near you. what is the right length for your hair? I will be playing in my room too.

Our Verizon is moving to 5g and Jerry's phone won't be compatible as of the first of the year. I called their customer service and was able to get him a new phone by paying the sales tax and upgrade fee. So, $68.00 and he will have a phone that works. It should be in the mail soon and I will send them an old phone as a trade in. I thought I was going to have to cancel his line because I am unwilling to spend money on a phone. If you have a phone with this issue complain until you get it for free.

I'm thinking about going on a hike to Nelder Grove tomorrow. It would be fun and is 2.5 miles. Would be nice if someone could go with me but it seems that the girls don't want to do anything anymore. I will probably have to just do things on my own.

You girls have a marvelous day, hope it's the best ever.

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Re: Friday July 1,2022

Post by WeSignificant » Fri Jul 01, 2022 7:34 am

Happy Friday everyone! Tested negative this am on home test. Sent to the boss, will see what she says. Going to take a PCR to clarify. Still cough with easy winding with activity but feeling better.

Flo I am going to give that milk solution a try. That is the same of calcium. I will still stop by nursery though and ask them. Struggling with most every thing this year except the green onions. Peaches may work out this year though. I can see them out my sewing room window and they seem to be growing good. Lost last years crop to leaf curl.

Judi I have not had bottled milk since we lived in Europe. I was 8 I think. I have tried hexi but just don't do well with those little stitches. Maybe when I am retired and don't feel so rushed I will try again. I love the way they look. And you make so many different designs. Liam is starting high school? When did that happen. Lots of luck to him.

Maryq I was wondering the same thing. Could be Covid. Not that you would treat any differently but may want to be more cautious around others.

Maryz I guess I am a grumpy old lady too because fireworks really are not safe, "Safe and Sane" is just a way to make a buck. We have had so many fireworks related fires here this year it isn't funny. I guess I have to ask, what exactly is a Boondocker? I plan to stay home for the 4th.

Jana (and whoever else wants to know) there have been studies shown that using a used crib increases the risk for SIDS. Especially the mattress. This places the 2nd hand stores at risk for lawsuit if something happens. I believe it is now a federal law. Correct me if I am wrong. A new custom door sounds pricey but bet it will be beautiful. Sometimes you just gotta go for it!

Chriss we will still be in the low 70s here. Only 55 now. I think they should change the annual sell to El and Chriss's birthday sale! It would be cool if people born on El's birthday got a little special discount or something. 2.5 mile hike sounds wonderful but not even sure I could do a mile yet. I spoke to an RN I know last night and she says with my asthma even though I have tested neg this AM, I may have respiratory issues for weeks to come. I thanked her for the wonderful news!

We have no plans for 4th of July. It will be too cold to take Dad out to see the show and unfortunately it is just not safe here after dark. Especially around holidays. We can see the fireworks from our bedroom window so we can watch it there if we want.

Plan to finish 2 more Lotto blocks today. Have some errands to do. Will mask up, never want this again. Not sure what else I might do. Have a great day everyone.
A Friend is God's way of making sure we never walk alone!

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Re: Friday July 1,2022

Post by maryq » Fri Jul 01, 2022 8:14 am

Good Morning Girls

Had to throw open a window this morning... it's not hot yet, but need some FRESH air! I'm starting to feel a little more "human" this morning and not quite so much a "snot machine" I'm hoping that by tomorrow I'll be back to normal--what ever that is!

Flo.. Your milk on tomatoes works! I remember doing that on mine a few years ago when I googled "blossom end rot" and it made a big difference.

Judi.... So Liam is all set to play hockey for the school team this year? How awesome is that!!! I bet he's pretty excited.. He'll be in 9th grade? or 10th? My SIL Dave played hockey all through high school so he's trying to get Eli excited about it. Try this recipe for coleslaw... it's really really good https://www.pinterest.com/pin/492510909261468419/

Maryz... I'm feeling much better this morning: no fever; no cough; runny nose; watery eyes; no soar throat. I have some Covid test kits here I should probably take, just in case though I don't know if they would catch that other variant. If I am feeling much better tomorrow I want to go over to KC's and I should probably test first just in case. My nephew is the one with the beard! He is so stinking cute. I like fish, but I don't think I'd want it in a taco.. Is Chip happy to be home?

Jana... I just about imagine how excited you are to have Daniel and his family HOME with you!!! You will such a fun houseful!!

Chriss.... Thanks for starting the Prayer Circle... I peeked and saw Becca stopped by ... I sure think of her a lot and will most definitely send some prayers her way. Oh my gosh... It's July 1st and you don't have your July blocks done yet! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Wishing you good luck at Sr. Bingo! Do they have fun prizes? Did I tell you I won at Purse bingo once... an expensive Coach Purse!

Valerie... As I mentioned to Flo, the milk thing for tomatoes really does work! Seriously... a used crib can increase SIDS? I get the mattress part and they are reasonable enough to replace, but the whole Crib? The crib my kids used we bought at a garage sale and painted! Of course that was back in the 70's.

No big plans for the 4th here.. But the neighborhood up the street from my development of townhouses is having a Lawn Mower Parade and since they can't go on "city streets" they come down here because we are a private road! So I guess we all set up chairs and watch the kids come by and have a little picnic of snacks etc in one of my neighbor's garage! Think I'm going to make a cherry/apple desert recipe I saw on Facebook and bring that over.

For now it's more coffee and shower. Need to run to P O and then go pick up a loaf of bread... am craving tuna fish (sorry MZ) sandwiches. Might even run into Walgreens for some cold meds..

Wishing you all a Fabulous Friday

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