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tuesday august 3rd

Daily discussions.
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tuesday august 3rd

Post by grammiequilts » Tue Aug 03, 2021 5:00 am

Good morning,,,a beauriful sunny day here,,,I have a few errands to run and might do some sewing,,,not much is going on here,,,we have some camper cleaningto do and Ken needs to replace the AC cover...one the way home from Florida we hit a bird or a bird hit us and we ordered a cover but it never came in,,,so we need to reorder it after several weeks on emails. and Ken will replace a seal on the slide out...and give it a bath....
that is it ,,,hope your all well and enjoying the summer days,,,XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO

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Re: tuesday august 3rd

Post by fabricgirl » Tue Aug 03, 2021 5:12 am

Good morning Judi and all who follow,
I'm up and dressed and have been out already
When the post office opens I will be going to mail out my swap blocks.
I took out my plaid blocks from a swap that Vinae hosted a few years back and I will square up the blocks and put it together .

Other than that there is nothing new here.
I hope you all have a great day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: tuesday august 3rd

Post by mepeace2 » Tue Aug 03, 2021 5:33 am

Good morning ladies
Nothing much going on here. Worked in removing weeds yesterday. Then went into sewing room to work on my sew a long quilt. Got center basket done and added a butterfly instead of a bow. also got side blocks sewn on. Today will work on my mystery quilt. It should be finished by tomorrow night. HOPEFULLY.
I did sign up to make a couple of pumpkin blocks for the lotto. These will take the place of mystery quilt next week. LOL
Garden news Not good. We are finally getting ripe tomatoes but it looks like these will not last until September like they usually do. The temperature this morning was 53 not good for plants. They all think its fall. O well theres always next year.

Well I need to get my fanny moving.
You all have a great sewing day

Velda glad you liked the butterfly. You are one talented lady.

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Re: tuesday august 3rd

Post by auntjana » Tue Aug 03, 2021 6:10 am

Good morning!

A bright and beautiful day here. No storms, a chance to dry out some. And clean up the mudslides throughout the state.

Heading down to sew later this morning. I got my new toy, the robot vacuum. Now to get the app installed on my tablet and get the robot up and running. We are trying to find a place for the base, to meet the parameters before we start teaching it what to do.

Not much else here, checked the news, no Aaron, a good thing! LOL


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Re: tuesday august 3rd

Post by purrfect-lady » Tue Aug 03, 2021 6:29 am

Good morning,

JUDI - A bummer about the RV repairs - especially for the poor bird. Our DD#1 and SIL sold their house and plan to buy an RV and live full time when he retires in 4 years. He says he was tired of doing home repairs all the time. Bill & I laughed. He'll learn. One of our campers here a few weeks ago - his slide would only go in on one side. There is a spring pin in the slide mechanism and his broke. We found out the correct size for all our trailers (we all own the same make/model of Arctic Fox fifth-wheel), Bill bought several for about $1 each, and shared with everyone so now we all carry extras. One of our crowd had read that this is a common problem and so in his tool box he was carrying the pin and it saved the day. Probably Ken knows about this, but if not, he might research yours, see what your slide requires (if anything), and pick one up at Lowes or Ace. Just as insurance.

VELDA - we must be twins. I also am a planner, organizer, and list-maker. I hope you get your date, soon. It's so hard for us planners to not be able to pigeon hole our plans!

KATY - you sound like you must be feeling better. Sorry about the tomatoes. Aren't there recipes for things like green tomato relish, etc? And if you have a lot, didn't they used to wrap green tomatoes in newspaper and store them in cool place to ripen slowly? Since I've never grown tomatoes and know nothing about them, I'm probably whistling through my hat, but seems I've read about this.

JANA - I'm not sure I would like a vacuum cleaner that's smarter than I am - and that's what these robots sound like - smartie-vacs! lol! How's the quilt coming along?

CHRISS - Autumn and Aaron split up two years ago. Aaron thought he wanted to buy out her half of their home and she was giving him time to get his financing arranged, but he finally decided to sell, which is why it's just now gone on the market. Glad you now have so many new clothes that you have to buy extra hangers! I can't wait to see where your life goes from here. The right path will open up soon, I have confidence.

DIANE - I Googled MAZE and slapped my forehead. I recognized it right away. It will be a fun project to tackle.

KATHY - great news to hear that you are healed from your surgeries. Hopefully the rest of your issues will resolve before long. Sad to hear that the onesie-shirt mom passed away, but I'm so happy you found her family. I can only imagine what a double treasure that quilt will be. What are you stitching on? I did an entire vintage Santa quilt in redwork once. I used DMC Pearle #8 floss, which I was very dismayed to see it ran after all my stitching! I had to keep rewashing/rinsing in cold water and got most of it out.

