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Monday, May 17, 2021

Daily discussions.
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Monday, May 17, 2021

Post by TeresaK » Mon May 17, 2021 12:02 am

Good morning everyone.
I hope you had a delightfully colorful weekend. I was invited to a Mother's Day/Women's Tea at the Baptist church by my dear friend Jamie. The speaker was the best I have ever listened to at a luncheon. She is from the Phillipine's. She told us how the phrase "The land of Milk and Honey" had and still is affecting her life in so many ways. At the end she went over to a table where there was a ceramic pot with flowers and greenery lying the table. With background music of "I come to the Garden" playing she began saying a line or two about every book of the Bible as she created this most beautiful arrangement. My heart was indeed overflowed.
I had a wonderful time seeing many I haven't seen in well over a year. I was even able to see Courtney's best friend from HS there with her grown daughters. Brought back many memories but alas made me feel definitely much older.

Today is an appt with my foot Dr. All feels like it is going well and I am keeping a positive outlook.

Hope you ALL have a MARVELOUS MONDAY!!

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Re: Monday, May 17, 2021

Post by QuiltGram8 » Mon May 17, 2021 4:00 am

Good Morning Teresa and all others who follow. What a delightful luncheon. Glad you connected with friends. Food for the soul.
We have a rainy week ahead. Don't know what I might work at yet.
Just make sure to smile and brighten up your own day.

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Re: Monday, May 17, 2021

Post by grammiequilts » Mon May 17, 2021 5:02 am

Good morning, Another beautiful day, I hve been up a while stripped the beds and started laundry, had coffee and prepared pancake mix. I had Liam over night, He is working on his boat. I think they might sell it. It really needs too much work for a 13 yo budget, (new seats carpet bimini dash board) Im not sure what the plan is...they thought they coud just clean up the existing stuff but it seems to have deteriorated way too much from sitting,
I have more mulch to do this afternoon, ( happy to have good help) But first I must go to the grocery store and get food. having a 13 yo hockey player in the house is like having a food disposal running all the time, Last night he had 2 sandwiches a coke and an ice cream after supper. ( I just need a snack he said)
Well I hear stirring so I will fininsh my coffee and get ready to rock. Have a wonderful day XXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOO

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Re: Monday, May 17, 2021

Post by auntjana » Mon May 17, 2021 5:38 am

Good morning!

Up hearing the birds chirping this morning. The sun is about to show up too, on this side of the mountain.

Our Baden is coming over at noon to play at Grandma's house. Matt has a Dr appointment, Crenda is going too, so Baden will come here. He is 5 now and will start kindergarten in September.

Caught up on my uglies, so I will just sew. Waiting to hear back from our handyman with how much the labor will be for the ceiling. I am not being patient, just get it done! I ordered a rug, from the Ruggable company . I will use it on my deck. It's the Watercolor Floral Coral pattern. My decking gets quite hot as the days and sun warm up, so hopefully this helps with bare feet. I am a barefoot girl. So are my kids and most of the grands. You walk in the house and off come the shoes and socks.

Saw the landscape plan for the backyard and now we need to get the trees going. The nurseries here will deliver and plant them for you. Their fee isn't too bad. Sarah is having pretty much free rein in what she is doing. Just need to keep a handle on the money. We all know what it is to go buy quilt fabric and sometimes the restraint needed, well that is Sarah in a nursery! Or in a hardware store, or a fabric shop too! LOL!

Stay Safe and enjoy the day!


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Re: Monday, May 17, 2021

Post by purrfect-lady » Mon May 17, 2021 6:18 am

Good morning,

TERESA - glad you are on the healing path! What a wonderful luncheon you attended.

VELDA - are you home from the graduation festivities already or posting from your son's?

JUDI - Liam is quite the young man. Part of the restoration business is to know when something is beyond your skills and/or wallet. Liam is gaining knowledge even by selling the boat. Have fun with your mulch! I hope you save time for those stars!

MARY ROSE - so nice to see you join us. We all worry when one of our invisible friends is sick or away for a while without reporting in. When is your next dr appt.

SHARONA - I'm still working on learning to crochet. Been working on it now for about 62 years. Someday I may even try to make something - like a dishcloth. :lol:

LYN - how are things going with you? Has Garry seen the doctor?

MARY Q - in case you check in - howdy! Hope you are having a good time and getting rich at the garage sale! I think you said you'd be home Wednesday?

We're leaving this morning for our 4-night wine tasting trip to Yakima area in eastern WA. But before we leave I am going to make a layered dessert - shortbread crust, cream cheese w/peanut butter, choc & vanilla pudding layers, Cool Whip, w/ chopped peanuts and chocolate sprinkled on top. I've never made this particular recipe before but it sounds so delicious. It will go into our trailer fridge for tonite's dessert. It is our night to provide supper for our group of 3 rigs. I will also put a double tenderized flank steak into a marinade for several hours while we drive. Tonite it goes on the grill, then will be chopped for carne asada tacos. Plus we have corn on the cob and refried beans. And a tray of raw veggies and homemade horseradish dip for happy hour If they go away hungry we'll always wonder why.

