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Wednesday May 18,2022

Daily discussions.
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Wednesday May 18,2022

Post by fabricgirl » Wed May 18, 2022 3:23 am

Good morning

We are in the 50's already and going up to upper 70's.

Yesterday was the scavenger hunt the only thing I couldn't get was bathroom cups you would think out of 2 places you would find them so after our chiropractor apt will stop on our way home to get them.

Mary Z did you see the wedding Best of Luck to Auttumn and Antonio for along and happy life together.
Mary Q I hope your enjoying your time with Viv and Tom.
Judi I hope your having fun enjoy your time away.
Cindy where are you.

Well it's time for more coffee have a great day.

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Re: Wednesday May 18,2022

Post by suzette58 » Wed May 18, 2022 3:40 am

Good morning everyone.
Not much going on here. In a little while I am going to work on the second quilt for our great nephews. I am just kinda winging it as I go along. Like the other I am using a panel. The first one was dinosaurs and this one is superheros. It is fun making quilts for kids. I am also getting into Macrame again. It has been a long time since I have done anything. We will see how it comes out. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Off to get me second cup of coffee.

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Re: Wednesday May 18,2022

Post by fabricgirl » Wed May 18, 2022 4:15 am

Suzette I've seen alot of macrame being done on Instagram my sister Dolores use to do that years ago to me it looks relaxing.


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Re: Wednesday May 18,2022

Post by velvet » Wed May 18, 2022 4:54 am

Today will be a sunny but hot day. Oh well beats the cold.
I'm taking Laura for hearing tests-her hearing goes in and out for no reason. Her hearing aids are 4 years old and insurance won't allow for another pair for a year. Adjustments have been made through the years and she is at the highest they will go. Fingers crossed.
Hubby golfing today so after Lauras doctor visit I hope to get working on a top for qov.
Well everyone has a great day.
For those who are recently retired--CONGRATS!!!!!

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Re: Wednesday May 18,2022

Post by FlorenceM » Wed May 18, 2022 5:25 am

Yesterday was home with joe by 8 am. After sitting with coffee a bit, we went outside for yard care. Not done but close. I am still not able to use mower or walk behind weed eater, and when Joe was home last few weeks it rained. I am using my electric grass shears around plants and Joe doing everything else. It's looking nice again.
Have a sew great day

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Re: Wednesday May 18,2022

Post by purrfect-lady » Wed May 18, 2022 5:28 am

Good morning,

Today's Headline: Wet Windy Weather Will Wallop Western Washington Wednesday. They weren't kidding! For anyone living east of me, take note - it's coming your way!

Well, Autumn got married yesterday! :D The 90-second wedding wasn't Zoomed but the "reception" was from their hotel suite. It worked fairly well except we lost our internet 10 minutes before it was to start!! Utilities are working on our road and they took down our internet for 3 hours! I was pretty upset. Instead of our comfy couch nest where we'd set a bouquet of lilacs and champagne flutes and had the big computer screen all set to go, we had to use Bill's cell phone and huddle outside in a small spot in the back yard to get the best reception. It kind of felt like we were on Hollywood Squares! Everyone got a chance to say something, offer advice, or share a memory. But they are married, she looked lovely, and they love Santa Barbara. And they got a message during their ceremony from their doctor in Texas that the IVF is going as planned so they have high hopes for a baby soon. Fingers crossed! Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes for them.

Today is Mt. St. Helen's Day. I sure remember that back in 1980! We were in church and got the news that the mountain blew after we got home. Because we live NW of the mountain, and all the ash blew east, we didn't get a lot of ash on us, but the next weekend, when we were camping 70 miles from home, was a different story!! There was a second, unexpected eruption and Rangers went tent to tent waking campers, telling us all to get out. But then, after we hurriedly got everything tossed into the car, they wouldn't let us out on the roads, so we sat in a picnic shelter for several hours, playing UNO. We were covered in ash. We still have a jar of it that the kids collected. We had to stop 3 times on our way home for their dad to clean the air filter in the car. I think our tent had traces of ash in it until the kids were grown and I finally sold the tent!

I got a text from JUDI - they toured the Fiesta Ware factory yesterday and are going back today to buy their new set of dishes. She said it was amazing. So I'm guessing she is having a good time.

SUZETTE - Your nephews will love those quilts. How old are the boys?

JANA - I hope Ethan is feeling better today. Was he able to get the cello out yet? And didn't you just have snow like 10 days ago? and now you're 90 degrees??

MARY Q - how's it going? We miss you! When are you coming home?

DIANE - I hope they can adjust Laura's hearing aides enough to get her through the next year.

LOIS - I am off to the chiropractor today, too.

CHRISS - How was your first Medicare client meeting? Or is that today?

FLO - sounds like you are doing exactly when we're doing - gradually whipping the yard into shape, in between the raindrops!

I have sixteen 25-patch "A" blocks made, 12 left to go in my IC. Then I can start the "B" blocks. I'm really enjoying the process of making this quilt - and the fabrics I've been hoarding for years just for this quilt are really full of spark! I'm going to hate giving it up to my sister! I may have to make a second one for me. So, after chiropractor and Costco, I'll be settling down in my sewing room for a happy afternoon of playing with my toys.