Yesterday I finished my pink Gypsy Dancer 3! Hooray! I pulled it off the machine just as my DS and DBIL pulled into our yard. I plan to post a photo this morning in a short while. I think it turned out pretty good. Bill quilted it in a "Windy Day" pattern with swirls just like a dancing Gypsy skirt. I will be mailing it off soon to Autumn as a surprise.

I'm not sure what the day holds. My sis was VERY tired last night and not feeling well, so she may not want to do much, but she did say she'd like to go to Goodwill to look for shorts, so that might be on our docket. We also have a new Ross that just opened last week, right next to Goodwill so she may want to check there, too. If she sleeps part of the day, then I'm planning to start putting Sew-Along together.

Make your day a good one!
mary z

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Re: tuesday august 3rd

Post by QuiltGram8 » Tue Aug 03, 2021 6:48 am

Good morning ☀️
We did our grocery run, first on our list. Now I have a few things on my " to do " that will fill up the rest of the day.
We got word yesterday that our closing date is for sure on Aug 16. Then we will be dog sitting 19th - 24th. Coming back with a U-Haul filled with the rest of our stuff at our son's house. After that, we will work hard to get settled in.
I thought I would join Lotto and make a couple of pumpkin blocks, but I am rethinking it because of our moving.
We are selling our fishing boat as well, so I have to get it posted as well.
Then folks are telly me to repost the camper each week to keep the ad current and reach as many person's as possible. One interested party will let us know on Thursday. Again, I am so anxious when I am forced to "wait". LOL
Have a great day!
HUGS, 💕 Vel

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Re: tuesday august 3rd

Post by maryq » Tue Aug 03, 2021 8:08 am

Good Morning Girls

Hit the ground running yesterday so didn't make it in here! Actually I hit the sewing room first thing and didn't come out until almost 5pm!

Judi.... Now that the summer days have cooled down a little bit.. I am enjoying them MUCH more! Still wish we would get some rain.. only thing growing in my yard is the weeds. I saw an ad on Facebook for a local guy here that will detail your RV! I know how much it is to do a car... I can't imagine what it costs to detail an RV!

Lois... You mean I'm not the only one that has swap blocks from years ago that aren't finished yet? Do you remember the "modern swap" we did with black and bright colors? FINALLY finished that one and it's one of the quilts that Viv just sent back to me... all done. I put the binding on it yesterday and just need to stitch it down.

Katy.... My tomatoes aren't doing that great either... I think it's too hot here! I water every day, but tho there seem to quite a few.. they aren't getting very big before they ripen. I don't think I'm going to have enough to make much salsa this year. And that's what I say too... always next year!

Jana.. You will love your little robot vacuum! The kids brought their Shark down from Canada and we have it set up here now. It's kind of fun to watch it and just automatically start itself every day at 10am. It picks up dog and cat hair pretty well, but I think I might need to get out the real vac soon too!

Maryz.... I bet Autumn is thrilled that Aaron has finally made a decision about the house! If the housing market is as crazy as it is here, I don't imagine it will take too long to sell. Hope Sis is feeling better today and is up for the trip to Goodwill after all! I needed some clothes to take to Montana and totally forgot to check at Goodwill! Walmart had ZIP... and I hate spending a ton of money on the "good stuff" because I'm a dirty magnet... the minute I walk in the kitchen I get spots on my clothes! :lol: :lol:

Velda... How far is your RV site from your new home! The next couple weeks will be super busy for you, but I'm sure, being the organized person you are.. :D you have everything ready to go?

Not sure which project I'll get to today.. yesterday I did get bindings made and sewed on the 4 quilts Viv sent back to me. Started the hand stitching part on one last night and got 1/2 way done. The rest will probably wait until I get back next week. Today I think I'll be trying to clean up sewing room and find places for that the stuff that's accumulated in there. I bought some fabric on line and it came yesterday, so I need to wash and organize that. I love love love having my family here, but I now have to hide fabric from Shawn... He's been rearranging my garage and moving my fabric around and probably had no idea how much I really have! Oooppppss.. so I've kind of been "forbidden" from buying more... BUT I am THE MOM... so I can really do what I want.... Right??? :lol: :lol:

For now I need more coffee.

Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday

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Re: tuesday august 3rd

Post by Quiltmom » Tue Aug 03, 2021 8:18 am

Good morning all! Today is supposed to be really nice here in NW Ohio. I actually have gotten some ambition. Already have got the dishwasher loaded and running. Need to get some dusting done before I go to DS1's this weekend. My whole family is meeting there and going to the South Bend Cubs game on Sunday. It is supposed to be 92 degrees and humid - naturally. I love going to the South Bend games. It is so nice and the food is great.

The casino up near my son is opening up fully on Friday so may get to go there on Saturday. I haven't been to a casino in almost 3 years. I am not a gambler but do enjoy going to one once in awhile and play the slots. I actually win sometimes.

Got my Bible study done and Smoke and Sweetie fed so now time to feed me. Think I will make a BLT sandwich with cheese and have some coleslaw with it.

Hope everyone has a good and safe day.


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