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Monday May 16,2022

Daily discussions.
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Monday May 16,2022

Post by fabricgirl » Mon May 16, 2022 4:21 am

Good morning Everyone,

The day is starting out sunny 🌞 and in the mid 60's already we are going to 80⁰ and storm will be coming before afternoon.
I'm venturing out to hobby lobby today they are having 40% off on fabric not that I need any right now but just to get out for a little bit.
And get some exercise while Bill goes to the gym :lol: .
Well there is nothing else new to report.
Everyone have a great day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Monday May 16,2022

Post by Becca » Mon May 16, 2022 4:55 am

Good morning everyone cloudy here We had a thunder storm yesterday afternoon and got rain
Lois I wish I lived close by a Hobby Lobby
Have fun
Lyn Your fabrics was beautiful Great you are able to continue traveling as before
We sold our camper when DH had his stroke I’m not a driver like you are just cars lol
Judi Hope you have a fun trip Praying for Sophie
Chris You did have success at your garage sales I used to really enjoy them
Maryq Thats so sweet & kind of you to help your new friend Hope all the quilts turn out great

I don’t have much on tap today Laundry I need to do something about this TGN It’s gotten much worse & isn’t good company
Have a great day everyone. Becca

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Re: Monday May 16,2022

Post by velvet » Mon May 16, 2022 4:58 am

Beautiful sunny day--rain may come much later.

What is happening to us??? Grocery store attacked???? Innocent people shot down and killed. People in a church praying when it was attacked??? My DGD , Piper 15, and a friend were walking in the South Shore mall on Long Island yesterday and suddenly an announcment to leave immediately-- reports of a gunman possiblity. She called my DD who drove like a nut to get to her. WHAT IS GOING ON ???? The mall was shut down but I don't know what eventually was found out. My DGD and her friend were frantic until DD got to them. WHEN DOES THIS STOP????

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Re: Monday May 16,2022

Post by grammiequilts » Mon May 16, 2022 5:10 am

Good morning It is rainy today no yard work we had rain most of the night. Since we did the fertilizer and dandelion killer on the grass yesterday it is good to have the rain. I did work a bit in the yard then my neighbor that I never see or hear from walked over and chatted for about 40 minutes...She is nice but loves to talknabout all her ailments,,,and she has a lot. 3 surgeries since I last talked to her last fall,,,,I have tried to engage her but she talks when she feels like it... I evn got a bit of a sunburn while talking to her,,,one shoulder is pink the other white....Im 2 toned/
Today is packing for the trip we will leave in the wee hours of the morning, Like 530. It is so Ken can stop and get breakfast....He likes to do that to start off a trip. Then through ohio to west virginia...My Brother in law is from there and he always calls it "Almost Heaven" I am not taking my computer so I will try to check in on my phone if I can.
Well Im headed to do a bit of laundry and run up to target...I have a gift card and need new tennies.
I did work a bit on my block 4 and did couching,,,using a silver cord and silver thread,,,it came out pretty good.
I did watch a video where the lady used couching on her longarm and did the quilting pattern with couching cord and it was very cool..All things are possible if your are looking for something different.

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Re: Monday May 16,2022

Post by purrfect-lady » Mon May 16, 2022 5:24 am

Good morning,

Another rainy morning here but hoping for sunshine this afternoon. I want some outside time.

I want to let everyone know my FB has been hacked. I am rarely on FB and I don't do messenger at all. But some folks are texting me that they are getting messages from me, even with my photo attached. But it's not me. I've changed my password, but for now, if you see a friend request or a message, don't answer it.

VALERIE - thinking of Dad today as he goes for his surgery. Any idea how long it's going to take?

LOIS - I have never heard of a consulting fee in long arm quilting. I understand thread because it takes a lot of thread. $1,000 seems pretty excessive unless you are requesting some pretty fancy, time consuming, all over quilting. And that would take a LOT of thread and good quilting thread is expensive, so a thread charge makes sense.

MARY Q - You have a heart of gold. I was wondering if there are more quilt tops that you don't know about yet waiting in the wings . . . . Food for thought. Happy packing! Happy Wisconsin! When are you coming back? And we do have a guest book (a spiral notebook!) for our Boondockers to sign. Most of them write a note or kids draw a picture - usually of Foxy. And yes, we've been trying to make a trip back east for several years. But my brothers' illnesses kept us close to home for several years and then Covid. I hope now fuel prices don't scotch our TENATATIVE plans.

CHRISS - yes, after I Googled the Santa Barbara courthouse, it all became clear why Aut wanted to be married there. They have champagne and are going to buy a little cake and have a picnic "reception" on the vast lawn there. On their beautiful new wedding quilt, of course. And I believe the 'reception' will be live-streamed. They've hired a photographer. So, did you get out of Costco without hocking the farm? We used to go when we ran out of milk, because milk is cheaper there, right? But we usually ended up spending $300 + for milk! So we started having milk delivered to the house for $6/gal. and now we only go to Costco when our list gets really long. We figure we're saving at least $300/month by buying $6 milk!