Stay dry and warm!

Mary Z

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Re: Wednesday May 18,2022

Post by auntjana » Wed May 18, 2022 6:11 am

Good morning!

Oh I would be murmuring quite loudly at the disruption of my daughter's wedding! But so glad you were able to get cellphone service! And it all worked out, after all.

Yes, we are hot again today. Up in the nineties. Maryz's rain is being shoved to my north and will miss me.

Ethan's cello is out of the car. It's fine and he has a concert this morning. After school is out, we will take him to his private cello teacher for his weekly lesson. Sarah is getting rid "root rot" - translation - getting her hair dyed right at that time. If Sarah didn't do this, she'd be much grayer than I am. And she just won't have that happen! LOL!

Not much else here. Later sewing and looking for a picture I have framed of Michael in his dress uniform from when he was in the Navy. The city wants a copy to use at the presentation in June. I know it's somewhere in the railroad area, I have seen it since we moved here. Now where is a whole different question!


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Re: Wednesday May 18,2022

Post by WeeOne » Wed May 18, 2022 6:40 am

Good Day from rainy Delaware, Ohio.
MaryZ, last June at the KC, MO, campground we were staying at, a couple stopped by at happy hour. In the conversation Mandolins came up. Pete Hart builds Mandolins. DH pestered me for 3 days after they left for Colorado that I should call Pete and order a Mandolin. So I did. Mine is #102. It is a true piece of art. A few years back Woodcraft magazine did a write up on Pete. I googled it and read before I ordered my Mandolin.



Congratulations to A&A, may they have years of happiness together.

We will hunt the area today for the ottoman that matches the glider we bought for the bedroom.

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Re: Wednesday May 18,2022

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Wed May 18, 2022 7:45 am

Good Sunny Wonderful Day.....

Don't we have enough confusion in our world? Someone wants the state of NY to grant personhood to a 51yo elephant. I'm confused already.

Spring has busted out all over here! Leaves every wear. I'm looking for someone to cut my grass. I have to call back someone today. It needs cutting already.

Today I have plan on filing all the paper work that came in the mail yesterday & some vac'ing as much of the house as I can. I also want to down a pattern for connected hand pot holders. It's a free down load at Connecting Threads. I've always to try those.

Lois......happy cup hunting!'

Suzette.......happy for you having plenty of time to work on those quilts.

Diane.........here's hoping it's just a tiny adjustment for those hearing aids.

Flo........sounds like you've whipped your yard into shape.

Maryz....do not float away on us! I wonder how long it will take to get here? Happiness & Love to the new couple for ever! Sending prayers for a baby too. A double blessing.
Boy, do I remember Mt St Helen. The residue made it all the way to the east coast.

Jana.......have a wonderful time at Ethan's concert. The cello makes wonderful music. Good luck finding your picture.

Lyn.....your mandolin is beautiful. Have many happy hours playing it.

Love & Prayers..........Kathy

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Re: Wednesday May 18,2022

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Wed May 18, 2022 7:58 am

Good morning girlies. My great grandma used to call me her girlie. It's going to be a great day today. I am completely nervous and very anxious about my first Medicare counseling appointment today. I will say a prayer before I walk in the door, and all will be well.

I see Bev is considering a calendar swap. Hope she posts it soon, it could be fun.

Lois, I think Cindy may be out celebrating. I also wish she would check in so we could hear all about retirement. Sounds like you did well on your scavenger hunt.

Suzette, I think a superhero quilt is great. what do you macrame? plant holders? wall hangings? do you add beads and such? would love to see what you come up with.

Diane, hope all goes well with Laura's appointment today. happy sewing.

Flo, I bet you have a beautiful yard.

Maryz, love that the reception was zoomed. what a cool idea. I guess I didn't think about everyone getting to attend, brilliant. Also glad the wedding went well. I do like the Irish Chain quilt. is yours going to be scrappy or planned?

Jana, hope you find the picture. I am also a bit greyer than my elders. When I was younger I colored my hair twice. Once it was burgundy the second time it was a funky red. Glad the cello and the kids are fine. Our gas at Costco is $5.49.

Lyn, such a beautiful instrument. Do you also have a copy of the magazine article that goes with it? Really gorgeous.

Kathy, CT has so many great free patterns. Hope your paperwork goes quickly. How are you doing? knitting? sewing?

Valerie, quite a day for dad with surgery and now healing. hope he does well.

Velda, yes, the formula shortage is sad. Hope they get some made soon. I wonder what my mom fed me since formula wasn't invented when I was born.

Izzy, your garden sounds wonderful except for the beets.

Maryq, Yay for getting 5 new jelly rolls. I love strips and making a jelly roll race quilt but can't justify buying more fabric until I use up some of what I have. I also have two totes of fabric needing to be made into strips or squares.

Last night was taco tuesday. I had mine over pork rinds and pretended they were nacho's. Really good and very low carb. I will have the rest for brunch today.

Time to already close up the house and get my day started. You girls have a fantastic day,

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