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Thursday May 26,2022

Daily discussions.
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Thursday May 26,2022

Post by fabricgirl » Thu May 26, 2022 3:09 am

Good morning Everyone,

It's cool morning here and we a suppose to go to 70⁰ today thats fine with me I can't believe that may is almost finished.
Today we have a few errands then it will be a cleaning day over the weekend I want to clean my room and I don't think I will be sewing for a bit.
Well there is nothing new to report I hope you all have a great day prayers go out to all.

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Re: Thursday May 26,2022

Post by velvet » Thu May 26, 2022 4:42 am

Good morning to all.
Yesterday the lunch with the cousins went well-lots of laughs. We all grew up within a few blocks of each other, as was usual in apartments in the city (Brooklyn) Then we grew up and started our families every one left for homes and jobs. Life has a way of getting in the way. Now at retirement, 4 of us live in Myrtle beach. We try to get together every month or so whether we hubbys or just the "girls".

Hope everyone has a great day.
Prayers and thoughts for the families in Texas.

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Re: Thursday May 26,2022

Post by grammiequilts » Thu May 26, 2022 5:11 am

Good Morning It is raining and we expect storms this afternoon. I am doing laundry and will work on a couple of things in the sewing room and make a small lasagna for supper/ with a salad. Ken is anxious to get the basement ready to paint...we still have a plumbing issue to fix and the rest of the ceiling befor the stairs...everytime we think we are headed for home something comes up. But we expect it to be done by July..when the flooring will be put in.
Hope your day is going as well as mine,,,Last night we had a good guild meeting..we are a small group,,,and some one else stepped in and insisted on doing the FQ challenge...I was disappointed but she has been in the group a lot longer than i so I let her have it. A few people were not there and we are having trouble getting the QOV blocks together so I might try and get a few made in the next 2 months,
It amazes me that a few people actually resist making qov blocks...one lady didnt like it at all.....sad..XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Re: Thursday May 26,2022

Post by purrfect-lady » Thu May 26, 2022 5:52 am

Good morning, everyone!

LOIS - your quilt is quite spectacular! I've forgotten who you made it for, but what a lucky person! I'd want a break, too! MSQC does quilting - 3 cents per square inch, edge to edge, and I think they will do fancy stuff, too, though that probably costs more. Last I read they had about a 5 week turnaround - longer as it gets closer to holidays.

DIANE - how nice it is that 4 of you cousins all live so close to each other once again. how many cousins in all? My grandmother grew up in an apartment in NYC, too. I have no idea where in the city, other than it was close to the East River, I think.

SHERRY - thanks for looking for my fabric. It must have been very popular! I think I might have a scrap of it coming from an Etsy person back east. But I'm not certain yet.

SHARONA - sounds like some fun times for you and yours. We miss you!

KATHY - I guess the days of paying a neighbor kid a few dollars to mow your grass are gone? I'm glad you found someone, but was surprised to learn they are from Austin, TX!

MARY Q - well, did you survive the dentist? What did you have done? I hate dental work, too. Did you find your walking foot? Maybe it 'walked' away! Most stations here have gasoline for about $5.39. But the Shell station closest to us is selling it for $6.19 (credit) or $5.99 (cash). That's the lowest grade. And I saw a car there at the pumps! When other stations are just 1/4 mile away! Diesel is about 80 to 90 cents more than gas at all stations.

LORI - If I left my yard cuties out all winter, they wouldn't be too cute any longer! I like having handwork on the side that isn't quilting. I do cross-stitch, embroidery, and I CAN crochet. I just don't. It kills my hands.

LYN - are your Texas neighbors year round residents? Nice to have them there when you aren't.

JANA - The Great Herriman Bake-Off! I remember when I took Home Ec, besides cooking we also learned how to thoroughly clean the kitchens. I'm guessing Ethan knows all about that, too!

JUDI - how did your guild meeting go? Sorry you aren't the new FQ lady but maybe you're meant to work on the QOV blocks instead. Sad that someone doesn't see that as a worthy cause. Did your friend go? Seems to me, you started your basement project in June, two years ago. Seems like you've hoped for a holiday party for two holiday seasons now. Hoping for Ken's sake this is the year!

Yesterday was chiropractor who really helped my neck, back, and hips. Then some kitchen work, a little time in my sewing room, and then I rode along with Bill to fill all our propane tanks. Joann's in Port Orchard is just down the road so I ran in to see if they had my fabric. Nada. Friends came over late afternoon for campfire and pizza. Today is a free day, though we will run to Costco this morning after Bill gets truck oil changed in Tacoma.

