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Sunday July 25th 2021

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Sunday July 25th 2021

Post by grammiequilts » Sun Jul 25, 2021 4:26 am

Good morning,,,foggy this AM..We had wild storms last night,,,lots of turbulance in the sky...almost looked like a twister going over our house...(weather report said no) it was short and poured rain for about a half hour...then all was quiet...this morning it is dense fog/
I will work on the scraps today..too wet to do yard work...we do have a few large branches in the lower yard that came down but Ken will let them be for now...
My word for today is Faith,,,,having faith in God to heal this country....and grant us peace....XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO

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Re: Sunday July 25th 2021

Post by QuiltGram8 » Sun Jul 25, 2021 4:52 am

Hi Judi and all who follow. We had a great visit with our DGD yesterday. We too had thunderstorm during the night. It's quiet now. Getting ready for church.
No plans for today.
I agree Faith is a great word for today!
HUGS, 💕 Vel

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Re: Sunday July 25th 2021

Post by fabricgirl » Sun Jul 25, 2021 5:16 am

Good morning Ladies,

We are getting rain on and off but that God no
T storms
Today will be a trip to Joanns I'm out of wonder under and I might check out a few things :lol: .

Everyone have a great day prayers go out to all.


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Re: Sunday July 25th 2021

Post by velvet » Sun Jul 25, 2021 5:27 am

Good Sunday morning to all.
The house is so quiet now that the kids have gone home. We finished the cleaning (dusting and vac.) yesterday. So today I have binding on 5 quilts to do that Susan (our pilot) flew in. The rest were given to the others members. She takes up to 25 tops at a time and a month later she delivers them quilted. What a very special woman to QOV.

I'm happy every package I sent was received and liked. With the family here I only scanned quickly the posts. If I can help, please let me know.

Off for coffee and then rev up my Miss Cutie for the bindings.
Enjoy this beautiful Sunday.

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Re: Sunday July 25th 2021

Post by purrfect-lady » Sun Jul 25, 2021 5:43 am

Good morning,

JUDI - our news said you were having a dilly of a storm. Also said there was a twister in the "thumb" of Michigan. I was hoping all was well with you. Have you reached a halfway point yet on those scraps? When I finish all my current "assignments", I plan to get back to my crazy quilt again which is how I deal with MY scraps. It might be a winter project.

LOIS - your Christmas gnome block is just too cute! And while you're at Joann's, you should check out the Halloween fabrics . . . just sayin' . . .

FLO - one Christmas I made all my kids and grands jammie pants. I used novelty flannel to suit each person's taste/interests. Then I used some of that fabric to accent coordinating solid color tee-shirts. They loved them.

CHRISS - Nothing better than greeting the day with a good head scratch! Moose might be on to something.

SHARONA - this was my first wasp. I didn't realize they were such stubborn little guys. And now I'm wondering where all his friends and neighbors live . . . . How did your DGD do in her competition?

JANA - we have similar winds here - when it comes out of the east - watch out! Smart move on Matt's part to have a house ready for the kids when they go to college. If they were my kids, though, they would insist on a different college and thwart the grand plan.

SHERRY - let me know how that tomato tart comes out. I have a recipe too, but haven't tried it yet. Much as I love tomatoes, I'm skeptical. But that cobbler works for me!

DIANE - your Susan is a special lady, but then so are you and all your crew for all you do!

Yesterday morning Bill said to me, "Don't you need some fabric for your swap? Want to go to Tacoma today and look for some?" And he drove me! I found lots of Halloween fabric at Joann's (on sale!) and when I came out, he asked me "Now do you want to go to Trains to look for backing for your GD3?" And so we went there, too, where I found the purrfect fabric. It was almost surreal! lol! Who are you and what have you done with my husband?? But he did get a short stop in at Lowe's so he wasn't completely transformed! :lol: Anyway, when we got home I washed all those fabrics and then finished putting Gypsy Dancer together. Today I'll piece her back and see about getting her all set for quilting. :D Then I'll finally get to my last sew-along block. If any sewing time is left in the day, I'll start playing with those Halloween fabrics.

We bought a new bird feeder and the birds love it! But they scratched all the food out of it in just a few days. It's all over our deck floor now and then they hop down and eat it. And Foxy is just waiting there to "show them to his table". So Bill made a clear acrylic platform with short edges and attached it to the bottom of the feeder to catch the overflow. The birds are skeptical and keep looking at it but don't seem happy. So we'll wait and see if they get used to it. We may have interrupted their perching access. :(

Make your day a good one! Do something special - perhaps, sew? 😉

Mary Z

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Re: Sunday July 25th 2021

Post by auntjana » Sun Jul 25, 2021 5:46 am

Good morning!

We are nice and cool, 66 right now. I guess that Mother Nature had some fun last night and changed my mountains to the Smoky Mountains! We are so covered in smoke from the surrounding states, that my mountains are missing, again!

Church in a short while. This will be the last Sunday, for church services, of our shortened schedule due to Covid. Next week, we start with our normal church timing. Long time in coming.

I got all my uglies caught up. Even ironed Michael's white shirts- the same day I washed them! Must be a first for me! LOL! Hopefully after church I can play in the Batt Cave for a time. Not much else happening in these parts.


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Re: Sunday July 25th 2021

Post by womster » Sun Jul 25, 2021 6:56 am

Good morning!

Judi – wow your weather sounded very scary. Glad you ‘only’ had downed branches.

Vel – I’m glad you had a lovely visit with your DGD.