In sewing news, I don't have much to share right now but I did start quilting my Halloween tablerunner, "Scaredy Cat" by This'n'That, designed by Sharon Falls, a gift from my Secret Santa. It's 13x40" and sooo cute. I'll have to finish it after our camping trip. I'm not taking my machine. I'm also about 75% finished cross-stitching my autumn retro trailer. This I AM taking along. It's the 4th in my 4-season set. They are all about 6x8" so now I need to find a frame for them that I can hopefully fit on our trailer wall. I have two, much larger cross-stitch projects I can't wait to get started on. But my problem is I can't decide which one to do first. :D It's good to be so rich with projects!

I may or may not be around this week. If so, it will only by by phone. Wishing all a good week and prayers for our ill friends!

Mary Z

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Re: Monday, May 17, 2021

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Mon May 17, 2021 6:22 am

Good morning my friends, it's going to be a marvelous day today.

The weekend for me was full of yard sales. One had fill a bag with fabric for $5, so I did, twice.

Teresa, sounds like a really nice church program, did they put it online? I would like to see it.

Velda, I just loved the picture of your granddaughter and her gorgeous dress. She is a real beauty and the color is perfect for her.

Judi, those growing boys can eat can't they? And the milk, they drink it like water. Sorry the boat isn't going to work out, hope he finds another thing so he can spend time with his grandpa.

Jana, Thanks for sharing part of your kindness lesson with me. Can't believe Baden is 5, it's fun watching your family grow up. The sun is threatening to pop over the mountain here too. We raise the blinds in the morning, then the sun makes us shut them half way then in a bit we can open them up again. Birds are waking up here too, the Robins and Blue Jays are singing, the meadowlark will be along in a bit. The Doves sure have a lot to say as well.

Becca, Prayers for Hadlee. Your word, Love, is perfect for you. From my vantage point your home is always full of love created by you.

Maryz, most of the places here require masks still. I guess that even though the CDC lifted the mask ban it's up to the states to follow it. I am ready to stop wearing one, wouldn't want to have that tan line at the end of the summer. How was the co-worker lunch?

Sharona, I like to crochet. someday I will learn to do other types and would love to learn to make the granny squares. How's that heart rate today? I'll check with Jerry about the raspberries. He came home from picking and mentioned it would be nice to have help next time, I told him had I been asked to go he would have had help this time.

Valerie, good advice about wearing gloves to pick the berries. I also took Marilyn to a church talk about being a princess, dressing and behaving properly. They baked cookies, had aprons to take home and learned to save yourself for marriage. I think there should be more of that in the world. Yay for tomatoes. I am so ready to pick one and slice it up.

I think it was Pat Sloan who picks a word each year and looks for it each day. Maryz's word is Miracle, Jana's word is Kindness, Becca's word is Love, my word is Joy. What is your word?

Hope you all have a blessed day,

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Re: Monday, May 17, 2021

Post by rosebud3 » Mon May 17, 2021 6:42 am

Good morning...

MaryZ, the next appt. has not been scheduled. I have fallen between the cracks, and haven't even heard results of my last test. Now I have to play the cat and mouse game to find an answer.

Today will be ugh-lies day. In between I will take some breaks and continue working on the wedding quilt and label. I need to take down my curtains and wash them. They are getting out of control with the musty, dusty smell and accumulating hair from the fur babies.

Everyone have a blessed day. Prayers for all in need.


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Re: Monday, May 17, 2021

Post by mepeace2 » Mon May 17, 2021 7:22 am

Good Morning All

The sew along block has been posted. Mary will post pictures when she can. However, If you really need a picture. My block is called garden walk but Teresa had it in her lotto blocks as Grandma's star.
Chriss My word for the year is Patience . I do believe people have learned patience over the last year.

Maryz Be sure to post pictures of the Halloween table runner. I love all things scary.
Teresa Glad you had a good time at the tea. I really love good speakers.
Velda Your granddaughters dress was beautiful.
The only thing I got going on was to do my Homestead papers. But since the tax forms were changed again. I will just take them to the court house and they can help fill them out.
I will do my dishes then go sew. I did get some garden planted yesterday. green peppers a zuccini and 2 tomato plants. My potato plants look great and my onions are about 10inches tall. The darn rain is falling again today. I am going to be working in my flower beds through June since rain is forecast all through May.
I will tell you a funny story. I have grape jelly out for the orioles . Last night I went to check on the feeder and a raccoon had one jar upside down and he was hanging onto the hook and sucking jelly out of the jar. He looked so funny trying to hang on and get the jelly. Poor thing I ran him off and took down the feeders.
Well I need coffee
You all have a great sewing day

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Re: Monday, May 17, 2021

Post by womster » Mon May 17, 2021 9:40 am

Morning, all!

I really overslept and now am so far behind it will take until tomorrow to catch up with today. Many hugs to all my invisible friends! XOXO Sharona

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