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Wednesday August 4,2021

Daily discussions.
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Wednesday August 4,2021

Post by fabricgirl » Wed Aug 04, 2021 2:55 am

Good Morning Everyone,

Today will be busy for me we Both have our chiropractor apts.
And in the early afternoon I have my mammogram and my bone density.
And when I come home I will put the rest of the strips and corner stones on the plaid blocks.

I hope everyone has a great day prayers go out to all.

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Re: Wednesday August 4,2021

Post by QuiltGram8 » Wed Aug 04, 2021 4:19 am

Good 🌄 Morning and "Hump Day". I am so amazed how fast these weeks go by. I posted on Facebook about our choice to retire from Fulltime RVing. It was good because doing that reached a lot of our friends from Texas. Also it prompted a comment from a couple of cousins. Some want our new mailing address. That will be another job I will soon be busy doing. I started a list for that. I told you all, I am a list maker. I have another list for items to donate next week for our Church's annual rummage sale. I volunteered to help them with the work of pricing and setting up. That should be fun.
Another lovely day here. Nice cool nights for sleeping, that's for sure.
Lois, great to have Mamo done. I postponed mine till September to give me a little more healing time.
Nothing more to chat about. Off to get more coffee ☕.
HUGS, 💕 Vel

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Re: Wednesday August 4,2021

Post by auntjana » Wed Aug 04, 2021 4:46 am

Good morning!

Still dark here, waiting on the beginning of morning to show up. Even the birds are still asleep. We went out yesterday for most of the day, waiting for my Highlander to be done. We needed new tires and a alignment. So we traipsed around the valley, finding where some of the model railroad shops had moved. One opened a second location and had a specialized switch Michael needed. Then the other shop has closed its location and moved closer to my end of the valley. That shop moved to a fun shopping place, that just happens to have a very nice LQS. I teased Michael that wouldn't it be fun, if the two stores, the LQS and railroad store were next door to each other. Lo and behold, they are! In the same building, so I can spend time and money, LOL, while Michael does. Oh, that could be dangerous! ROFLOL! Ethan can wander with Grandpa as Sarah and I are in the LQS. There are all kinds of specialty shops in this little shopping village.

Today I will be playing more with my new toy robot. I need to put down some special tape to set boundaries. I think we found a better home for the robot's base, so will move it before we have the house mapped. It is a hoot to watch it! I know, silly things do make me smile!

So while Yoohoodi, the robot vacuum is running around upstairs, I will be sewing in the Batt Cave. A good deal I say!

Enjoy your day!

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Re: Wednesday August 4,2021

Post by grammiequilts » Wed Aug 04, 2021 5:41 am

Good morning I was up started laundry and got dressed...I dont have much to do today maybe clean the bathrooms...I finished putting on the binding on my star quilt and will sew that down. It will stay here with all the other quilts I have made that have no home...I did my guild friendship block and now i can start the quilt for my nieces husband. grand daughter did fusible beads yesterday all afternoon, so there is some crafty things going on here. She has ADD so it was good that she spent several hours doing that.
Well I need more coffee hope you all have a great day. Its left over day here so no cooking,,,,,ALSO
Our Chrissy 1 is in the hospital she tells me she hopes to go home today,,,,seems the Dr put her on too much calcium and she passed out...a few prayers are needed just in case. has anyone heard from Cindyg
I wonder hoe she is doing,,XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO

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Re: Wednesday August 4,2021

Post by purrfect-lady » Wed Aug 04, 2021 5:56 am

Good morning,

VELDA - great to have a real date circled on your calendar! I'm excited for you! And, being organizers in kind, I, too, think helping to price and set up the rummage sale will be a lot of fun. I know you'll have a good time with that and it will help pass the waiting time until Aug 16 - only 12 more sleeps!

LOIS - I'm going to the chiro today, too - and not a moment too soon! I got my plaid blocks together fairly quickly, but the sat for a couple of years in the quilting queue. Finally finished them up last summer. I did two sets. I gave them to my "step-nephew-in-law", a sergeant on the police force where Sharona lives, and his son who was just retiring from Coast Guard and going into sheriff's dept in Marin Co. in CA. Sort of Thin Blue Line gifts - kind of like QOV for military, but for law enforcement instead. My blocks were the bears on the log cabins and the wolf in the trees.

JANA - that is too funny that your shops are together now! We were in Malta, MT some years back and went into a shop that turned out to be a husband/wife endeavor - a gun/knife shop in one half and the other half was Bev Doolittle's art studio! I bought a small picture of a bear dozing on a stump and Bill bought a knife. I bet you'll love your new Yoohoodi. I've heard nothing but good about them - all brands.