Funny cat story. My chiropractor gave me hand and wrist exercises to do. I stand and press my hands against the wall, arms straight, and stretch my wrists and hold 30 sec. My cat, Foxtrot, came around the corner and saw me. He studied me for a second then came over in front of me, faced the wall, then stood up on his back legs as tall as he could and stretched his paws up as close to my hands as he could get - and held. So funny! And so cute! And no one was there to take a picture!!

May we all have full bobbins today!

mary z

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Re: Thursday May 26,2022

Post by QuiltGram8 » Thu May 26, 2022 6:08 am

Good Morning to all of you. Maryz: omg! What an adorable story of your Kitty 🐈. Unbelievable and so sweet!
Just so sad listening to the reviews and reports from grieving families in Texas. 😟 People are desperate for answers and solutions.
In a lighter note, I finally got a pretty good night's sleep. Hope this is the beginning of the END of this being sick . Finally signs of improvement!
Rainy day here, I think, at least on again- off again kind of day.
Enjoy whatever you have lined up for this day.
HUGS, πŸ’• Vel

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Re: Thursday May 26,2022

Post by auntjana » Thu May 26, 2022 6:27 am

Good morning!

It's the milk run to Costco in a few minutes. Need to do it today, as we will have the little girls tomorrow. Taking Lila to the store, any store is a huge adventure! We will have the little girls as Kate and Aaron are both on duty and all my other kids are heading out to camp this weekend .

The landscaper was here, going over the details of the yard changes. We are removing areas of grass, to cut back on how much water is needed. We are probably going to change all the grass to a slow growing hybrid grass that uses less water as well. It's one of the grasses that is Sarah's sod company's. We will have one of her crews do the installation of the grass. The main landscaper will do most of the rest of the changes. My big boys will have work to do as well. We get a discount at the nursery for all the trees and plants. I am the sidewalk superintendent for the whole thing! LOL! Lots of new trees, a fire pit area, new walk to my front porch, new stuff for the park strip, and lots of low maintenance perennials - some are carpet roses, in reds, creamy yellows and whites. That's the color scheme for the yards. I can have carpet roses, as I am not allergic to those, hybrid tea roses, the ones you get a bouquets, I am allergic to.

Sarah needs a arm mat - like a mug rug, for use on her office desk. In the heat, out in her - she cave/office, her arm gets stuck on the desk. So that is my quick project for the day. Sarah wants it about 6x18.

No word on how Ethan's team did in the bake off. He is busy with the last day of school, which is today for him. My other kids get out next week.

We had quite the fright at 3:30 this morning. A huge bang and ka-thud woke us up. It sounded like someone fell down my stairs. Well, since the only two people supposed to be in the house were together in the same place, at the same time, we wondered what the noise was. Michael quietly crept out to look. All the doors and windows were still secure and the only thing out of place was one of the new pictures we hung, in the staircase fell off the wall. I share this as Michael has finally decided that we need a couple of security cameras added in the house. I have been wanting some, for awhile, but Michael was slow in getting the research done. Thank you, picture for falling, it will now get done quickly!

Not much else here,


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Re: Thursday May 26,2022

Post by FlorenceM » Thu May 26, 2022 6:44 am

Morning all
Never got to sewing room yesterday...today I will knock out those kitchen boas.
Just got call from urology...appointment is in June. I may have an answer in a few weeks and a solution!

Have a sew great day

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Re: Thursday May 26,2022

Post by maryq » Thu May 26, 2022 7:28 am

Good Morning All

I think the sun it out there somewhere... hidden behind thick cloud. But that's ok, but Saturday I'll be sweating to death as it gets up past 80*. Here it is the end of May and my furnace is still running! I do have a lovely view out my window this morning, the lilacs across the street are in full bloom. I wonder if anybody would notice if I went and cut a bunch ... love the smell of fresh lilacs... not so much when they are dead! :lol:

Lois... Are there any local bulletin boards for your area on Facebook? My city has a couple, and in the past when I've been looking for something, I post a question there. Perhaps somebody in the area will know somebody that can quilt for you. I'm so grateful that Viv will quilt for me and I finally got her to accept a very small payment... Normally she won't !

Diane... How fun to get together with the girls... Funny how you all ended up in Myrtle Beach! Do you suppose there are a LOT of New Yorkers in MB?

Judi.... What the heck....somebody won't make QOV blocks... seriously how hard is that! Man if I didn't have a zillion other things on my plate I'd make some and send them to you or Diane. Gracious of you to step aside and let the other gal have a the FQ challenge. Maybe some time in the future... you can host one here... Again.... a zillion things on my plate... actually a couple plates spinning at the same time.

Maryz... I did survive the DDS... but the news is not good.. I have to go back for 2 little fillings and then off to the endodontist for a rool canal.... which is weird because I have NO trouble with the tooth that needs a canal. But the reward will be I can go buy fabric.. :lol: :lol: :lol:
or maybe not after I get the bill. Too funny about Foxy exercising with you! Silly cat!