JANA - thanks for all the computer info. I have a guru, too, and he is on top of it. In contact with Dell, waiting on calls. No, I can't add an external keyboard. And this particular model isn't built for 'home repair'. Otherwise, he could and would do it himself. I have two options: Send it to Texas and wait for 2 months to get it back, or buy a new one. We'll see what Dell says when he can finally talk to them. In the meantime, he's letting me borrow his laptop.

SHERRY - what quilt are you planning to do when you get back to quilting?

LYN - no inside info on Cindy, other than I texted her congrats on retiring. Bill saw it on FB and told me. But she may have to go back once or twice when monthly or quarterly tasks roll around that her replacement hasn't had opportunity to learn yet. When you get your TX home established, will you keep your MH or start driving back and forth in the car? Your fabrics are pretty. I bought some beautiful TX fabrics at LQS in Georgetown some years ago and used them to make my "Heart of Texas" quilt.

VELDA - I hope your flowers thrive. Could you put up a sort of lattice wall on your patio and then plant something that would climb it? Sweet peas come to mind. Would give you some privacy maybe.

JUDI - Sorry about the rain. It was probably the rain we had a few days ago. But sounds like timing was good. We like to travel like Ken - early start, get 100 miles or so under your belt, and stop for breakfast.
I've got my atlas out to follow Autumn & Antonio on their trip so now I'll follow you along, too! What town in WV is your final destination? Do you plan to buy your dishes all one color or mix & match? Or do you know yet? I know you love red . . . . My good friend, Betsy (of double lung transplant fame) has about service for 16. I think she has every kind of dish FW makes in all the colors. Usually when we are at their house in LaGrande, Oregon it's with a crowd and we eat at long table outside on big patio. Such a pretty table with all that color!

BECCA - have you consulted a neurologist about your TGN? I wonder if an acupuncturist could help you. I hate that you have this problem.

Yesterday all I did was laundry. Three loads and Bill folded the last one while he watched a movie. My day just kind of floated away. But I did decide, for sure this time, on my sister's king quilt. A green/white double Irish Chain. I'm using QIAD's book. And I happen to have a lot of Irish fabrics collected. I'll start cutting today. This is a Christmas gift but I want to have it finished by August so my other sister can take it back to CO in her RV for me, rather than me mailing it. So now you know where I'll be today!

Happy Stitching!
mary z

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Re: Monday May 16,2022

Post by FlorenceM » Mon May 16, 2022 5:44 am

Maryz, I only open messenger chats for a few people. The rest I delete as possible hacks.

I got the half square triangle unit that was twisted on second quilt repaired yesterday and I got the 4 patch units for border almost done.
Today I will work outside a bit, then hit sewing room.

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Re: Monday May 16,2022

Post by WeeOne » Mon May 16, 2022 6:23 am

Hope everyone has a great day!
Heading for Ohio.
MaryZ, we will continue to travel in MH until we can't.

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Re: Monday May 16,2022

Post by WeSignificant » Mon May 16, 2022 6:24 am

Up and showered, CG here. Dad still asleep. It is surgery day. This is how it works:

The surgeon marks the cancerous area in preparation for the surgery; the area will be injected with a local anesthetic to numb that spot. When the anesthetic takes effect, the surgeon will start removing a thin top layer of cancer. When the layer is removed, it will be sent to an on-site lab.

While the patient waits, the lab technician freezes and cuts the layer so the surgeon can examine it under a microscope. If cancer cells still exist, the surgeon removes another layer, and the process begins again until cancer cells are no longer present. When necessary, the surgeon will stitch the area or for larger wounds do a reconstructive repair. Once complete the patient is sent home, cancer free.

Depending on the size of the cancer can take up to 6 hrs to complete the procedure. Prayers are appreciated.

Gotta go send in my time for payroll. I will check back when we are done.
A Friend is God's way of making sure we never walk alone!

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Re: Monday May 16,2022

Post by auntjana » Mon May 16, 2022 7:07 am

Good morning!

It's really isn't a good morning. Sarah just called and Sandee, with Ethan was rear ended badly on their way to school. Sarah is on her way to the accident scene, to take them to the Insta Care to be checked over. And no, Aaron isn't on scene, it's his day off. I suspect now he knows, he will go over there, it's near his house. A few well placed prayers are greatly appreciated.

See ya later,

Michael is pacing like a caged lion, he may as well head there too.

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Re: Monday May 16,2022

Post by patches4 » Mon May 16, 2022 7:25 am

What a beginning to Monday!
Prayers being said for all mentioned above and all involved in their care.
The Lord is in control and makes things well and good.
Hugs and love to all

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