MARY Q - I figured you were holed up in your sewing room, rolling around in your fabric. Do you still have an actual sewing room or are you having to share space with some other part of the house now? I hope Shawn left your fabric easily accessible! When are you leaving for MT? And yes, Autumn is very excited that the house is on the market at last. In 3 days on Zillow, she got 5,300 views, more than 300 'saves', and the offers are starting to come in - all over list price. She is meeting with realtor today, I think, to go over the offers.

SHERRY - I hope you have an awesome time at your son's and at the 92* game. One word - well, two - sunblock and large brimmed hat!!

JUDI - I can't wait to see "Star" all completed! You've been working hard. How is the RV work coming along? If we ever need to replace the slide seal, Bill might talk to Ken about it. So far, so good, though. Glad you found something for DGD to do. So sorry to hear about Chrissy. I hope she gets to go home today. Home is always best! I will try to talk to Cindy by the weekend. I know she's working full time,

KATHY - how are you feeling - really?

SUZETTE - With Aunt's quilt all finished, what' s next?

DIANE - kids there?

I posted a photo of GD3, or "Pinky" as Bill calls it. I may be crazy, but I am planning to start another one, this time in Halloween fabrics - for ME! Like I've said before, I'm not a big fan of Halloween per se, but I do love sewing with the fun fabrics! And I love that Gypsy Wife pattern. I blame Chickie who showed me a picture of one in Halloween and I fell in love. It will be my fourth Gypsy Wife. Chickie also gave me a great name - "Spell Dancer". So after I get my Sew-along top together (which I got a small start on yesterday) that will be my next project.

Sis and I hit the Goodwill yesterday. I bought a beautiful Hawaiian sundress, but changing rooms are closed so when I got it home, I saw it was a mistake. I'm trying to decide if I can alter it a lil bit or take it back. It was $7.

Happy Hump day to everyone!

Mary Z

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Re: Wednesday August 4,2021

Post by billizzy » Wed Aug 04, 2021 6:27 am

Good morning ladies Jana sounds like you’re having too much fun with your little robot just be careful no throw rugs they eat them and then they get stuck and then you have to go find your robot also it’s fun to watch them when they come to the staircase as long as there’s no throw rug in front it will actually feel the edge of the stair of your floor entering into your staircase so mine doesn’t fall down the stairs at all. Mine came with magnetic tape and you can unroll that and place it in spots you don’t want it to go like sometimes I’ll put it in front of the bathroom doors so it won’t go into the bathrooms because we have tile in there and throw rugs or I put it around my fireplace so it won’t go up onto the edge of it because we have low protective flooring for our wood stove

So got up early I’ve already been in the sewing room putting borders on my Taos quilt I got to go in and finish out one more border to put on and then I’ll start piecing the outer border which is the last part of it and that block of the month will be done and the top will be together I went down cleaned out the barn cleaned out my milking bay and got it all set up now for winter I put all of my stuff away

We put down the three boys yesterday so pretty sure they have probably knocked up all my girls so I should have new kids come Christmas and first week of January
I really didn’t plan to breed again next year but sometimes nature has its own road to travel let’s just say. So today I’m grinding meat seasoning and putting up for Brauts

Little man caught him a huge frog yesterday was so tickled if you have me as a friend on Facebook you can see the pictures he’s rotten he loves his frogs 🐸

Nothing else new today so happy quilting everyone

Hugs 🤗 prayers 🙏 happy stitching 🧵

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Re: Wednesday August 4,2021

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Wed Aug 04, 2021 8:49 am

Good morning. I know I said I would be here each day. But the computer is not working. I am on the kindle shocked I got it to work. Only took forty mins. Some.......lots of uglies .....to do today. I am so happy on Fri one of the knitting ladies is coming for tea.

Maryz...my truth is I am dealing with joint pain and depression and lonliness with the loss of my sister. God is with me so I know I will make it to the other side. Love and prayers........kathy

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Re: Wednesday August 4,2021

Post by womster » Wed Aug 04, 2021 9:03 am

Good morning!

Just popping in to check on how y'all are doing. We hit the ground running Sunday and it's been a blur ever since. Went to the top of Pikes Peak yesterday - it SNOWED! Plus there was a huge thunderstorm passing over - the girls felt their hair rising up on their heads and they herded us onto the bus asap (they don't let people drive to the summit in their own cars any more except for those with mobility issues and car seat users). Huge claps of thunder followed. Very exciting. Today the youngest DGD is out with her Grandpa building a corn hole game and I'm headed out to the sewing hole for a bit. Have a glorious day - I miss my quilting peeps! xoxo Sharona

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