Velda... Oh Gosh I missed your birthday!!!! So sorry... Hope you had a fun celebration. And I missed that you haven't been feeling well, but you are on the mend?

Jana.... Hope your picture didn't break. I heard a thump like that the other night, but I still haven't figured out what it could be. Your plans for the landscaping sound beautiful, never heard of carpet roses. I can plant a few things around the edges of my townhouse and or course put flowers in pots.... which is on my list of things to do this weekend.

Flo... Good to hear you got an appt with the specialist... After a few tests they should be able to figure out what's going on with your UTI's!

Picked up my Janome from the shop yesterday so today I'll be chained to my sewing machine! Will get the binding on the t-shirt quilt so I can sew down while watching TV. Then I can get busy on quilts for K.C. (the gal I'm helping), and a couple of my own projects. Tomorrow I have a memorial service to go to for an old friend of my folks. She was 97 when she passed a few months ago.. Our families were practically raised together. When I get back from that, my neighbor Katie and I are ended to a big garage sale of a former quilter! I guess there is lots of fabric.! :lol: :lol:

Time for more coffee! If you need me I'll be in the sewing room.

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Re: Thursday May 26,2022

Post by WeeOne » Thu May 26, 2022 9:29 am

On and off rain again in the KC area.
Had to be to Dr office at 9:30 for blood tests. DH is getting an IV treatment now.

MaryZ, the neighbors on our backyard north side are there full time, though they do have a small trailer and camp occasionally. House on south side closed a few days ago, but don't have any details about who bought.
I think it's very nice of Foxy to exercise with you.

Velda, glad you're getting better.

Jana, glad it was only a picture. I put a Blink doorbell and 2 Blink inside cameras at the TX house. They work very well. I set one camera on the refrigerator looking into living room, it sees Patio door and the front where the hall goes to front door. The second one is set on the island cabinet to see the laundry room door, which has an outside entrance. I have a weather monitor that I can also see, so I know inside and outside temps. I also put up 2 Zetronix outside cameras. They are working very well. Zetronix has indoor cameras, too, but I already had Blink. Hope the info helps.

I hope to fondle fabric in the next few days. Not sure how I will put umbrellas together, they are all so pretty!!

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Re: Thursday May 26,2022

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Thu May 26, 2022 10:22 am

Good morning my beautiful friends. It's going to be a fantastic day today.

This morning I took the boys to school with their mom. The older boy received an award and I got to watch. I also was there when the entire school said the Pledge of Allegiance to a flag at half-staff. I am so thankful that our kids were able to say the Pledge and so sad for those who will never say it again.

Came home and am finishing the laundry. Planned on fixing breakfast but Jerry is in there frying bacon. Mmmmmm, bacon.

Later I will sew. Our temps should reach 90 today and we are already at 80. I'm not complaining, the heat will ripen the maters.

Lois, I sent you an email from MSQC. they have a coupon for discounted quilting. I do love your quilt, it's perfect.

Diane, cousin lunch sounds wonderful. My cousins are so spread out we will likely never be in one place all together again.

Judi, are you using a specific pattern for QOV blocks? So glad the basement is moving along. It's been a long haul and will be so nice to be in such a beautiful place

Maryz, when I read about your cat I thought of the saying monkey say monkey do, grandma used to say that often.

Velda, so glad to hear you are sleeping better and getting your health back. what a blessing.

Jana, mom to the rescue. that desk mat will be great when it's hot. Happy milk run day.

Flo, prayers for an easy UTI solution, would be wonderful to not have to deal with that again.

Maryq, my goodness you have a lot to do. I wish I could tag along to the yard sale. Fun to have your machine back home.

Lyn, nice to have the cameras all around. I tell myself we have a dog but Moose is a chicken and sleeps harder than I sleep. He will jump up at the sound of rustling plastic wrap. hope the blood tests show no issues.

Lori, your post yesterday made me laugh. Jack walked you. Wehn we were kids the lady across the street would pay us 10 cents to walk her poodle around the block. when we came back she would ask, did he have a bm. We learned that if we said yes we didn't have to go around the block a second time. We had no clue what a bm was, we were in it for the dime.

Kathy, glad you found a lawn person. Seems no one wants to work anymore. I see people posting all over Facebook looking for people to work and it seems that no one answers. That lemon will make a great scrub.

Sharona, do the graduations require you to travel very far? Do any of your kids live closer to you? Hoping that things slow down and stay slow for a while.

Well the bacon cooker is done, guess I get a turn in the kitchen. I'm thinking salad with leftover meatloaf cut up in it and a thousand island dressing. They call it a Big Mac Salad. yum.

Have a super duper day,

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