Lois – have a great time at Joann’s.

Diane – what a special woman Susan is. Have a great time with Miss Cutie.

Maryz – wow – that was an amazing shopping trip Bill provided. How are the birds doing now with their revamped feeder? I bet Foxy misses the deck show. Our DGD placed in every event she ran in. The most interesting part was that the marching band was rehearsing at the same time on the same field! And there was a 15yo operating the drone to film each race. ‘They’ used to tell us not to worry; we’d all know when there was a drone in the area due to their annoying (and loud) buzzing. This drone was very quiet.

Jana – that is awful about the smoke. Hope you get to visit the Batt cave.

We had fun at the track meet – thankfully my stepdaughter snagged a place under the bleachers, we were in the shade the entire time. After that we all went to lunch. DH decided he’d like an ice cream cone from MacDonald’s, and after waiting in a line for 20 minutes, they were OUT! And, we had to wait in line another 20 minutes to get out of the queue. Oh, the humanity. I’ve decided (I think) to find a new church. Nothing much else new here. Have a glorious Sunday! xoxo Sharona

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Re: Sunday July 25th 2021

Post by maryq » Sun Jul 25, 2021 7:14 am

Good Morning Girls

Boy I sure wish I could have some of the rain that some of you are having.. We're going to be in the 90's all this next week.... and I would sure like to open the windows and get some fresh air in this house!

Judi.... As much as we need the rain.... I think I'd skip the tornado! (Though it looks like a tornado went through the inside of my house) But yes Faith is a good word for today... I do have faith that we will get some rain soon.. It's just hard on the farmers around me for it to be so dry!

Velda... .Won't be long now and you'll be able to move into your new home. Did I read that it's a new construction place? How fun that will be to have a brand spankin' new place to decorate!

Lois.... Oh do check out the fall fabric on sale at Joann! Then you can join us for the Halloween Swap! I'm loving your Christmas Gnomes! Perhaps they can be made with Halloween Costumes? :lol: :lol: I love Fat Cat Gnomes, but those Christmas ones are darling too!

Diane.... Your Pilot Susan is definitely an Angel... complete with wings (airplane wings)! Funny how quiet the house gets when the kids have all gone home!

Maryz... Oh My Gosh... I love your Bill! He is a gem for sure... I mean, seriously.. not many men would say "Hey do you need fabric?... Let's go shopping"! But Hey, I love Lowes too, so I'm always game for a trip there as well!

Jana.... I had to giggle at ironing Michael's white shirts! I'm one of those crazies that does like to iron, but I can so relate to getting shirts all ironed on the same day! I can count maybe 3 times In my life I've gotten all the ironing done on the same day! As luck, would have it, I have a pile downstairs of my own clothes to do today!

Sharon.... You sure are a nice Gramma to watch a track meet in the heat!.. Even with shade it was probably a little warm.

You know Saturday is normally my chore day... but I ended up playing all day. A few weeks ago I met a gal on facebook that needed some elastic... turns out she is also a quilter, so she invited me over to her place for coffee yesterday morning. Then just about as I was getting ready to start chores Viv called me to let me know there was a great deal on a fabric kit at the fabric warehouse,... so since I had taken a shower, done my hair and face... I took off for there and picked up a kit for each of us... and grabbed some orange fabric while I was there. The kit came with everything, including batting and backing for a small quilt, a cutting matt, a rotary cutter, thread, pins, pin cushion, 24" ruler and tote bag for $50! Good deal yeh?

So now I have to work double time today... the kids will be home later on this afternoon and I'd like to get my sewing room cleaned up and a couple floors washed before they get home. Will definitely be a "whole pot of coffee" day!

Wishing you all a faithful Sunday

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Re: Sunday July 25th 2021

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Sun Jul 25, 2021 12:39 pm

Good afternoon.

Jerry's dog decided I needed to be up about 3am so he could do whatever it is dogs feel the need to do at 3am, and he needed me to open the gate to the pasture which means he had more to do than I had anticipated, so I sat in my recliner and waited for his scratch on the door. He scratched, went back to bed but I was awake. dang dog.

I sent emails to my representative and congressman, and assemblyman. I have been waiting since May 25th and no unemployment check. I sure hope they can prompt some action.

Judi, I would have loved your shower and your fog. Faith is a great word. My word should be patience, lately I don't have as much of it as I used to. Probably the diet?

Lois, did you find more than wonder under? Lately when I have gone to Joanns I find nothing.

Diane, did the kids go through their new house? were they thrilled. Soon they will be there full time, how exciting.

Maryz, nice of Bill to take you on a date. glad you found what you were looking for. Not sure what to say about your ungrateful birds, hopefully they will learn to like Bill's invention. I agree with you, I always start the morning with a good scratch.

Jana, sorry about the smoke, glad church is getting back to normal for you. wow, washing and ironing, you go girl.

Sharona, glad the track meet went well and you found a shady spot. It's amazing how helpful a little shade can be. sorry about the ice cream. Happy church shopping, it's not easy to find a good fit but where ever you are led it will be perfect for you I'm sure. does that mean you won't be working for the old church?

Maryq, that is a good deal on the kit. Can it be ordered online? I'd like to see it. what a bargain. I need more info girl.

My day is kind of blah, I'm pooped and have done nothing.

Hope you all have a great rest of the day

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Re: Sunday July 25th 2021

Post by zfatcat » Sun Jul 25, 2021 2:00 pm

Chriss, dang Jerry's dog. Why didn't Jerry get up with his dog?
Lori 8-)

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