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Thursday June 17,2021

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Re: Thursday June 17,2021

Post by fabricgirl » Thu Jun 17, 2021 6:56 am

Mary z I always fuse and sew.


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Re: Thursday June 17,2021

Post by purrfect-lady » Thu Jun 17, 2021 7:08 am

I am back! Making up for lost time.

Tina, sorry you have to return so many defective things. Sorrier still, that you are so hot. When I was young, and when my kids were young, we would tape newspaper over the windows. It really helped to keep the house cool. Newspaper is very insulating but who has newspaper anymore!

Chris, U2 are too hot for me! I try to walk as early as possible. I have been walking every morning for about 25 years and when I was by myself I was out there at first light. But now I walk with my neighbor and she doesn’t like to walk until later. Summertime is 730 but winter time is 8:30. Good luck finding tires on sale. Over the years, and after many experiences, good and bad, Bill has become a firm fan of Michelin tires. And you can always ask for discounts. Some places will give them to you but only if you ask.

Sherry, One day I want to see this Sauder village!

There are three quilt shops within an easy distance of our park so we are going to “take the tour“ today. 😸


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Re: Thursday June 17,2021

Post by auntjana » Thu Jun 17, 2021 7:32 am

Good morning!

We have cooled off to normal here. In the 90's, which is very tolerable.

I too oftened wondered why Noah brought along things I dislike, but then started some critical thinking and came up with some theories that if the said creatures were not mammals and were hatched from a egg,, they could survive the flood without being on the ark, just floating and waiting for the water to recede. Things like snakes and mosquitoes. I hate both!

More Batt Cave ceiling work. I ordered the next section pieces parts. This will be in what we call the theater area, the main part of the railroad. It will be here on Monday or so. Then as soon as that area is up, I will order the last section. Space is needed to store all the pieces parts and still move to work.

Sarah will be back to finish her project. She decided to let the paint cure over night and finish today. Ethan has been out there helping build his Dad's gift too. And cleaning up the mess too.

I will find some trouble to get into in the Batt Cave. Lots to get into, and no bail money needed. Sarah and I may run over to one of our LQS's. I don't have that Art to Heart Book Lois used for those adorable stocking. I love those books, have most of what she has written, and all things Christmas!

Stay safe!

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Re: Thursday June 17,2021

Post by womster » Thu Jun 17, 2021 9:57 am

Good late morning!

Lois - congrats to Virgil. The party Saturday sounds lovely.

Velda - good luck with your stress test.

Diane - I'm so proud of all your work for QoV.

Judi - your Ken is a keeper. What a great job you both are doing in the basement.

Becca - prayers for Denise's eyes to heal on their own.

Lyn - enjoy your time at your auntie's place.

Maryz - what fun to see a moose! The only time I saw one was at Yellowstone. I agree with it being just too dang hot. Is it actually called Potholes state park? I'm thinking of some roads out here that could be renamed to Potholes... Jim also swears by Michelin tires. We get them when they're on sale at the Costcos.

Tina - oh my goodness that is just too dang hot. I hope it cools off for you soon. What a pain about your tires. I loved attending family reunions. After my grandmother died, we never had another one. One of my cousins tried, but it just didn't happen. :cry:

Sherry - do you still go to BoB Evans for the occasional breakfast? I looked up the Sauder Village - it's 2.5 hours from our son's house in Troy. Some day I will get there also.

Chriss - enjoy your walk. I hope the two of you early birds can convince the others to change. Or at least compromise

Jana - your ceiling is quite the adventure.

I slept in until 5 (!) and finished planting another row of the periwinkle. The deer have decided that this newly planted area is the perfect place to get out of the scorching sun. As a result, several plants have been slightly smushed, but seem no worse for wear. Now that my sewing machine is back, I need to go piece together some extra-wide backing for a quilt top I found that my step-mom's mom had made. Other than that - just trying to beat the heat. Have a glorious day! xoxo Sharona

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